Online Casino Marketing From CasExe: Top 8 Positions

Online Casino Marketing From CasExe: Top 8 Positions

Updated 10 february 2023

When you just about to start your own online casino, certain questions immediately arise: how to promote gambling website and attract visitors in it who will bet for money? It is not easy to handle this task on your own but you don’t have to stand alone. You need a literate online casino marketing, which can be done only by professionals such as marketers from the CasExe team.

Online casino marketing by CasExe

We offer ordering online casino promotion from the Online Casino Market company. The provider has a solid experience in this kind of activity, and its specialists know what a casino marketing strategy is and how to build it correctly. They will also consult you free of charge on the matters concerning gambling business and its promotion.

The CasExe professionals note the importance of such a strategy as online casino advertising on the internet and claim that without it, not a single gambling facility will have high incomes. They offer business owners online casino marketing using their own developments. Those include: promotion in social networks, SMM marketing, partner programs, and other effective ways of advertising. 

What is Online Casino Promotion Used for?

Advertising is an engine of trade, and your online casino is actually a trade. Although, you sell gambling entertainments, rather than common goods. Anyway, you create a club to get money from users, so you're no other than a salesman who needs to sell the offered product profitably.

To do this, you must first tell the customers about it: why it is so good and in what way it is different from the competitors’ similar products. In this case, you sell gambling services and need to have them known to as many players as possible.

CasExe has been working on the market for many years and knows how to promote online casino from its experience. So we decided to talk about the company’s promotional methods in this article.

Online Casino Promotion From CasExe: CRM System

CRM system

The specialists of this brand offer a variety of tools to attract visitors to a casino, bonus systems, promotions, prizes, ways to increase traffic, and lots of others serving to make the new players come to a gambling site and make the old ones remain there.

It is the conviction of the CasExe speakers that even a professionally designed casino with quality software and all the original features will not bring income unless it is supported by online casino marketing. Experts believe that this matter deserves special attention.

Here are the main stages of the gambling club promotion by CasExe:

Operators of an internet club can introduce a CRM strategy into their online casino marketing strategy that is designed to meet user needs because this is very important. This strategy presupposes the customization of the servicing methods automatization. These are email newslettering, promotions, push notifications, and more.

  • automated access to the customer base (who your players are, what games they like, what kind of bets they make);
  • fast and quality customer service;
  • control over all sales-related processes;
  • management of the work of casino employees.

In This Material We Enumerate the Basic Methods

Promoting a casino: bonuses, promotions, prizes

You can keep the casino players and attract the new ones with loyalty programs. They are part of a process that we call online casino promotion.

In this case, you can set up bonus systems, organize promotion events and payouts for registration on the casino website, set up cashbacks (refund of the lost money). The loyalty program tools can as well include gift coupons to persons celebrating their birthdays (players have to indicate their date of birth when registering).

Additional points and awards for frequent visiting of a site will create a sense of being cared for and attentive to among users. The players who have noted your sensitive approach to them will invite their like-minded friends to the website, which is something that can bring them another bonus.

This is the first answer to operators who don't yet know how to promote online casino.

Online casino promotion: SEO

The right SEO promotion is important in top-positioning the gambling website in search engines using SEO texts. The keywords play the main role here. They should be correctly chosen and included in the product description if you want the information about your casino to be in the first positions of the search resources. The Yandex or Google search engines catch your keywords and raise the positions of the articles.

The experienced SEO team of the CasExe company writes unique texts with keywords about casinos: how to win from casino, casino with the best games, etc., which are most often typed by gambling enthusiasts into a search engine line. Literate SEO promotion is part of the online casino marketing program. This technique is sometimes ignored by the operators because of its slow-coming result but they really shouldn’t since it will be positive.

In order for the online casino promotion to be a sure success, the SEO articles should be 100% unique and the brand should have a vivid and memorable name.

The CasExe company recommendation: online casino promotion in social networks

Online casino promotion in social networks

This method significantly increases the traffic of your gambling club because the overwhelming majority of players enjoy the benefits of the worldwide network and has accounts on Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, or Telegram. The high technology brought us the nearly impossible thing: today, the advertisements on the internet deliver excellent results, and business owners have free advertising sites. And most importantly, there's no murderous censorship imposed by bans on gambling.

You are guaranteed the successful online casino marketing in such conditions!

Many people are confused by the fact that this kind of promotion may take long time but when you will have a thousand or more friends in your groups, you'll see the number of players in the casino growing. Considering that you can place a lot of advertising images and texts, posts, or calls for action in the theme groups, be sure that your efforts will not be lost.

To make the online casino marketing bring good results in social networks, you must follow some rules: friend only those people who are interested in gambling, communicate with them, and tell them why your online casino is special, what promotion events there are, what winnings there were, and so on.

Clicks, redirections for money

Online casino promotion can involve posting the promotional information on partner websites. These are the so-called clickunders or popunders. Users see your ad blocks on these sites and click on them. You pay symbolic money for each redirection plus a website takes a certain percentage. Such system is called PPC.

The PPC format is customized in accordance with your wishes. These can be headings with part of the text, such as information about new games. You can specify which regions and target audience they are intended for. The statistics is easily set up and then the analysis takes place (how many users clicked on the ad, how many of them moved to the site, and so on.

Push notifications and email newslettering

These methods of online casino promotion are informative and efficient since you will send the news about your club to user emails. This system will work for operators who are interested in how to promote gambling website using the player customer base.

The question is where to get it and what exactly to send. Marketing companies that have been on the market for many years (for example, CasExe) have such bases. Contact this company, and will get players interested in learning about your bonuses, promotions, and upcoming events.

The newslettering may contain the following information:

  • Tournament events.
  • Game content updating.
  • Types of bonuses.
  • Upcoming promotion deals.
  • Helpful tips.
  • Big winners and so on.

Push notifications presuppose the subscription as well, and users should agree to it. Then, when your website is opened hey will see a little notification at the bottom (or top) of the screen offering news subscriptions.

Informative online casino marketing: articles, news, releases

Online casino marketing

In addition to newslettering and notifications, it is useful to post useful information on the gaming website to attract players. It may relate to the same topics that are covered in the newsletters but contain images, possibly graphs as well.

Materials should to be placed in the group accounts of the social networks and actively promoted through posts and comments to help users communicate. It’s important that all materials are unique!

Teasers and banners in gambling advertising

It's simple here: your designers develop bright banners with your slogans, and partners place them on their resources. You can put the logo, website, address, and list the types of games on teasers and banners. Consider the advice of specialists or contact the CasExe company, to get consultations, help or even the banner created.

Choose the website to place your ads on carefully because not every resource is good for that purpose, only the thematically related one. For example, a cinema site or travel agency resource.

Online casino marketing: affiliate programs

Participation in partnership programs is, according to experts, brings excellent results. First, there are a lot of partner programs on the internet, and second, there's no need to invest much money in this kind of casino advertisement. Affiliates (partners) will write articles about your company, post them on the appropriate sites, and the potential players will get the information they need.

You can find out how to advertise online casinos in the marketing department of the Online Casino Market company. Contact us!

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