Online Casino Marketing From Slotegrator: the Most Effective Tools

Online Casino Marketing From Slotegrator: the Most Effective Tools

Updated 10 february 2023

With the rapid growth of the gambling industry, the number of online casinos, which bring huge profits to their owners, steadily increases. When opening the gambling business, you should keep in mind that it's supposed to bring you an income, or why start one? And so оnline casino marketing becomes a critical aspect that has to be given special attention.

Growth of the gaming industry

The Slotegrator company shares its experience in online casino promotion.

The specialists of the Online Casino Market company can consult you on online casino promotion due to a rich experience in building casino marketing strategy plans and in the matters of casino advertising.

Attracting new players and retaining the already registered ones on a website is the main task for operators (not including, of course, quality software and payment systems). To this end, the Slotegrator professionals invented the effective tools and literate strategies that are discussed in this article.

Online casino marketing will help you make your establishment recognizable among players, maximize traffic, and, thus, profit from your business. 

Online Casino Marketing From Slotegrator

Online casino marketing

A known developer offers its partners a full online casino promotion using a variety of tools to help your facility can reach the top of the search engines and attract many visitors.

Promotion of an online casino: SEO

A known way to bring online casinos to search sites, such as Yandex, Google, and others providing information about companies that offer their products and services. The right application of this tool has a terrific effect. The gambling enthusiasts who are looking for the best online casino on the Internet type in the appropriate words, for example, online casino, the best casino, where to gamble, and more. If your establishment is promoted by SMM professionals, then the information about your online casino will appear in the first lines of the search engine. This means that people will go to you.

Some operators consider the process of SEO promotion quite labor-intensive because it takes several months after the start of work to see the result. Although the old proverb "No pains, no gains" justifies the effort in this case.

It’s worth noting that there’s a number of important factors in SEO promotion: a sounding and short domain name, brand name, or just the name of your online casino. The uniqueness of title and content, as well as the effort of SEO specialists, will bring the long-awaited results. You only need patience. Online casino promotion with this tool is convenient, easy, and very efficient.

Loyalty programs and promotions as the part of casino marketing strategy

These tools are required not only in the gambling business. They are used by everyone who wants to attract buyers of goods and services. The senior management of any self-respectful company understands that it’s important for their clients to know they are remembered, respected, and provided with the most comfortable conditions for cooperation.

The Slotegrator specialists assure that the customers who have once come to the website and felt the attention to themselves will certainly bring new players with them. So if you're serious about how to promote gambling website don't forget about loyalty programs.

Those may include: all kinds of bonuses (for depositing, registration and so on), prizes and gifts (for example, on your birthday), free rounds, points, coupons, and other awards. Players will love your attitude, so they'll come back and leave their money again in the online casino.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click

Online casino marketing in this case involves attracting customers by posting the information about promotional deal on a particular resource. It appears as a catchy headline and several sentences about the promotional event (game, bonuses, etc.). Potential customers will click on the headline if interested.

For example, the famous Yandex search engine offers a number of ways to place advertisements, including the PPC. We recommend that you carefully read the rules first and then use the resource. The online casino promotion will start working immediately. You will be able to choose the target audience, the region, and set up your click and user statistics. There are many settings, you only need to use them right for gambling advertising to earn a profit. According to the Slotegrator statistics, every tenth casino user registers due to the PPC network.

Newslettering and push notifications

Online casino promotion will also bring results if you send various short informative messages about promotional deals, new games, bonuses, and other maneuvers of attraction to players’ emails. Of course, it's not easy to act on your own because you don't have much addresses yet. However, there are many marketing companies in the marketplace that already have extensive databases of actual potential users. It’s only necessary to conclude an agreement with such an enterprise and entrust the case to it. Such services are not expensive but are very effective.

Online casino advertising: social media

Even a kid knows what Facebook or Twitter is nowadays. Social networks have become a real rescue business, helping to promote sales. High technologies stepped so far ahead that if you catch the right moment, you can reach any heights. Not so long ago the Odnoklassniki was considered to be the top of success, and today everyone is talking about Instagram and Telegram. Also remember the Vkontakte network.

Just recently, the Application Center appeared on the Facebook that lets you promote your business. If you familiarize yourself with it, you'll understand how to advertise an online casino. However, it’s okay not to use it for now. It’s enough to create and maintain thematic groups for the start, providing a simple way of placing information, images, texts, appeals, posts, i.e. anything about your company.

It's important to know which audience to attract. The specially trained people who know all subtleties of online casino promotion should be involved for these purposes. You then will only have to watch how your gaming traffic grows, the representatives of the Slotegrator company say.

Articles, news, and press-releases in the context of оnline casino marketing

Text content also plays an important role since it gives a hue of intelligence to an online establishment. Interesting information can attract users, but it should not be too voluminous because a website visitor does not spend more than 3 minutes on any informative page. People rarely read long articles, except for the cases when the information is very exciting and useful. So it's better to focus on the bright short news and press releases that might elicit response among the target audience.

Users will be able to find news about an upcoming important events on your site, as well as promotional deals, bonuses, won jackpots, and other entertaining events important to players. This kind of online casino promotion can also bring profits.

Another fundamental point is that any information text material should be unique so that the search engines would find them more quickly. The plagiarism of texts is simply not indexed by search engines.

All of the materials posted on your online casino website will be available for distribution in the social networks, drawing attention to them. Concluding an agreement with the large known information resources for placement of articles and releases about your company would also be a good idea.

Casino promotion: banners and teasers on other websites

This is a rather old tool but it’s no less effective than the above mentioned. The experienced designers know that banners and teasers should be bright, but not loud-colored, so that they are not annoying to visitors of the websites. Next, you should familiarize yourself with the sites where you plan to advertise because they may not be entirely relevant in terms of theme or they may collaborate with other online casinos that are your direct competitors. It’s best to choose neutral entertainment resources offering recreation and leisure: online cinemas, media websites.

Online casino promotion with partner programs

Seo promotion of an online casino

They say in Slotegrator that partners (or affiliates) do very useful work: they give you permission for inexpensive placement on the Internet and earn a living with that. Partners are text and banner exchanges that collect orders from some companies and pass them to other. These are the intermediaries having huge customer bases, so they can help you post information about your establishment on the sites of webmasters.

You register in the exchange, familiarize yourself with the base, select a resource where your ads will be most needed, and the exchange sends your assignment there (for example, to write and post an article about the company). You pay the necessary amount (it’s usually low), the exchange takes a percentage, and pays the rest to a web master.

After clicking on the banner with the information about a service or by reading the promotion offer, users will get interested and will come to your casino to play, including the cash games.

You can discuss in detail about how to promote online casino with representatives of the Online Casino Market company. This company knows exactly what оnline casino marketing is, what marketing platform is intended for and how to do it correctly. The experts claim that this should be a continuous practice, i.e. for as long as your online casino operates.

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