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Updated 19 june 2023

Every self-respecting online gambling platform is ready to provide its clients with an extensive range of different services. Apart from casual gameplay, a lot of players enjoy getting enrolled in competitive activities. Therefore, the ability to set up enjoyable tournaments is a significant skill that every operator should own.

The specialists from Online Casino Market have been helping new online casino owners gain the necessary experience of the tournament organization process for years. Our profound theoretical guidance became indispensable for dozens of inexperienced operators.

We also offer our clients a turnkey online casino solution that can become an effortless entrance into the gambling sphere for everybody. Meanwhile, let us dive deeper into the topic of casino tournaments.

Definition of Online Casino Tournaments

Online casino tournaments

A platform-organized tournament is a competition that is held between players that try to achieve the highest rank in slots, cards, and other types of casino games. Considering the installed conditions, a gambler must score the necessary amount of points to beat the opponents.

The result is pleasant and simple — a casino grants a monetary prize or any other agreed bonus to a winner. One of the primary functions of a tournament is to increase the platform’s popularity and boost acquisition.

Types of Tournaments

There are currently five main types of online casino tournaments that are being offered to players. Each has its own peculiarities, target audience, and respective prize.


The tournament of this kind needs no entrance fee. The prize pool usually consists of small monetary rewards or any in-game bonuses (spins, chips, credits, etc.). If you consider all conditions, this type of tournament is just perfect for beginning players that do not want to risk their deposits. The basic requirements of any freeroll is an acceptance of agreement for participation that usually begins at a specific time. After that, players start gambling according to the rules until time expires and a winner is chosen.


In this type of tournament, players are obliged to pay a small entry fee that is not refunded upon a loss. Freezout tournaments have better rewards that are able to hit a few thousand dollars. Both beginning and expert players are welcome since the entrance fee is the same for everybody. When the quota is full, the operator announces the beginning of the tournament, and gamblers start to compete for maximum points.

With Extended Features

This type of tournament bears hefty opening fees. The opportunity to make repeated contributions for participation after losing is present, so once a player is out of the competition, it is possible to get back. The prize pool is often enormous, justifying large entrance payments. The result of such high-risk-high-win is that usually only experienced players get enrolled in these tournaments. Due to high complexity levels, these contests are held live by influential online casinos.


These regular tournaments are conducted for a particular audience. Some are held for the beginners with lowered entrance fees and basic rewards; some are held for skilled gamblers with bigger entry payments and larger prize pools. There is no need to wait long to get enrolled as scheduled tournaments are held daily, usually in poker as well as slots.

Sit and Go

Sometimes, players want to visit their favourite gambling platform and immediately take part in a small competition with others. Such tournaments are popular because of their variety and complexity levels — low-entrance for beginners, high-entrance for experienced players. As soon as the required number of players is registered, a competition begins.

Types of Prize Pool

Types of prize pool

The first thing that a player wants to know about when reading about the tournament is the prize pool. In most cases, there are two major types of reward:

  • Fixed. It basically means that a gambling platform contributes a certain amount that is shared according to the leaderboard among the winning places.
  • Non-fixed. In this case, players form a prize pool by themselves, with the winning places sharing the total amount.

Process of Organizing a Tournament

When an operator wants to launch a tournament, he must consider several stages and go through each of them.

  1. Tournament announcement. A special countdown timer appears on the main page of the website, notifying the enrollment initiation.
  2. Rules and conditions. Players get to know the details of the tournament and decide whether they want to sign up for it or skip.
  3. Once the acquaintance is finished, players get to register for the tournament.
  4. Unless it is a Sit’n’Go type of tournament, players get notifications after specific periods.
  5. The tournament is conducted in one or several stages according to the specified conditions.
  6. When the tournament is over, players get to receive a closure message in a pop-up window or a personal account message.
  7. Results are calculated, and winners are defined.
  8. The announcement of winners is carried out on the website’s main page.
  9. Winners receive messages with instructions on their prizes.
  10. All rewards are delivered to the winners in the chosen method.

Professional Tournament Organization

Professional tournament organization

It may not be entirely straightforward for a new operator to develop a tournament strategy immediately. Since the audience is still raw, and little information is available, inexperienced casino owners have no idea of how to organize the process. Luckily, such professional guide companies as Online Casino Market are always ready to provide a helping hand.

Our skilful experts will be your personal guides in getting acquainted with tournament theory as well as:

  • understanding the types of tournaments and their relevance;
  • defining the prize pools;
  • clearing out the process of organizing a competition.

All that you are left to do it to contact our customer relationship service to order a turnkey online casino solution that includes the organization of tournaments. We will be looking forward to receiving your orders!


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Karen Fill

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Updated 19 june 2023