Income Access Marketing Platform for the Attraction of Casino Traffic

Income Access Marketing Platform for the Attraction of Casino Traffic

Updated 10 february 2023

Online casino traffic is the basis of the modern gaming industry. Even if you are just planning to open a gambling establishment, you probably have already decided on how to promote your online casino. After all, no matter how well-equipped the casino is – without gambling traffic it will not bring the desired income.

Income Access advertising platform

In order to ensure a constant gambling traffic for the casino, you can use services of the context-based advertising. Among such major systems as Google Display Network or Yandex.Direct, there exist different partner services for the management of advertising campaigns.

In the gambling industry, there are several affiliate platforms, which work exactly with the gambling direction. Services of these platforms were developed to allow operators to buy casino traffic. Income Access is the largest platform for online casino advertising, through which you can buy gambling traffic for your business or to monetize gambling site that already exists.

If you are thinking on how to promote your online casino, we recommend you to buy the Income Access platform. Online casino advertising with this brand provides targeted traffic and a high percentage of conversions. Currently, it is the best solution for gambling business. 

Income Access Tools

The company has everything that is needed to promote your online casino effectively. With the help of the office for advertising management, operators can easily set up all the necessary components of their advertisements:

  1. Geo targeting. Customization of the targeted audience under the following parameters: languages, cities, devices, browsers. You can also optimize the advertising campaign for the landing pages to get more leads.
  2. Tracking. Productivity tracking is made through a single private office. In the reports you will see all the channels: offline, mobile traffic, PPC, affiliate resources. You can even compare organic traffic with the paid one.
  3. The format of advertising. Your online casino advertising can have a different format. You need simply to download an image through the interface from Income Access and then to install special banners for the targeted group. It is possible to update information and change settings even after the campaign is started.
  4. Customer’s logistics. This parameter will allow you to track all the stages of turning a lead into a client and to determine which communication channel works better. Such detailed analytics will enable you to optimize expenses on digital-promotion.
  5. Settings of the affiliate platform. If you want to receive gambling traffic for online casinos from specific partner websites, you will need to indicate this in the targeting settings. For this group of advertisements, geo-targeting and targeted audience settings will be available.

Mobile gambling traffic

Mobile Gambling Traffic

According to the statistics of major search systems, (such as ‘Yandex’, Google and Yahoo) more than a half of traffic comes from mobile devices. If the business does not have a mobile version of the website or an application, it may lose about 25% of customers. The flow of players, who gamble via mobile devices, has become so significant that Income Access has created a separate module in order to generate mobile casino traffic.

The mobile advertising platform includes the following tools:

  • the introduction of SDK software into the iOS or Android application;
  • the benchmarking assessment of mobile and web channels;
  • the optimization of communication channels for mobile devices.

Price Formation

Online casino advertising in Income Access can be customized for certain actions: a click, an installation and a purchase. The cost of advertising depends on the action. Installation fees are usually more expensive than CPI, and the best option is CPC. You can also pay for a hundred banner impressions (CPM). This option is great for beginners in the context-media advertising. Thus, you will be able to find out how users respond to the particular advertisement.

Since the advertisement is placed in the affiliate network, each website has the right to request its fee for it. All negotiations between advertisers and owners of web resources take place in the online RTB auction mode.

Online Casino Advertising Through Income Access. The Main Advantages

Income Access is a service, which takes into account all needs of casino operators. It is not so easy – to promote your online casino in the usual context-media service, because you have to compete for the audience with non-game products.

However, Income Access offers a completely new approach:

  • 25 thousands of gaming websites;
  • tools for tracking the actions of players;
  • a powerful platform for collecting statistics and analytics, where it will be possible to estimate the efficiency of communication channels;
  • flexible and variable fees for services and a wide range of payment systems;
  • an integration through a single API.

It is not very difficult to launch your first advertising campaign with Income Access. In order to buy casino traffic you will need to take several steps:

  1. Install Income Access. After the registration process you will get an access to your personal account.
  2. Set up a group of advertisements through the campaign parameters.
  3. Select key performance indicators. For each communication channel there are different indicators: leads, transitions and transactions. All this will be displayed in your personal account.
  4. Buy gambling traffic from partners in the RTB mode.
  5. Set up pricing and payment methods.

You need to take only five steps, and the marketing platform will start to work, and your website will receive the targeted gambling traffic.

How to Monetize a Gambling Site

If you have good site traffic, you can monetize gambling traffic easily. It's very simple to join the Income Access affiliate network. Since its first days monetization of the online casino website will begin.

You will always have an access to the content of the advertiser on your website, which will help you to control advertisements. This is how you can avoid an unwanted advertising of competitors.

You can determine the price for actions on the website on your own. The amount of fees for the accommodation is paid monthly.

If you want to buy a casino in order to make money on advertising, Income Access is the best solution. This service was specially created for owners of websites and advertisers of the gambling industry.

Income Access will help you receive qualitative gambling traffic and leads after the launch of your casino. If you do not want to wait for customers and players for a long time, we recommend you to choose Income Access. This platform can provide you with a constant flow of visitors.

You can buy the online casino advertising platform developed by the above mentioned band from Online Casino Market by filing an application on the company’s website. Also, this firm offers to buy turnkey online casino, assistance in the development of online casinos and it can also help you to monetize gambling site.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023