Adwolf: Marketing Tools and Capabilities

Adwolf: Marketing Tools and Capabilities

Updated 10 february 2023

Online casino marketing of a sphere of activity that manages promotional products to increase traffic, improve casino performance, monetize sites, and grow the sales of gambling services. In other words, the intelligent promotion of Internet casinos is designed to increase its profitability. The professionals from marketing companies like Adwolf know how to do it.

Marketing company Adwolf

Online casino marketing from Adwolf

In this article we analyze what components the online casino promotion consists of and what operators need to do to increase profits. It's best to use the services of appropriate specialists. For example, the managers of OnlineCasinoMarket assure that an online casino marketing strategy is the product that they can develop and provide to all its customer in accordance with their wishes. You can buy gambling traffic and get professional consultations on various gambling issues.


Why Would You Need Online Casino Marketing?

This is primarily an increase in the quality of traffic and, consequently, in the net profit of a club, which is always considered the key concern of any business. It’s clear that income has to be the ultimate goal that can be achieved only through advertising. If you think about how to promote gambling website, you should first clear up what online casino marketing is.

If you invented an interesting project, developed a great online casino, installed the top-quality software and popular games on it, it will only be the start of a business. It’s still unclear whether it will bring you any profit. Skillful promotion is required to ensure its payback and profitability.

Many know how to promote online casino but only superficially, and the wrong steps lead to serious blunders. So it's a good idea to study the topic in detail. Don't listen to the third-party tips of friends and their acquaintances. Contact professionals from the very beginning!

Gambling advertising consists of a whole list of actions that are carefully and consistently implemented.

Below we name the main components of this multi-stage process:

  • Online casino advertising on the Internet

We mean social networks, in which you can create several groups to invite potential casino players and just inquisitive people. Interesting information about gambling and the latest news is posted in online communities.

  • Online casino promotion by SEO optimization

SEO optimization

It’s important to build your website basing on the requirements of search engines used to find a casino. Try it yourself: enter "What is SEO optimization?" in Yandex or Google and you will see everything for yourself.

  • Partner programs

This is a fairly simple but effective way to promote an online casino. Partner programs gather advertisers and site owners in one network, which some of them use to order advertisements of various formats and others post it on their websites. This method is an excellent answer to the question of how to advertise an online casino.

  • Clickunders

Online casino advertising should not be intrusive. Marketers take into account this peculiarity when offering the website visitors to click on the advertisements, banners, teasers, and other modules. However, an advertiser can pay the owner of a Web resource for one or a series of clicks, as well as for user visits of the site or starting game.

  • Ad banners

This method has long been known: a beautifully designed advertisement banner is placed on the offered site. It attracts the attention and motivates a user to click on the link to your website. When using this tool for online casino promotion, you should consider the compatibility of color gamma and avoid poisonous colors.

  • Placing direct advertising links to a casino website

This is probably the easiest way of advertising because you only need to decide which website pages you want to promote. The rest will be done by a Web master and the Internet.

  • Articles

Online casino promotion by way of interesting text materials (articles and news, for example) is a great way to attract users to a website. You can keep your players informed about upcoming events, and tell them about new developers and their products.

  • Using loyalty programs for players

This category includes various bonuses, prizes, rewards for certain actions. By attracting users in such a manner, you demonstrate your respect and care for them, create comfortable conditions.

  • Newslettering to users e-mail boxes

Newslettering tousers e-mail boxes

The promotion of an online casino will be more effective if players receive notice from you about games, tournaments, and interesting events.

  • Placement of media clips on own and other websites as a form of advertising

Video ad has always been one of the most powerful means of promotion because it takes a minimum of time to be seen and causes positive emotions.

In short, online casino marketing can be diverse but it’s important to implement it comprehensively and try to cover as many positions as possible.

Besides that, you should carefully prepare for it by selecting your target audience and advertising websites. Experts advise to use the services of marketing companies, which possess the experience in this sphere.

Promote a Casino With the Adwolf Team

The Adwolf company has been on the market for over eight years and its main product is media advertisements: banners, videos, and other formats placed on the resources of radio stations (mainly Russian ones).

Interesting fact! For the time of its work the company managed to attract a huge audience of customers, and by this day its number has reached an astronomical figure of over 25 million people! It’s difficult to imagine the amount of users who get attracted by these specialists of promotion. The unique marketing platform allowed the Adwolf professionals to implement about 2000 ad projects in the 2012 alone.

The company pays special attention to targeting by placing advertising formats on resources that are interesting and relevant to a particular audience. For example, if a site is visited by young people who are looking for trend games, then a banner with information about such slot machines will appear on that website.

Targeting can be differentiated by various parameters: geographical, gender, age, temporary and so on. The Adwolf professionals are doing a great job implementing the necessary advertising tools when choosing a specific user sector and demonstrating the information they need.

The Adwolf marketing platform is designed to manage advertising technologies and is ready to offer the following services:

  • An extremely precise choice of target audience.
  • Identifying, optimization, and full reach of users.
  • Analysis of the behavior of players on the online casino website.
  • Statistics and analysis of the results of advertising campaigns.
  • Development and placement of advertisements in different formats.
  • Running multiple ad projects at the same time.
  • Effective promotion management on several websites.
  • Changes made to customer demand in the course of marketing campaigns.
  • Automated system of analysis and reporting.

Adwolf offers its customers placing the advertising formats not only on the websites of the radio companies, but also on the website mobile versions, which is very convenient because a mobile device with Internet connection is enough to display an advertisement. As a result, online casino marketing is done as efficiently as possible, reaching for a large audience.

In addition to Russian radio portals, the company connects Web resources of a tourism-related theme, as well as those dedicated to medicine or sports. Actually, a wide variety of resources, both entertainment and socially oriented, are suitable for advertising sites. The marketing platform can also work on new, specially created thematic resources. HTML banners will also be successful.

Marketing platform

How to Promote a Gaming Website: Summary

All of the aforementioned promotion methods are certainly good but you should learn the fundamental truth: to sell a product you have to tell about it. You have a great business, so make it maximally profitable. You can just open a browser and read a lot of useful information, consult with your friends, try to answer the ’’how to promote gambling website’’ question on your own. However, all of this risks being simply a waste of time and won’t bring the desired result.

Online casino marketing will be productive if it is done by people having the appropriate experience and knowledge. For example, the OnlineCasinoMarket team will make the promotion of your gaming club as efficient. You can as well purchase gambling traffic from this company, and get valuable consultations that will help you to promote your business and earn the first million.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023