NetShop Software for eSports Betting from Online Casino Market

NetShop Software for eSports Betting from Online Casino Market

Updated 10 february 2023

NetShop Internet Services is an acknowledged leader in digital information processing. Products of services of the company have received numerous prestigious awards, including:

  • “Best iGaming Service Provider” at exhibitions in Milan and Budapest & SEG Awards;
  • CEEG awards;
  • “Best Hosting Services” at the gambling festival in Malta.

NetShop eSports solutions: connection

You can learn more about the developer and connect NetShop eSports solutions by turning to Online Casino Market. We constantly update our product range and are ready to offer the latest gambling releases at a good price.

Why Operators Choose to Buy NetShop eSports Solutions

The company was founded in 2004. Its head office is located in Cyprus and has several representative offices and data centres all over the world.

Global Data Centers of NetShop Internet Services


The brand owns 4 neutral objects, the capacities of which ensure uninterrupted interaction with more than 300 international providers


In this offshore jurisdiction, there are 3 processing centres with a total capacity of more than 600 rack units. The equipment is managed by such internet providers as Vodafone and GO

The UK

The country has created a unique infrastructure of 8 facilities, thanks to which the manufacturer guarantees its customers flexible and scalable solutions for online gambling establishments of any format

Los Angeles

The equipment meets the requirements of large enterprises (including entertainment and media networks).

An additional advantage of the location is the minimum delay of the data transfer to Asia

The developer is proud of its large-scale affiliate network. NetShop eSports solutions have already been purchased by such well-known brands as:

  • AstralBet;
  • LiveGames;
  • 1x2 bet;
  • Parimatch;
  • WinnerBet;
  • Unisol Gaming Ltd;
  • Spadegaming.

Hosting and NetShop software for eSports betting have the following advantages:

  1. Round-the-clock monitoring. The software is equipped with a powerful module that controls applications and other elements of the business infrastructure.
  2. Backup. The described solution of the manufacturer is structured in such a way as to encrypt and store information in several places at the same time. If necessary, all data can be unzipped and restored (the system’s backup is performed every day).
  3. Round-the-clock support. There are several channels for communication with clients: telephony, chat on the company's website, e-mail, and Skype. The provider guarantees efficiency and real-live communication (canned responses and chatbots are not used for working with users).
  4. Protection against cyber-attacks. The vendor offers several options for protecting hardware, websites, and private cloud storage.
  5. Support for WordPress and digital data management systems. NetShop eSports solutions on a turnkey basis include integration services, adjustment of updates, and platform scanning for malware.
  6. “Moving” service. During its work, the brand has managed to help thousands of organisations to transfer their databases and websites. Specialists of the company are ready to assist operators in transferring incompatible NetShop eSports betting software versions and debugging internal processes “in a new place” (the service is provided for free).

Security Assurances from the Provider of Hosting Services

NetShop software: security assurances

NetShop software for eSports betting is equipped with a multilevel security system that consists of the following components:

DDoS Protection

A cyberattack is an attempt to block a website from users by using a powerful stream of traffic from multiple sources.

The goal of the NetShop eSports betting software is to protect the system and mitigate the effects of unauthorised actions.

In the work of this solution, the following tools are used:

  • a multilevel platform for fighting against massive attacks and overflowing links;
  • actions against attacks and their mitigation in real-time;
  • automated risk management system;
  • wide network.

Emergency Platform Recovery

Continued operation of client companies and their network infrastructure is ensured by:

  • geographic redundancy (independent data centres are located in different parts of the world);
  • reservation of information flows;
  • use of neutral target areas;
  • a good range of settings for the access level;
  • an extensive set of templates for backup;
  • round-the-clock support.

SSL Certification

As far back as 3 years ago, data flows were encrypted only on 3% of internet resources (according to the Netcraft report). By the end of 2019, encrypted traffic in the Google search engine has reached 80%.

SSL certification options for NetShop eSports betting software

EV extended check

The document is issued only after a large-scale verification of the buyer's compliance and confirmation of the fact that he owns a specific domain name.

The certification process includes the following stages:

  • confirmation of the legal status of the applicant;

  • verification of the physical and operational compliance of the enterprise;

  • confirmation of an exclusive right for the domain;

  • control of the legality of the certification procedure.

Preparation and issuance of a certificate takes 10 days

OV certification

This program allows you to make sure that the applicant company owns a domain address on legal grounds.

The number and other parameters of the certificate are displayed on the supplier's website when you click on a special logo seal.

The period for issuing is 2 days

DV domain check

The possession of the certificate does not mean that access to detailed information on the enterprise will be open. It only confirms the Secure Site Seal encryption standard compliance.

The document is issued immediately

Cloud Storage

You can connect NetShop software for eSports betting and backup storage in just a couple of clicks. For application filing, a single and intuitive interface is used.

The company offers several end-to-end solutions depending on the business volume and the budget of the enterprise. Moreover, customers are guaranteed flexible prices and the possibility of reducing quota.

NetShop eSports betting software with an online backup service includes:

  • saving of a disk image based on the downloaded file;
  • differential backups;
  • the unique structure of network entrance requirements (security assurance);
  • open backup policy;
  • detailed recovery of databases and network applications;
  • centralised notification centre;
  • a detailed history of interaction with the system;
  • intermediate copying from disk to disk and cloud storage.

Mirroring Program for Gambling Resources

Server mirroring is the procedure for transferring data from a central server object to a slave system. The standby server completely duplicates information from the main source and, if necessary, can replace the existing resource without losing the database and temporary downtime.

The decision to buy NetShop eSports solutions with “mirrors” allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • tracking any changes to the source file;
  • replication of detected changes using the Rsync system;
  • support for copying the system in real-time;
  • emergency recovery without time-wasting;
  • increase in the overall performance of server hardware.

Business Infrastructure Management

NetShop turnkey solutions: business management

NetShop turnkey solutions allow gamblers to play in real-time without any technical failure. Even if the main server is blocked, requests will be automatically redirected to the backup object, and the client will continue playing regardless of changes in the transmission channel.

To control the master system and the “mirrors”, a multilevel management system is provided.

The developer offers:

  • communication with technical support through a personal manager;
  • record time for troubleshooting;
  • wide range of simulated templates for managing the internal structure of the project;
  • professional support from a team of engineers;
  • round-the-clock customer support;
  • proactive monitoring of the platform’s performance;
  • regular system testing.

Support for Blockchain Gambling Projects

The company offers a narrowly specialised support program for sturt-ups in the blockchain format. The decentralised hosting project allows you to ensure the safety of digital information without reference to the client's geolocation.

You can purchase NetShop solutions as the main startup or an effective and secure tool for scaling your business. The system is designed to provide transfers of fiat money and cryptocurrency.

The advantages of choosing this product:

  • dedicated firewall device;
  • premium agreement with the supplier;
  • guarantees of no-failure operation;
  • simple and intuitive control panel;
  • round-the-clock technical support.

The Main Things about Hosting Services of the Brand

NetShop turnkey solutions are an excellent choice for international operators. The supplying company offers a portfolio of multifunctional products for gambling establishments of any format.

Advantages of working with the developer:

  • Unique backup system. The brand offers secure cloud storage and daily backups of the system with instant tracking of any changes to the source file.
  • The infrastructure of data centres. The company's physical hardware is located in Cyprus, Malta, the UK, and Los Angeles.
  • Creation of mirror sites. The manufacturer has organised a system for copying server objects with an ability to switch the lead resource to backup services without time-wasting.
  • Administration of websites. The company offers the services of a personal manager, assistance in the development of individual protection plans, constant monitoring of project performance, and round-the-clock feedback without chatbots and canned responses.
  • Support for blockchain projects. From the provider, you can buy online packaged solutions with a suite of systems for administering startups and maintenance of their security.

Leave an application to the manager of Online Casino Market to buy NetShop eSports solutions at the best price. Besides, our catalogue contains all the latest releases of the gambling industry, multifunctional security systems, any slot machine from the world’s leading brands, and exclusive developments.

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