Online Casino Marketing From 2WinPower: Top 8 Components

Updated 10 february 2023

Gambling is one of the most successful types of business today: incomes earned by the owners of online casinos can match only the profits received from oil or gas production. And that's not surprising. According to statistics, the number of gamblers is steadily increasing worldwide despite bans on casinos. For gambling club to really bring incomes, you'll need a promotion tool or оnline casino marketing.

In this article, we’ll reveal you what the 2WinPower company offers in this respect.

All operators need casino marketing strategy, which the OnlineCasinoMarket professionals can develop for them. You can also get valuable consultations regarding gambling, its online promotion, and learn how to promote online casino.

The 2WinPower brand has long been known in the world market not only as an experienced and original developer of various gambling products. The company’s focus is on the analytical direction and specialized online casino promotion.

The specialists offer marketing services, SMM, PR-promotion, and other effective tools to partners. They claim that casino advertising on the Internet is the most right solution when it comes to promotion of the gambling business.

Why Would You Need a Casino Marketing Strategy?

To sell a product, you need to announce it loud and clear, i.e. tell about it, demonstrate it, and explain why people should buy your product rather than that of your competitors. In this case, online casino advertising is important for the better sale of its services.

The 2WinPower professionals know well how to promote online casino, and what is the priority in this process.

Online Casino Marketing From 2WinPower

First, operators should decide on the ways, which they will use for attracting solvent users to their websites and encouraging them to play for money. This is not an easy task considering that there are also registered players, whom operators also have to retain.

Even if you've created a fantastic online casino and integrated the high-quality gaming content into it, your efforts will go down the chute if your casino does not bring revenues. But if you expect the opposite effect, you have to do online casino promotion constantly, patiently and step-by-step.

You should always remember that the correct online casino marketing will bring the desired result. A lot of new users who will come to enjoy the games and will ensure you with a profit.

Online casino promotion: starting with bonuses

Promotion with bonuses

The so-called loyalty programs are practiced in any business. Those include all kinds of prizes, bonuses, promotion events, accruals for the purchase of a product (service), and so on. As what concerns gambling, things are basically the same here. Only by a product or service we presuppose games, in terms of which you can build a loyalty program. This is also part of the online casino promotion.

A casino marketing strategy should contain loyalty systems that can attract players and their friends. By the way, you could try to provide a bonus for bringing friends. Many operators do so.

Promotion of online casino using the SEO tool

There's probably a lot of people who know what SEO promotion means but not everyone uses it right. One of the main ways to spread the information about a company is to promote its name in search services such as Yandex or Google. But you will have to spend a lot of time and effort for that.

Keywords such as "where to play casino" or "best online casino games" and alike phrases derived from them will be the litmus test of the Internet casino advertising effectiveness. Gambling enthusiasts who want to entertain, enter such requests and get information in search engines, and it's going to be great if your club will be positioned in the first lines.

We recommend involving a team of literate SEO specialists who will handle this case better than you. The only limiting factor is the duration of such online casino promotion because the result of your labors will only be seen in a few months. Although, the 2WinPower experts promise that the effect will impress you.

What should you remember about the SEO promotion?

  • The name of your brand name should be beautiful, short, well-sounding, and memorable.
  • The domain name must be almost identical to the brand name.
  • A website has to be filled with unique information (not from other Web resources).

Casino promotion: social networks

The Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter networks have become a real gift to owners of any business, especially the gambling one, as well as Instagram and Telegram have. The reason is simple: things concerning gambling games that are forbidden to be presented on advertising big-boards, can be easily transferred to the Internet, where there is no strict censorship on gambling. So the online casino promotion runs well on the social networks.

Casino marketing strategy, which includes promotion activities in social networks will bring excellent results if everything is done the right way. What do we mean by that? You need to be clear about what your target audience is, who you want to add to your friend list, how to make sure you do not scare the potential users away from your casino. SMM specialists can answer these questions, so we recommend consulting them.

Social networks

There’s also the well-known Yandex that offers many interesting promotion instruments. You just need to familiarize with them because they can be of great help to you. Only these are not social sites but rather partner programs, which are also very effective.

Promotion of Internet casinos through PPC, PPV, PPA, PR

Online casino marketing involves such tools as showing the company information in a variety of formats on third-party websites, which take a certain percent as a payment for clicks, display, and visits of your online casino. In fact, such collaboration can be called a partnerships because you will have an agreement on the cost of these clicks.

You can place the eye-catching headings, promotional blocks with the names of games, promotion events, or bonuses with minimum text on third-party resources. In the view of the 2WinPower representatives the PPC system is particularly effective. Every 10th player comes to an Internet casino through it.

Promoting a casino: email newslettering and more

Online casino promotion also includes this method of familiarizing the players with your place. Of course, it will be useful to build your own player base and then send them short, up-to-date information but you need to work at least for a few years to create a base. However, there are excellent marketing companies owning address packages, and these people should be contacted and paid for their services.

What are the gambling enthusiast interested in?

  1. Interesting promotion deals.
  2. Releases of new games and updates of the existing ones.
  3. Bonuses and prizes.
  4. Big wins of the real people.
  5. Changes to the game's rules on the website.
  6. In addition to short letters and messages, you can set up another easy way to deliver information: push notifications, which the users subscribe to.

Posting news and articles on the online casino website

In the opinion of the 2WinPower specialists and other experts, news and short articles presented on the website is also an intriguing feature for players. Only these materials should be interesting, useful and colorful if you want them to be noticed.

It’s important that the articles are not too big and long to read because Internet users usually spend just a few minutes for reading. News about the jackpots won, the latest releases (games, updates), and tips (how to win) will be a great choice.

The most important thing is that your texts are not copied from other sites, otherwise they won't go into a search engine, so you should strictly adhere to 100% uniqueness. Check it on the

All articles can then be put to your thematic groups in social networks, comments and posts can be added encouraging users to communicate.

Gambling advertising with banners

Banners and teasers are ways of advertising, ancient as the world. But in marketing, there’s a whole science about it: how large a banner should be, which colors it is better to use, which phrases are not worth writing, and so on.

The 2WinPower designers can answer such questions and develop bright and stylish banners or teasers. By the way, a teaser is different from a banner with a bigger amount of text and that’s it. Nevertheless, both types of ads influence website visitors in roughly the same way motivating them to click on an image.

Partner programs as a marketing tool for online casinos

Online casino marketing

The specialists in 2WinPower are convinced that a partner program is the most productive way to promote an online casino because it does not require much investment and brings a lot of benefits. On the websites of affiliates you can post articles, banners, and press releases. The payments can be done in installments amounting to 20-50 rubles per month.

There are many text or banner exchanges on the Internet that have a huge base of web masters ready to place your content on their resources. These exchanges and webmasters are your partners.

Those who find your information relevant will read it, and perhaps visit the online casino to play for money.

You can learn more about all of the above tools from the Online Casino Market marketers, who are always willing to explain how to promote gambling website and will reveal other nuances of gambling business. In any case, you won’t regret cooperating with this company and learning how to promote online casino the right way.


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