Online Casinos of the International Format: the Development of Gambling in 2021

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Updated 19 march 2021

The pandemic has affected almost all sectors of the economy and commerce. Since the spring of 2020, the conversion of business to the digital segment has been the main global trend.

The changes also affected the gambling market. In March 2020, the share of virtual platforms increased by 3%. The digitalisation of the gambling business will continue throughout 2021. Experts predict an increase in the turnover of the online industry by another 7%.

Online casinos of the international format in 2021

In this article, Online Casino Market specialists will tell you how the legal regulation of the market has changed and how to establish a modern and lucrative business.

Our catalogue contains products to fit every taste: high-quality content, licences issued by the most reliable offshore jurisdictions, multicurrency payments, and much more.

New-Generation Casinos: Legal Aspects

The legitimation of a gambling project is the first step towards the entrance to the international market. In 2021, many countries revised legal regulations of the casino industry and tightened the supervision of the sector.

Among the innovations, we can name the following aspects:

  1. Restrictions on advertising of gambling services. Spain has prohibited the promotion of casino games on media networks during the daytime. The only “window” for such broadcasts is from 1 am to 5 am.
  2. Control over the geolocation of traffic. New rules for working with foreign audiences were introduced by the Curacao Gambling Commission. From the summer of 2021, the regulator will block users from those countries where gambling is strictly prohibited.
  3. Limitations on the size of bets. In order to combat ludomania, several European countries have introduced limits on daily and monthly bets. Gamblers from Finland and Belgium can spend no more than 500 dollars per day on casino games. In the UK, the daily limit is 50 euros.
  4. Additional taxes on online entertainment. The German government plans to introduce a new taxation system for the owners of virtual platforms — 8% for slot machines and 5.3% for video poker.

Where it is More Profitable to Establish a Casino Business

Legal casino business: where to establish

The Online Casino Market team of specialists has prepared a list of the most loyal gambling licensors.

The ranking of jurisdictions was compiled taking into account several criteria:

  • financial and legal benefits for local and foreign entrepreneurs;
  • the tax rate for running a business;
  • the level of security and user protection policy;
  • the cost of legalisation, etc.

The most reliable jurisdictions are the following:


It was one of the first in Europe to legalise the gambling industry. More than 25% of all casinos are registered in this offshore zone.

Advantages of the Maltese licence:

  1. The minimum tax burden. The local authority has introduced a progressive payment return system. Owners gambling projects should pay only 5–6% of their net income to the public treasury.
  2. Work in the .com domain zone. Operators can provide their services to users from almost all European regions and the CIS countries. Only traffic that comes from territories included in the Financial Action Task Force list is blocked.
  3. Issuance of licences of various formats. Investors can obtain permits for the development and delivery of software, distribution of games for real money, work with foreign traffic, etc.


More than 450 projects are currently working under the licence issued by this jurisdiction. The local authority is very loyal to foreign investors and offers:

  • low tax rate (revenues from local traffic are not taxed, and as for the foreign users, they should pay only 2% of their revenues);
  • simple licensing (the offshore zone issues a single permit for all types of gambling entertainment);
  • master licences (the presence of a Curacao certificate allows entrepreneurs to organise their affiliate networks and issue sublicences).


A permit from this country allows businessmen to work with almost the entire world. The only limitation is that traffic from the United States is always blocked.

Licence holders are tax-exempt and can enjoy several additional specific services:

  • buy local hosting;
  • place electronic databases in certified data centres;
  • order services of remote business administration, etc.

The local commission can issue and revoke gambling licences. Applicants must guarantee the proper quality of services and meet all legal regulations. Otherwise, the certificate will be cancelled, and the company will be blacklisted beyond recovery.

Social Casinos: a Fresh Angle on Games for Money

Social casinos: fresh angle on money games

One of the promising trends in 2021 is the conversion of traditional gaming sites to the social casino format.

Content for social networks is almost the same as on gambling platforms. The difference is that users do not receive real cash winnings.

Previously, such entertainment was only available on Facebook and VK but since March 2021, operators will be able to work with Google Play stores as well. The global search engine has allowed the distribution of casino games in 19 countries.

Key features of social casino games

Mobile games

Almost all modern content is produced in the HTML5 format: solutions can be launched on any OS with no loss in picture quality.

Many software vendors release separate lines of mobile products. For example, the Wazdan studio has developed a series of “energy-efficient” games. When the slots are launched in a special mode, they save up to 40% of the device's power level

Built-in bonuses

Social content comes with many bonus features and other goodies to keep users interested. This can be a variety of crystals, coins, in-game ratings, etc.

Betting format

There are no traditional bets in social entertainment. Gamblers deposit money to purchase the related products and services:

  • extension of the sesión time;
  • participation in private tournaments and other events;
  • ability to use new opportunities for winning good prizes;
  • ability to change user pictures, etc.

F2P game

One of the key features of social gaming is free access. You can launch a session without making deposits and logging in on the website. It will be necessary to pay only for extra time or bonus features


It is not for nothing that this branch of the industry has received the name “social casino”. Many operators offer tournaments and in-game ratings.

Users can not only compete for victory but also share their achievements with friends and communicate with like-minded associates

The Main Things about the Implementation of Casino Projects

Business scaling and attraction of a foreign audience are natural stages in the development of any startup, which can bring new prospects and high profits.

The main trends and nuances of working in the international gambling market in 2021:

  • Strict regulation of the industry. Among the new rules of market control, there are restrictions on the advertising of gambling services in media networks, limits on daily and monthly bets, and improved standards for monitoring foreign traffic.
  • Attention to the mobile sector. Today, providers are focused on the development and promotion of mobile content. Research and Markets analysts estimate the share of mobile gaming sites at 42.6%, and this figure is still growing.
  • Emphasis on social games. Free content is gradually replacing traditional slots. Since March 2021, casino solutions can be distributed not only via social networks but also the Google Play store.
For more detailed information on the most promising trends, please contact the managers of Online Casino Market.

We will tell you about the most effective ways to scale the business and offer the following products from the most reliable suppliers: games with 3D and VR elements, social content, live entertainment, sports betting software, and much more.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 19 march 2021