Top 5 Countries to Open a Land-Based Casino in 2024

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Updated 22 august 2022

The establishment of an offline gambling location is a great investment option. The niche is quickly developing, bringing good dividends to operators.

Land-based casino: top 5 countries

Experts of the Online Casino Market company are glad to tell you about where it is better to launch a land-based establishment in 2024, the key advantages of such a decision, and the peculiarities of taxation.

From us, you can order the connection of software for an offline project, as well as the necessary equipment and security systems. We also offer a turnkey option: a ready-made solution with a prestigious licence.

How to Choose a Jurisdiction for Opening a Business

Currently, it is possible to establish an offline gaming establishment in more than 90 countries with different legal statuses and approaches to the regulation of the industry.

In order to make a far-sighted choice, the Online Casino Market team of specialists suggests that entrepreneurs pay attention to such characteristics as:

Simple launch of a land-based casino

Key aspects affecting the choice of a jurisdiction:

  • quick registration of a legal entity without bureaucratic red tape;
  • minimum requirements for the amount of authorised and reserve capital;
  • trouble-free establishment of a company by foreigners;
  • access to local banking instruments (loans, exchange stocks, premium accounts)

Transparent licensing

The main factors that are worth considering:

  • high speed and low cost of paperwork;
  • long validity period of a permit (minimum 5 years);
  • an opportunity to obtain a sublicence for the provision of B2B services to partner operators

Loyal taxation

Distinctive features of countries with a low tax burden:

  • the total amount of taxes paid does not exceed 5–7% of the operator's annual income;
  • absence of indirect taxes (VAT, excise duties) and hidden payments (commissions, penalties);
  • simple administration in the electronic format;
  • tax deductions, holidays, and other incentives for new companies with a small turnover

Touristic potential

The nuances of choosing a country for licensing:

  • high tourist attraction (million-plus cities, resort areas, and places near natural attractions will be a perfect choice);
  • developed infrastructure (availability of hotels, restaurants, and recreation parks);
  • good transport links

Types of Jurisdictions Where Gambling Is Considered Legal

Casino licence: types of jurisdictions

This type of entertainment is permitted by law in many promising states with different approaches to licensing and taxation and good starting conditions for operators.

All jurisdictions can be divided into 2 categories:

Areas Where the Operation of Gambling Venues Is Territorially Restricted

Entrepreneurs can organise a land-based casino project in special zones or dedicated areas.

The list of famous destinations with gambling zones includes:

  • Russia (4 centres with casino complexes, including Krasnaya Polyana, popular tourist and skiing facilities);
  • China (famous entertainment resorts are located in the cities of Macau and Hong Kong);
  • South Korea (a major tourist centre of Jeju).

Among the promising territories, we can also mention Gibraltar, Alderney (overseas possessions of the United Kingdom), and Kahnawake (a province in Quebec).

Compared to the main states, the allocated territories are distinguished by loyal taxes and simplified licensing. Many of them are well-known offshore zones that attract investors across the world.

Countries Where It Is Possible to Open a Gambling Hall in Any Location

Ground casinos are considered legal in Georgia, Ukraine, the UK, Spain, and other promising jurisdictions. Although the launch of an offline gambling club is possible within the whole territory, the most preferred spots are:

  • resort and tourist areas (sea coasts, ski centres);
  • capital regions;
  • territories on the borders with the states where gambling is strictly prohibited.

Where to Establish a Profitable Gambling Project in 2024

Gambling business: best destinations

The Online Casino Market company offers operators to get acquainted with promising countries for organising a land-based casino business:


The island state is a permanent member of the EU. It has a pleasant climate and excellent working conditions for entrepreneurs:

The main reasons to buy an offline casino with a Maltese permit:

  1. All gambling types are available. Business owners can open a betting shop, a poker room, or a gaming site with slot machines. The country also issues B2B licences to provide hosting services and sell software.
  2. The sphere forms 11% of gross domestic product. For this reason, the government actively supports such a niche. The authorities offer tax credits and a simplified procedure for registering companies.
  3. Huge tourism potential. Every year, more than 11 million foreigners come to Malta to relax on the sea coast, visit natural attractions, and play games for money in the best casinos.


It is included in the top 10 countries with the highest revenue in the gambling sector. The annual income of operators is estimated at 60 billion dollars.

The highest concentration of casinos is noted in the tourist region of Goa. Businessmen can install slot machines in coastal hotels and cruise ships with a local sailing permit. Moreover, raffles and betting on horse racing have been legalised throughout the region.


The US is the first country to turn gambling into a commercially successful business. The city of Las Vegas, which was founded in the 60s, has become the Mecca of modern casino-themed tourism and a role model all over the world.

A profitable business of this type can be established throughout the region:

  1. You can open a gambling hall with slot machines in Nevada, New Jersey, and Arkansas.
  2. The Atlantic City casino, Las Vegas' main competitor, offers operators good tax credits.
  3. Floating locations are allowed along the Mississippi River.
  4. Entrepreneurs can start a betting shop in Michigan, New Jersey, Iowa, Georgia, and other states.

The United Kingdom

In the UK, all types of gambling are allowed, including slots, lotteries, betting, and poker.

According to the centuries-old tradition, bets on horse races are considered the most popular. The annual turnover of bookmakers is 15 billion dollars. The main source of income is betting on Royal Ascot, National Horse Racing, the Epsom Derby, and other prestigious competitions.

There are more than 140 ground casinos, 590 bingo halls, and about 8,800 betting shops in the UK.


Technically, Gibraltar is part of the United Kingdom but in fact, the territory has its legislation and pursues a soft tax policy.

Reasons to implement a gambling project in Gibraltar:

  1. Simple business registration. The procedure can be completed in a few days. Besides, there are no strict requirements for sources of financing and the management of a legal entity. All documents can be sent through the electronic service.
  2. Minimum taxes. Operators transfer 1% of the annual income to the public treasury. Gibraltar is a territory with one of the lowest fiscal burdens on businesses.
  3. Impeccable reputation. Gamblers and B2B partners trust casino owners that hold a licence issued in Gibraltar.

The Main Things about the Launch of a Profitable Land-Based Casino

At Online Casino Market, you can buy a turnkey offline location with a permit from a prestigious jurisdiction.

We operate throughout Europe and Asia and offer comprehensive licensing, as well as marketing services.

  • The decision to purchase the certified software will definitely be an excellent choice. Online Casino Market cooperates with more than 70 vendors and offers reliable financial programs, gambling services, and products for business protection.
  • Countries with simplified registration procedures and a reduced fiscal burden are considered attractive for entrepreneurs. All they need to do is to evaluate the tourism potential of the region, as well as the speed and cost of licensing.
  • Our company recommends that operators open a casino in the USA, the UK, or India. It will also be a good choice to obtain a prestigious gambling permit in Malta or Gibraltar.

Contact our managers and get an individual proposal for the organisation of a profitable land-based casino.

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