SoftSwiss: Reliable Sports Betting Software

SoftSwiss: Reliable Sports Betting Software

Updated 10 february 2023

SoftSwiss, a well-known provider of the software for the gambling industry, offers operators the sportsbook software product for their own production. The original betting software has everything that is necessary for the development of a bookmaker office and provides a great deal of useful functionality.

Sportsbook software for online betting office

If you want to be a part of the gambling market and set up a betting business, pay attention to the trademark solution from SoftSwiss. The team of qualified professionals is ready to implement a project of any scale. Are you planning on opening a bookmaker office? Use the development of the turnkey sportsbook office service and start conquering the gambling market.

Are you a young, ambitious businessman who values every penny? No problem! Try the White Label offer, get everything you need (software, payment basis), and work under a reputable gaming license. Thereat, you will be able to promote your own brand. In the future, when you have enough money, you'll be able to buy out a project and become a completely independent betting office.

So what does the original sportsbook software from the SoftSwiss company have to offer to operators?

  • extensive selection of sports and lines with wisely estimated coefficients;
  • ability to provide both the preliminary bets and live betting to players;
  • a bookie's office can be integrated directly into a ready online casino.

To get the quality bookmaker software, you need to contact the OnlineCasinoMarket company. Here you can obtain advanced betting software for bookmakers and consider other enticing offers in the form of interesting services to improve your business.


Bookmaker Software From SoftSwiss: Special Features

In fact, there are a lot of objective reasons why you should choose the offer from SoftSwiss but we've identified the main ones specifically for you:

  • the brand sportsbook platform keeps the automatic detailed statistics on bets and betters, and so an operator can analyze the activity and develop further plan of action;
  • owners of bookmaker offices can manage all events manually, set up markers and coefficients;
  • a solid package of risk management tools;
  • if necessary, events are created manually;
  • the CMS system that allows administrators and moderators to work with the internal back-end system of the project;
  • support for multiple languages and all major currencies used in the region;
  • no need to install the software on your computer;
  • the sports bookie software features the possibility of making bets on the events of the e-sports world, which has been gaining popularity recently.

Betting exchange

What Sports Betting Software the SoftSwiss Company is Ready to Offer?

Sportsbook software for online betting office

The high-quality bookmaker software fully meets all international standards. The regularly updatable sports information and a line with coefficients from the industry's flagships are built in the brand sportsbook platform.

The flexibility of the setup system makes it possible to adapt the betting software to international, American, and EU standards. Note that the original sportsbook software can be even customized to the Asian system or that of an African country.

Betting Exchange

The author platform offers powerful functionality that also provides the highest level of protection for your business. The sports betting software also has API developed by BetFair built in and the advanced security system installed.

The sportsbook software has everything the required to start a project from scratch and helps you to quickly assemble a loyal customer base.

Land-based bookmaker office

An excellent offer for a betting point, sports club or bar. The solution can be used as a separate module to open an off-line betting office or integrated into the original software for web betting.

Would you like your betting project to thrive? Then you have a vital need to integrate the SoftSwiss sportsbook software in it. To do this, contact the OnlineCasinoMarket for assistance. You can buy sportsbook software there and purchase professional services for the development and promotion of your office.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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