Betting Software Symphony Solutions: Fast Launch of Your Business

Betting Software Symphony Solutions: Fast Launch of Your Business

Updated 10 february 2023

A successful betting business is impossible without reliable multitasking software. It is responsible for the entire functionality of a website, from the automatic creation of event lines to the prompt calculation of profits and the creation of a dynamic image on the virtual resource.

Betting software from the Symphony Solutions provider

The betting software Symphony Solutions is the best option for operators. The company follows a universal development strategy applying innovative methods.

Purchase the solution from us. Just leave a request to Online Casino Market employees.

Unique Characteristics of the Innovation

The vendor proposes its customers the up-to-date sports betting platform OXYGEN. The solution has been successfully used in many countries, including the European and North American markets.

The software for betting shops Symphony Solutions is marked by high quality. The firm applies several advanced IT tools and follows relevant innovations.

The OXYGEN platform is based on the following technologies:

OmniChannel orchestration

This is a technique of multichannel interaction between the key centres of any business process.

In the case of the betting software Symphony Solutions, such centres are the server, the gambling website, and the end-user.

The use of the OmniChannel method has two significant advantages:

  • trouble-free simultaneous operation of separate bookmaker websites;

  • the connection of the website and land-based betting equipment (cabinets, terminals)

Cloud native applications

This instrument implies the development of applications for bookmaker projects based on cloud microservices.

Unlike traditional server-side applications, the cloud software for bookmakers Symphony Solutions was created for fast scaling, reliability and rapid market entry.

Here are the benefits of using Cloud native:

  • the optimisation of costs required for launching and updating the product;

  • the adaptability of solutions to the requirements of specific markets

Agile Assessment

This flexible system considers the wishes of the end-user.

The use of this software for betting shops from Symphony Solutions means that all changes and adjustments to the product will depend on customer feedback regarding its quality

The provider applies such tools as:

  • programming languages Java, .NET, Python;
  • Lean-Agile, DevOps methods;
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript instruments for frontend.

The use of a wide range of technologies will help operators to respond to market changes faster. At the same time, the profitability of their businesses will remain at a high level and websites will bring good money to bookmakers.

The Benefits of the OXYGEN System

Symphony bookmaker software: OXYGEN System

The Symphony betting software has several undeniable advantages:

  1. Online and offline operation. The platform provides consistent user traffic flows both in the offline system and on betting websites. Commercial projects are managed from a single backend.
  2. Cross-platform support. The Symphony bookmaker software can be run on mobile devices, PCs, and tablets. It supports such operating systems as Android and iOS. Gamblers can download applications to their gadgets or play for their favourite teams right on the website.
  3. Adding new features. The manufacturer monitors the novelties of the betting world to provide its customers with the best products. A special centre for team development (Offshore Development Centre) is included in the organisational structure of the developer. Its main task is prompt testing and adding new options to the functionality of OXYGEN.
  4. Fast integration. It is worth buying the software for bookmakers from Symphony Solutions for entrepreneurs who are little familiar with the nuances of installing and updating the script because the provider is responsible for the entire technical constituent of the project. Besides the creation of program products, it tests, installs, and maintains the operation of the script. The software is connected easily thanks to the use of seamless API technology.
  5. The installation of additional components. Solutions from 5 third-party betting companies can be added to the product structure. This approach will help you expand the capabilities of the system, making it more attractive to your customers.
  6. High productivity. The software for betting shops Symphony Solutions successfully copes with record volumes of new registrations, verifications, and transactions per minute. The image remains clear, and all commands are performed instantly.

A Broad Selection of Event Lines

The Symphony bookmaker software is characterised by an original approach to the formation of odds.

The script is marked by the following features:

  • the focus on the sports markets of Europe and North America;
  • event lines with a high margin for the operator;
  • odds for all popular competitions (regional tournaments, national, and continental championships) within certain regions;
  • the placement of lines for team and individual sports;
  • the support for pre-match and live odds;
  • automatic event line updates during live broadcasts, etc.

Thus, the Symphony betting software guarantees full-scale support for operators.

Businessmen do not need to create betting software on their own or worry about margin levels. All the nuances have already been provided by the developer. This peculiarity makes the betting industry more attractive to investors.

It is hard not to notice the incredible flexibility of the platform. During the quarantine period due to the Covid-19 epidemic, when most of the sporting events were suspended, the company shifted its focus to e-sports.

The updated Symphony bookmaker software includes good betting options and the opportunity to watch gaming sessions in a live mode.

Exciting Gambling Content

Symphony software: gambling content

OXYGEN provides customers with the best user experience. Managers wishing to receive high-quality content for their gambling portals should buy the betting software Symphony.

The company does not produce video slot machines. However, it cooperates with leading providers (Microgaming, Playtech, Quickspin, Novomatic). The products of these suppliers should be instilled on your website to offer gamers the best casino games and betting solutions.

Additional Opportunities

The Symphony betting software can be purchased along with additional business services.

The company offers:

  1. Original design. You will receive original design solutions with detailed graphics, 3D elements, and alternative reality (AI) tools. The visual design will logically complement the functionality of your website, making it more understandable for consumers.
  2. Platform management. Operators can delegate their administrative functions to a third party. Depending on the specifics of the activity and the complexity of the platform, you can transfer full control or the operation of individual services.

The Main Things about the Bookmaker Software Symphony

The software from Symphony Solutions is a profitable investment.

  • The company applies the best developments to create decent products. The software is based on OmniChannel, Cloud native, and Agile Assessment technologies.
  • The finished product is characterised by high adaptability, cross-browser compatibleness, and good performance.
  • The solution is ideal for both offline and virtual bookmaker projects.

You can buy the betting software Symphony Solutions by contacting the Online Casino Market team. It is also possible to purchase sportsbook scripts and other iGaming products from us. Pay attention to turnkey casinos, poker software, and VR projects.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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