Sportsbook Software From Tain: the Product That Goes Beyond Templates

Sportsbook Software From Tain: the Product That Goes Beyond Templates

Updated 10 february 2023

Sports betting software developed by the Tain company is a full-featured betting software for bookmakers that offers many ways for development and allows making a betting project truly unique.

Bookmaker software from Tain

The original sportsbook software is a modular and dynamic system that allows operators to decide what their offices should look like, what functions will be available there, and so on.

Fully managed software makes it possible to optimize the system in brand-specific fashion and, thus, to stand out among numerous betting offices. You can develop your own brand, or use offers from the third-party providers and so on — the Tain product gives you incredible freedom to choose the vector of development.

The original coefficient line provides a huge number of possibilities for betting in more than 20 sports. The betting software offers both classic bets and live mode. The choice of events impresses nonetheless. If you count all the games, you’ll find its number exceeding 15 thousand per month.

So as not to roam around the bush, we’d like to offer you a unique opportunity: contact the Online Casino Market representatives and order the original bookmaker software from the Tain company. Next, the experienced professionals will provide a number of additional services, which can be used for self-announcement and improving the quality of service more quickly.

Bookmaker Software From Tain: Maximum Flexibility

The broad choice of tools offered by this sportsbook platform provides an opportunity to make the sports betting software incredibly flexible. Operators of bookmaker offices have the right to customize the interface of their clubs in a way they find appropriate. It’s important to note the full compatibility of the original platform with all the operating systems available today.

The system is initially optimized for mobile devices that are based on Android and iOS. Players can quickly find all the basic features on the screen and make the right bet. Each interface component is accessible through the API protocol. It means that the sportsbook software provides unlimited opportunities for configuration.

This peculiarity allows owners of a betting office to completely change the exterior of their projects at any time, if necessary, or even if they simply wish to do so. Professional web studios that have developed several versions of user interface design supported by the sportsbook platform work for the Tain company.

The bookmaker software has a built-in statistics, which is convenient for betters to use to get acquainted with the comprehensive information and summaries of the latest sports events, view ratings and results of a certain player, etc.

The betting software provides for the integration of any payment systems. Therefore, office owners will be able to select the means of depositing and withdrawal of money means, building on the preferences of betters of the particular region.

Tain Software: Key Benefits

Software from Tain

  • by using the original sportsbook software operators get absolute freedom in setting up the platform and can choose between the ready-made options or development of unique solutions;
  • the sports bookie software supports products from the third-party software providers;
  • you can select an available design solution for your bookmaker office or create your own.
  • any modern payment system can be easily integrated into a betting office.

Are you interested in this proposal? Would you like your sports betting office to stand among among the others? Do you think your betters deserve something more than the clichéd bookmaker points that emerge today like mushrooms after the rain? In this case the brand sportsbook software from Tain is exactly what you need.

For those who’d like to buy sportsbook software for a betting project and open a bookmaker business, we advise to contact OnlineCasinoMarket, a company that offers only proven solutions for starting and developing a gambling club.

If you have unresolved matters or want to learn more, please give this company a call. The OnlineCasinoMarket professionals are happy to advise everyone who enquires with them.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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