NYX Gaming Group: Sportsbook Software That Matches the Times

NYX Gaming Group: Sportsbook Software That Matches the Times

Updated 10 february 2023

NYX Gaming Group is a known software software provider for the gambling industry that simply could not bypass the betting business. Not so long ago, the company completed the deal on the purchase of the OpenBet developer, and is now proud to offer its customers high-quality and advanced sportsbook software.

Sportsbook software

So, what is the sportsbook platform created by the OpenBet specialists? It’s safe to say that this sports betting software can boast the most flexible and customizable platform in the modern market.

The sports betting software from NYX Gaming Group has a qualitative optimization, high level of reliability, and rich functional capabilities. In addition, the developers are ready to install and configure the bookmaker software on their own.

The company's reputation speaks for itself. Any operator who decides to use this offer can sleep soundly. Each one will certainly obtain an innovative, powerful, and reliable product that cannot be compared to any competitor.

Online Casino Market offers its customers quality sportsbook software from a world-class provider. The same company also supplies with the software on a leasehold basis.

NYX Gaming Group Sportsbook Software: Platform Features

The developer offer is so unique since the company provided for the opportunity to create new additional services based on available software.

Sports bookie software has a complete set of tools to manage your project and allows you to access your player accounts, monitor their account status. There’re also many other back-office tools available. 24-hour technical support always responds quickly to any customer request.

This betting software for bookmakers is truly flexible and helps a business owner create an innovative product that stands out among the competitors offers and attract the attention of the general public. The bookmaker software is regularly updated, so an operator is always armed with new useful features.

Branded Bookmaker Software From NYX Gaming Group

NYX Gaming Group Software

The sports betting software, as mentioned above, was created by the developers of OpenBet, which is now the structured unit of NYX Gaming Group. The original betting software developed from scratch has the right to boast great flexibility to satisfy the most non-standard requirements of a modern user. You can use this tool to offer sports events and many more to players.

Operators will be able to work with both fixed bets and totalizer. Also, the OpenBet sportsbook software provides a huge amount of events that will help owners of bookmaker office to enter the world market and satisfy the wishes of any modern better.

A bookmaker owner has the right to manage all events and coefficients at own discretion. Manual operation is available for this purpose. But the line is updated automatically.

So, why is sportsbook software from NYX Gaming Group is considered an excellent choice to open a sports betting business?

There are the following reasons:

  • opportunity to model any sporting and nonsporting event;
  • the most powerful and flexible platform on the market;
  • live betting with a big choice of events;
  • bookmaker software has a high level of productivity and stability;
  • a wide variety of bets with an account for the preferences of betters in all major regions;
  • the right to work on the White Label principle under the company's licence;
  • integrated live sports events, live news feed and information services;
  • tools to set your own coefficients and connect a third party.

You can contact Online Casino Market if you want to buy sportsbook software and install a high-quality modern software in your office. The company's specialists will provide you with the best solutions from the world's leading providers and developers.

There’s also a number of additional services available for the development of the gambling business. The many-year experience of the Online Casino Market company gives an opportunity to successfully develop and promote gambling and betting projects. If you have questions about the betting business, feel sure to contact Online Casino Market and you get free consultations.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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