Top 5 Benefits of HTML5 Games for Casinos

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29 july 2022

The creation of such slots is one of the main trends of the 2010s, which is firmly entrenched in the modern gambling industry.

HTML5 casino games: benefits

The Online Casino Market catalogue contains 500+ games from trusted software providers from Europe, Asia, South America and other promising regions.

You can also order the creation of interactive HTML5 slots according to your sketches. We will select the relevant topic of the video game, implement a unique loyalty program, and ensure bilingualism and multicurrency of the finished product.

Technical Nuances of Slot Development

HTML5 is the 5th version of the classic programming language. The solution was created on the basis of open-source code and released in October 2014.

The manufacturers of the product are the technical departments of AOL, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Opera and other well-known IT companies (100+ corporations took part in the process). These studios also provide software support.

HTML5 slot creation is based on several technologies:


This is an international hypertext markup language that is used to structure data.

HTML has the following features:

  • marking of the playing field (number of reels, cells, active lines);
  • inserting buttons to select playback modes, soundtrack, currency, and language;
  • description of the device logic (starting and stopping the game, the number of regular and special rounds, bonuses)


It is a set of styles for the visual design of slot machines. With their help, developers can create:

  • frame-by-frame animation of gaming characters and elements (reels, numbers, fruits);
  • 3D effects on background pictures;
  • built-in mini-movies to reveal the plot of the slot machine


This programming language combines all HTML and CSS components into a single environment and “launches” a finished video game.

The solution provides:

  • preloading resources into RAM;
  • display of game scenes taking into account changes in the selected parameters (number of prize lines, volatility);
  • interaction with external components — payment gateway, identification system, etc.

Key Advantages of HTML5 Games

HTML5 games: key advantages

Creating video slots using HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies has several advantages:

Low Development Cost

You can optimise expenses thanks to the following features of HTML5:

  1. Open source. The solution is available for architects, programmers and web designers from any country. Gaming studios do not spend money on equipment rental and royalties. Technical support and development of the open-source environment are also free: these functions are performed by specialists from Google, IBM, Microsoft and other industry giants.
  2. Simple use. Creating casino games on HTML5 does not require the purchase and installation of special IDEs (integrated development environments), ATAs (advanced technology attachments) and other applications. HTML tools are enough for a team of professional producers to release original video slots.

Good Compatibility

HTML5 games are universal solutions that are played in all popular browsers:

  • Opera;
  • Internet Explorer;
  • Mozilla;
  • Firefox;
  • Google Chrome.

Slots are launched on mobile devices, PCs, gadgets or platforms of any manufacturer without the need to download.

Excellent compatibility is explained by the fact that plugins are not used in the process of creating HTML5 games. The product works directly in a browser and does not require the installation of any external programs, including plugins. Users do not need to refresh the online casino page.

Additional Development Tools

HTML5 casino game creation supports:

  1. Websockets. It is a protocol for two-way communication between a browser and a remote server in real time. The solution is used to create multiplayer games, as well as to organise missions, tournaments and other iGaming events with plenty of participants.
  2. Local Storage. This is a data archive for the browser environment. In case of rebooting the device, information about completed sessions, used bonuses, and earned points are saved. Customers can continue games without starting again.
  3. SVG. A vector-based markup language used in HTML5 in addition to CSS styles. Thanks to this, the final picture does not lose quality when scaling games for different types of devices (large PC monitors or small screens of mobile devices).

Popularity among Gamblers

Punters prefer to play HTML5 slots for the following reasons:

  • modern visualisation of casino games (bright HD picture, multi-level animation, interesting 3D effects);
  • surround sound accompaniment;
  • quick launch on different types of gadgets, regardless of the OS used (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android);
  • work in energy-saving mode (for mobile devices);
  • additional options (playing in messengers, sharing round results through social networks).

Technology Perspectives

The benefits of HTML5 have been appreciated by thousands of game studios around the world. The number of fans of this programming environment continues to grow.

The solution is supported by specialists from leading IT giants, including the global corporations Google and Microsoft. There is no need to worry about the quality and popularity of content.

The Main Things about Releasing HTML5 Slots

HTML5 slots: main notions

At our aggregator, you can buy modern-technology slots from 50+ wagering providers. The branded catalogue contains HTML5 games from Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, Playtech and other well-known manufacturers.

  • Key advantages of HTML5 development: low cost of the finished product, good compatibility with all types of gadgets and browsers, and positive user feedback.
  • The HTML5 solution contains the tools to release slot machines with saved gameplay history.
  • The use of vector SVG graphics ensures the clarity of the picture when scaling.

Online Casino Market offers custom HTML5 slot development. Operators can also purchase ready-made gambling sites with a catalogue of video games, a licence, and a convenient backend.

We will help you integrate payment gateways with high performance, as well as security software with a multi-level verification system.

Contact our manager to learn more details.


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