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Updated 27 july 2022

A competent and well-thought-out marketing program is one of the key factors for the success of a gambling project. But there are also restrictions, for example, casino operators cannot use open calls to play for money. There is a solution to the problem.

Casino business monetisation: general info

Experts of the Online Casino Market studio have collected several effective approaches and life hacks to increase the outreach of the target audience and project recognition, as well as make the brand image more natural.

User Engagement: Definition and Functions

Clicking or viewing a message is an impersonal action. And the involved contact should end with a unique user action with the proposed material. Moreover, the more complex the activity, the better the level of interaction.

Engagement is the key to building a loyal and active audience. This is the starting point for the project development. From the first stages of work, an operator receives a fanbase of 2 categories:

  • customers who gradually “warm up” and then buy;
  • active users of communities that build brand reputation.

The better the interaction with advertising materials, the greater the traffic response. The effect of "word of mouth" is triggered. The main thing is to keep the trend.

Choosing a Channel for Working with Target Audience

Casino target audience: distribution channels

The Internet provides almost endless opportunities for promoting business start-ups. Among the largest channels of interaction with the users are social networks and instant messengers.

It is worth examining the Telegram platform in more detail. In 2018, the project had more than 200 million active users. In March 2019, the messenger broke all records for the speed of attracting traffic: 3 million people registered in the system per day.

Stages of organising a Telegram casino

Bot development

This is an interlocutor program for the communication between seller and clients

Creating a backend

Comprehensive software aimed at optimising all business processes

Content integration

The more entertainment on the site, the better. We recommend filling the platform with industry novelties (live games, slots with VR and 3D elements, instant lotteries) and exclusive products. Such content looks better against the background of competitors' offers and provides quick positive feedback

Implementation of payment instruments

Punters should be able to deposit and withdraw winnings in the most convenient, secure and fast way possible.

The most popular and demanded financial tools are:

  • mobile banking;
  • payments from credit and debit cards;
  • transactions from electronic wallets;
  • transfers in alternative currency

Launch of the mobile platform

The combination of cellular and desktop solutions make the game more comfortable

Operators of gambling rooms value the platform for such features and benefits:

  1. Anonymity. Punters can participate for money without mandatory registration and identity verification. The system does not require any logins and passwords, which allows clients to concentrate on the session as much as possible.
  2. Safety. The platform has a built-in interactive multi-level protection program that blocks any actions of intruders. Only an operator and casino managers have access to chatbot management, internal gaming services and the client base. Furthermore, the system can be configured so that staff members have different levels of admission.
  3. Crossplatformity. The option works with any type of traffic, regardless of the geolocation of users. The service can be utilised in a browser format or downloaded as an app for desktop/mobile devices.
  4. Work speeds. The option is available around the clock and guarantees a stable response even with poor connection quality.

Useful Traffic for a Telegram Casino

Telegram casino: useful traffic

It is worth considering the basic principles of increasing the audience on the example of the platform channels. Telegram messenger is one of the most convenient social networks for promoting the gaming business. The service, unlike most online platforms, is loyal to the topic of web gambling and offers a wide range of advertising opportunities.

Online Casino Market experts have prepared some tips on how to get the most out of Telegram.

Subject Selection

Messenger users prefer conciseness and accuracy in communication. Therefore, it is worthy to choose a specific topic to promote the brand, for example:

  • reviews of gambling providers or novelties;
  • content testing, overlook of sessions, bonuses, gaming strategies, etc.;
  • publications about the rules of fair and responsible gambling and debunking myths about cheating casinos;
  • wagering business news;
  • stories about the lucky ones who hit the big jackpot;
  • curiosities in a casino, another.

An attempt to cover all industry niches at once will lead to the dissipation of the attention of subscribers and casual visitors. Accordingly, the chances of getting an active response to the proposed material will decrease.

The title of the Telegram casino should be:

  • short (it is better to choose 1–2 words to facilitate memorisation);
  • relevant to the topic (using a keyword that is suitable for the search engine).

The logo should convey the theme of the project as much as possible, and be “juicy” and memorable. Despite the small size of its picture, it should instantly evoke thematic associations. For example, it can be stylised cards, dice, a wheel of fortune, etc.

Regular Content Updates

A Telegram channel should bring benefits to players. There will be no high engagement if there are only a dozen articles in the feed that were last updated several years ago. The more interesting material presented, the better the response.

Comments and Promotion

The operators can speak of their channels in a variety of ways:

  • publications in related blogs;
  • video reviews from popular bloggers;
  • articles and other materials in social networks;
  • links to Telegram casinos on third-party resources.

The Main Things about Attracting Traffic to the Wagering Site

To increase the coverage of the gambling resource, there are a lot of special tools and professional business cases. The most important is to work out an actual strategy and promotion regularly.

The main nuances of advertising and development of casino businesses:

  • Legal standards. Gambling services have their promotion specifics. For instance, in the field of iGaming, there are restrictions on media advertising, radio broadcasts and banners. In return, operators can use the almost limitless possibilities of the Internet.
  • Selection of a subject. Choose one of the niche areas and expand it as much as possible. These can be reviews of game novelties, thematic contests, descriptions of success stories, etc.
  • Quality and regular content. The more useful material on the site, the higher the response of the audience. Content quality directly affects brand reputation, user loyalty, and traffic volume.

You can learn more about the "tricks" of promoting wagering businesses and increasing the outreach of the gaming audience from Online Casino Market managers.

Our experts will share useful tips, explain which free tools bring the best response, and help you develop a successful strategy.

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