Online Casino Marketing From Google Display Network

Online Casino Marketing From Google Display Network

Updated 10 february 2023

If you wonder how to promote gambling website, this article is for you. Every owner of the gambling business hopes for the payback and profitability of the future club when starting the whole thing, otherwise why open it in the first place? Online casino marketing takes center stage here, since it can raise business and promote it in the best possible way. Today we'll touch upon the matter of casino marketing strategy and the way it is implemented by the Google Display Network context media network.

Google Display Network

Today, there are many marketing companies in the marketplace focusing on online casino promotion. Online Casino Market is one of the best ones. The company team can perform even the most challenging tasks in the sphere of gambling. Clients of this developer are pleased with the collaboration and assure that casino marketing strategy from Online Casino Market is exactly what they need for development. Even a consultation on online casino promotion matters provided by professionals at no cost is incredibly valuable. Here, you'll be able to buy gambling traffic and take advantage of professional services.


What is Online Casino Marketing?

The notion of marketing refers to activities aimed at product distribution, trading, sales and, ultimately, selling. This is the case of gambling services trade and how to sell them more favourably. Thus, оnline casino marketing is a set of services designed to improve the profits of a gambling club that can be increased by users making bets. They are the buyers of an online casino.

What Activities Online Casino Marketing Can Include?

In fact, there are many ways of promotion, and you can design and develop them on your own, which will be your own know-how.

The most well-known methods of casino advertising include the following:

  1. Target advertising. Decide on the target audience and place banners based on geoposition, age, gender, time of showing, etc. Online casino promotion is targeted at persons to whom gambling is of interest.
  2. Groups in social networks to leave pictures and posts that will be a special kind of advertisement, which is, by the way, banned in almost all countries in a land-based format. The method is long-running but it's very effective.
  3. SEO promotion. It provides an increase in users by finding information on site services in Yandex and Google and other search engines. Players wishing to find a good casino enter keywords and go to your resource. The way is not fast, but it's worth a lot.
  4. Messages sent to users to e-mails. By using newslettering you inform players about the benefits of your online casino.
  5. Banners for third-party sites. Bright Flash modules (especially HTML5) attract visitors who click on them and go to your casino website.
  6. Partner programs to promote Internet casinos: partners post your articles, and you attract new partners to the exchanges. In the first case, you pay a webmaster very little money, and in the second, the exchange pays an interest for attracting new partners.
  7. Publishing useful information on an online casino site. This can involve articles or news on topical themes (gambling legislation, new games and services, and other). Experience has shown that users like to read short and interesting materials. It’s important that they are unique!
  8. Placing direct advertising links that lead to your resource. Decide which pages will produce an effect, send them to an ad stock, and you won't need to be in the advertising anymore.
  9. Loyalty programs for players. It's a kind of the internal online casino promotion because you make discounts for your users: rewards for permanent players, bonuses for first visit, prize spins, and so on. It's clear that casino visitors will be pleased with your attitude toward them, and they'll come back and bring other players with them.
  10. Clickunders, which have long been popular with website owners who wish to run оnline casino marketing. Your ads are placed on partner sites with interested users clicking on them to them — they can simply click, or they can go to the site. But the best option is to include them in the game. Depending on the action of a player, the prices vary. It can be click, redirection, or a certain action.

Online casino marketing

Online casino promotion

These are just a few ways to promote online casinos, but there are others that are also powerful. For example, videos that are shown before the game starts. They can be called super efficient because videos always arouse emotions with a person because it’s not a text you have to read. Video is a picture, a story. This online casino promotion is worthy a separate article, while our purpose is a general introduction to the concept of online casino marketing and to the proposals of Google Display Network.

Casino marketing strategy plays a major role in its promotion, so it has to be built in conformity with all the rules of the advertising science. It’s difficult to implement it on your own. Online casino promotion has to be done in one system combining all of the above methods (but not limited to them).

You created a great gaming site, provides it with quality software, fun games, and reliable payment systems. It's very good, but without promotion it won't bring any income, so оnline casino marketing is the main engine on the way to earning money.

Before you start marketing, you must first decide on the target audience. The success of the whole campaign depends on whether you do it right. You can, of course, buy gambling traffic but you need to be clear about its peculiarities. If the traffic is poor, you can lose the money that users bring to casino when making bets.

According to specialists, a lot of gambling business owners lack sufficient awareness about how to promote online casino and how to advertise online casino the right way.

Casino Promotion With Google Display Network Team

The team is one of the largest networks in the world, and its capabilities are difficult to overestimate. It employs about 2 million sites, and the number of its users is estimated by 90 percent of all those who use the Internet. On this basis, it can be argued that advertising will have a staggering success. This way you can have an idea of who can see your ads, videos, and announcements, which complies millions of customers using the Internet, viewing resources they are interested in, going to their emails, watching videos, ordering items. All of these sites are advertising platforms that Google Display Network offers.

This company offers both search and a context-media network that is, in fact, a network of articles and banners. If you place advertisement of your household appliances, it might be seen, for example, by housewives who are searching for original recipes on the Internet. Similarly, you can place a fisheries items banner on a site on the website devoted to natural environment and resources. In this way, potential buyers of online stores can be attracted.

Online casino promotion goes in the same mode: players see advertisements of famous and very popular games, and will go to a website of a gaming club. Advertisement stimulates the purchase of casino services. Thus, you can choose the audience you want for yourself.

In terms of context advertising, it will be effective if features keywords and popular topics. GoogleDisplayNetwork marketing platform offers context targeting based on these keys. This way, you can choose particular websites, portals, apps for placing advertisement, or disconnect inefficient resources from your networks.

GoogleDisplayNetwork includes the following formats:

  • banners,
  • texts,
  • media,
  • videos,
  • animation,
  • various kinds of advertising,
  • any images,
  • anything you want to show a user.

All of these formats can be performed in the necessary color schemes, sizes, and represented in mobile versions. Online casino marketing from Google Display Network will increase sales because players will come to websites and make bets.

The marketing platform will help you:

  • identify target clientele targeted users;
  • analyze user actions on the site;
  • collect statistics and show campaign results;
  • develop and launch many ad formats;
  • conduct many advertising campaigns at the same time;
  • manage ad projects in their entirety;
  • automate reports and results.

Online Casino Advertising

Online casino advertising

Here goes the conclusion to all of the above information on how to promote gambling website. As you create your own gaming business, you should consider all the possible variants of gambling advertising, think about what you can do on your own, and what to entrust with your marketing company.

Experts say that you should familiarize yourself with the topical information about promotion of the gambling business but experienced marketers will do оnline casino marketing much better, so you shouldn’t be stingy. Without a voluminous marketing department it's almost impossible to implement grand promotion plans. You will only waste your time and, most probably, money.

In order to perform these tasks, there’re companies similar to Online Casino Market, which has been developing successful advertising technologies for many years, and every casino marketing strategy it had built and implemented recovered the costs invested by customers and resulted in a significant increase in profits. This is the case when the game is worth the candle!

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Updated 10 february 2023