The Strategies for Promoting Gambling Projects

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18 august 2022

The right approach to advertising affects the effectiveness of marketing activities and their final result. Therefore, it is essential to develop proper strategies for particular target groups of consumers.

Gambling business promotion: strategies

The Online Casino Market team shares useful tips on choosing efficient approaches to promoting gambling projects. From us, you can order effective advertising for your business.

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Marketing Activities

Quarantine restrictions have significantly affected the work of land-based gaming establishments. Most entertainment clubs were closed during a certain period. This brought significant financial losses for operators. However, the closure of offline venues was temporary. Over time, most clubs began to return to work with the audience under quarantine restrictions.

Online Casino Market experts explored the impact of the pandemic on the operation of entertainment establishments. 36 operators from around the world took part in this survey. Each respondent could choose more than one answer.

The results of the study are presented in this table:


Answer options

Percentage of respondents, %

How have quarantine restrictions affected the work with slots and gaming tables?

Gambling machines did not work during this period


Protective barriers have been installed


Social distancing rules have been implemented


Slots were disabled before cleaning


Thorough disinfection was carried out


Slots worked without changes


The layout of rooms has been changed


The number of players per table has been reduced


The number of employees per table has been reduced


Table games were not held during this period


Gaming tables worked without changes


What were the general changes in the operation of establishments?

Reduced opening hours


Interaction with regular customers only


Limitation of the allowed number of guests in a hall


Mandatory wearing of masks for players


Mandatory wearing of masks for employees


How has the pandemic affected the sale of drinks and food?

The number of seats in restaurants has been reduced


Restaurants were closed


Bars were closed


No waiter service


Waiter service only


The sale of drinks and food has been suspended


Establishments worked without changes


How has quarantine affected marketing activities?

All promotions have been suspended


Only targeted advertising campaigns were launched


Only promotions aimed at a wide audience have been suspended


Only the loyalty program functioned


Promotional strategies have not changed


Popular Types of Promotional Campaigns

Different businesses use these common marketing tools:

  • giveaways;
  • cashback;
  • direct discounts;
  • free products or services;
  • contests;
  • loyalty programs, and others.

These popular promo tools have been successfully adapted to the needs of entertainment projects:

  1. Cashback — financial compensation after a lost bet.
  2. Free products or services — food and drinks for VIP clients.
  3. Loyalty programs — additional benefits for regular customers.

Effective Marketing Activities in the Gambling Business

Marketing in gambling: effective methods

These efficient approaches allow operators to get the most out of promotion:

Proper Branding and Product Orientation

Some entrepreneurs try to involve potential customers by offering them inappropriate incentives. For example, a company that sells cars gives its clients home appliances for purchases.

Not all consumers will appreciate this approach. A more rational solution would be to provide them with car care products or some automobile gadgets.

The Focus on Target Groups

Do not try to develop a universal strategy. Every customer category has unique needs. Study the characteristics of each group to understand the interests and requirements of your potential customers better.

Focus on different areas of work at the same time (for example, offline sales, online communication, sweepstakes, loyalty programs, etc.) to reach the widest possible audience.

Proper Sales Management

The promotion of entertainment projects should be aimed at increasing potential purchases from customers. Implement incentives that will motivate players to make frequent deposits.

Free spins are the perfect solution here. The opportunity to receive additional rotations constantly will encourage customers to replenish their accounts with substantial sums.

The Creation of a Unique Image

The gaming services market is full of many tempting offers. To stand out from the competition and grab the attention of customers, you need to develop original, memorable promotions. Use catchy logos and slogans. Involve celebrities and influencers in advertising campaigns, etc.

This applies not only to promo activities but also to the style of a company as a whole. Create a recognisable look for your site. Offer players bright, unusual content with vibrant graphics and interesting characters.

Clear and Concise Messages

Too much text, images, and animations will distract the attention of customers from the essence of the promotion. Try to express the main idea as briefly as possible.

This applies to advertising posts on a website, social networks, instant messengers, and e-mails.

Target Groups of Customers

As mentioned earlier in this article, each category of players has its needs. This significantly affects the result of advertising activities.

Consider the main target groups of entertainment project clients:

Customers Playing for Fun

Users from this category do not seek to earn big prizes. Their main goal is to have fun. They have a limited budget. As a rule, such clients are not ready to risk large sums. They visit entertainment venues and sites quite rarely, several times a year.

Sweepstakes and loyalty programs that imply a lengthy registration process or difficult conditions for receiving a prize do not attract such consumers.

Instead, operators should focus on:

  • easy draws with expensive prizes;
  • additional entertainment options;
  • instant sweepstakes, and other rewards.

Time-on-Device Users

These players perceive gambling as a kind of hobby. They regularly visit various online gaming projects to spend quality time in front of laptop or smartphone screens. Such users make rather small, but at the same time, regular bets. That is why they are the main target audience of most entertainment projects.

This category of players often complains about rare winnings. Therefore, the main task of the operator should be to enable such players to receive small prizes more often.

The following approaches can give a positive result:

  • high multipliers at low bets;
  • the possibility to win back the amount spent per day;
  • drawings of valuable prizes;
  • short trips with free accommodation and meals;
  • prizes for regular visits to a website, and others.

Ineffective methods for this category are as follows:

  • winnings depending on the size of a bet;
  • long-term trips;
  • lifestyle-changing prizes, etc.

High Rollers

The main aim of this category of players is to receive huge cash prizes. They are ready to make large bets to get the desired win. As a rule, they are not interested in bonus points or gifts, all they need is money. Therefore, try to encourage such players with real opportunities to increase their winnings.

When interacting with high rollers, it is always important to maintain a high level of excitement. When the interest in this or that game fades among these players, it is essential to offer them a new, more involving variant in time.

Here are some efficient methods for working with this target group:

  • the participation in secret drawings of cash prizes;
  • advertising of new gaming products;
  • encouraging notifications of new winnings, and others.

The Main Things about Approaches to Promoting Entertainment Projects

Casino promotion: key marketing notions

The market is formed based on customers’ requirements. The Covid-19 pandemic has confirmed this thesis once again. The number of players in land-based establishments has decreased significantly. Therefore, many operators have been forced to change their advertising approaches to maximise profitability in new conditions.

The emphasis on target customer groups is relevant for both the offline and internet sectors. The use of narrowly focused strategies allows operators to minimise their costs and get better interaction with the audience.

There are three main groups of clients:

  • users who play for fun;
  • time-on-device gamblers who take gaming as a hobby;
  • high rollers wishing to win big prizes.

Each category requires an individual approach. For example, fun players will be attracted by drawings of valuable prizes, such as a smartphone or a car. At the same time, high rollers are mainly interested in cash rewards. Time-on-device customers will be glad to receive additional opportunities to increase their wins.

To learn more about marketing in the entertainment industry, leave a request to the managers of Online Casino Market. The company's specialists will share relevant information with you.

If you need to develop a promotional strategy for a business, the studio’s staff will create it for you as fast as possible. Besides, we offer a wide range of products and services for entertainment projects of various scales.

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