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Updated 10 february 2023

Adcash has been working in Tallinn since 2007 and helps operators with оnline casino marketing, for which it uses partner links that increase the traffic of gaming websites. The company's list of services includes many methods and tools to increase the number of users, and the Adcash platform will guarantee the generation of gambling traffic and help online casinos earn the maximum revenue.

You shouldn't waste your time looking for ways to promote your club. You'd better order online casino promotion from experienced developers. For example, the Online Casino Market specialists can build an online casino marketing strategy for you and will readily tell you how to buy gambling traffic and how to promote gambling website.

The Adcash company will provide operators with a special ad platform that filters and gathers traffic, attracts the advertisers, and helps you earn money. You will have a highly segmented quality flow customized to your target audience, who is ready to make bets with the online casino.

Among the known methods of online casino marketing include the following:

  • SEO promotion. This is a targeted action to find your casino in search websites.
  • Online casino promotion using loyalty programs (bonuses, promotions, cashbacks, prizes). These are profitable and attractive offers to keep users on the game site.
  • Partner programs. An effective way to inform customers about the activities of an online club by using articles posted on third-party sites.
  • Promotion on social networks and messengers. The method presupposes creation of groups in VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and attracting casino users in these groups.
  • Banners and teasers. Online casino marketing using promotional formats, company information for posting on third-party sites.
  • Clickunders and Popunders. Creation of various kinds of announcements to post on other resources. An operator will pay for one click, 1000 clicks, or an action.
  • Online casino promotion through e-mail newslettering and push notifications. This method presupposes sending short messages about various events (promotions, bonuses, and other) to present or potential customers.
  • Information promotion of Internet casinos (articles, news, releases). Publishing enthralling formats on the website of a club or on the resources of its partners.

Each one of these methods helps increasing gambling traffic and, as a result, produces a sizeable income for a club, although it will take a long time to promote oneself. Experts often recommend involving the companies specializing in marketing to this process, since their specialists know how to promote online casino better. We introduce you one of these companies – the Adcash agency with its unique casino advertising platform. 

Online Casino Promotion: Offers From Adcash

Online casino promotion

The platform works for 100 000 gaming resources and apps that generate gambling traffic all around the world. Adcash covers 250 countries and regions, and its advertising software is translated into 15 languages.

By contacting the Adcash company, online casino owners will receive analytical information about the sites, which their ads will be placed on, will see for how much will the traffic increase, and will be able to assess the efficiency of conversion and technology. For those who think about how to advertise online casino it's helpful to know the benefits of clear targeting built on market monitoring on the basis of innovative methods.

Online casino promotion based on new opportunities includes many interesting tools. This way, the advertising formats from Adcash include offers banners of different sizes, announcements, clickunders, popunders, pop-ups, stream videos, and more.

Promotion on the Internet is no longer perceived in the status of computer advertising because the mobile and video formats providing access to advertising content in a better quality developed widely. The peculiarity of the Adcash platform is the complex presentation of information. It means that the entire promotion process can be managed through a single interface, which requires no specific skills. You can create and run marketing campaigns for any device. They will function well on the desktop, mobile phone, and the app.

Online Casino Promotion: Tools and Methods

  • Extremely precise targeting

The company offers the segmentation of a large amount of information through innovative Adcash algorithms. As a result your ad appears instantaneously. The developer software guarantees maximum coverage for the target audience. This will ensure the proper impact.

  • Adblock AdApt

The brand offers a great way to eliminate ad blocking. This problem exists worldwide but the Internet advertisements are blocked in many countries. For example, in America it is one of 10 advertising positions. The Adblock AdApt program ensures that advertisements are posted so as to bypass the blocking, and therefore the advertiser won’t lose money.

  • Security program

The Adcash company provides its partners with protection against fraudulent actions and various viruses. High technology is under the constant development, so the fraudsters also get new opportunities.

For example, there’s a risk of forwarding the gambling traffic from an online casino to other web resources. But thanks to Adcash experts, the partner sites are running an internal security system that protects against such dangers.

Peculiarities of Mobile Advertising

Peculiarities of mobile advertising

Mobile ads are very effective today because the way it is delivered to a consumer is very simple. The reason for that is a huge number of mobile communications users in the world, who almost never part their phones.

The Adcash company offers partners assistance in bringing this advertisement as intended, and maximal covering of the target audience. The company team developed unique creative projects for a better realization of the mobile promotion.

In-Stream Video Ads

Video occupies a huge segment of advertising today because you can present information in short and vivid detail. The Adcash agency offers its customers video ads in a stream of other videos, such as movies, TV series that are popular among users. With the potential for emotional convergence with gamblers, video ads have a great advantage over static or banner formats.

Partners are offered the In-Stream platform, which allows setting the desired number and percentage of redirections, with payments made only for those positions where users will see the advertisement. Viewers can watch these ad videos, or they can ignore them, which makes this method tactful and unobtrusive.

CPM Advertising Format and Other

With this advertisement, the operator's brand will be presented in more than one position and will become recognizable in the environment of particularly your users. The CPM tools include not just the clicks. These are views, visits of a website, and actions, that is, the real promotion of your business.

Each operator knows what the advertisement is intended for, and the specialists will give useful advice and offer the following payment options:

  • CPC is the price for one click when a user clicks to your ad (banner);
  • CPM is the cost of a mile of demonstrations, which is 1000 times when a user sees your ad;
  • CPV is the price per full or partial view of your ad video;
  • CPA is the cost of one completed action when the user sees your ad, opens it, and purchases the product;
  • CPL is the price for a user to become the provider of your customers in the long term.

All of the above methods and tools are advanced to date and affect both the attendance of a game site and its ranking in search resources. With fierce competition in the gambling market, such indicators are very important, so operators tend to learn how to advertise online casino with small investments.

There are several answers and recommendations to this question. The first one concerns organizations that offer promotional services. Adcash is a professional in this business. The company employees have a great experience and know how to promote gambling website.

There are many companies that can help organize gambling business, buy gambling traffic, and put all this on a solid track to succeed. Thus, you can get free consultations on how to promote online casino from Online Casino Market. The company experts offer the high-class оnline casino marketing.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023