AdFox: Online Casino Promotion

AdFox: Online Casino Promotion

Updated 10 february 2023

AdFox is the main advertising platform at the Russian speaking market of gambling traffic. The service was launched in 2005 when Internet marketing set in. AdFox employees were the first who started to use an experience of foreign colleagues, adapt advertising tools and implement new technologies to provide clients with traffics of a good quality.

Аdvertising platform from AdFox

If you are looking for the answers how to promote your online casino and where to buy casino traffic, AdFox will provide you with a wide range of services and tools for successful site promotion.

Besides, you can monetize gambling site with the help of this service. This is an excellent income source for your business.

Try out advertising solutions from AdFox at Online Casino Market.

Advertising Platform From AdFox

AdFox offers a wide range of products for those who want to open casino and drive traffic to online casino. It is also useful for those who plans to monetize gambling traffic. 

Platform has several essential products that need to be learned in details.

Management of Online Casino Advertising Traffic 

This is a management system for advertisers and webmasters (site owners) of AdFox Sites. You receive unlimited rights to manage advertising campaigns and ads.

AdFox Sites functions:

  • Sales automation. Web-master can control casino traffic thanks to the AdFox option, and also arrange sales in a real time. All these processes are set up and automated.
  • AdFox account. You will have personal account in the service where you can set up ads parameters and monitor traffic for online casino.
  • Statistics. If you took a decision to buy casino traffic it is important to receive objective rates of effectiveness. AdFox Sites offer all necessary tools to process data, analytics and reporting.
  • Compatibility. You can use other advertising platforms and generate gambling traffic from additional sources. If pixel or code line to transfer data to another services are integrated into your site this will not affect the results of advertising campaign in AdFox Sites.
  • Interface. It is not necessary to be a programmer to set up all AdFox modules. It is more important to know your login and password. You can set up parameters of ad individually with the help of convenient interface.
  • Simple changeover algorithm. If your online casino advertising was done on another service AdFox experts will help to move campaigns and banners to AdFox Sites. You do not have to set up everything one more time.
  • Formats diversity. Video content, pop-up banner or ad in mobile app are possible thanks to the AdFox compatibility with other advertising formats.
  • Targeted audience settings. Thanks to the targeting tools casino traffic will have a good quality, changeover conversion will be higher and you will get more leads.

Analytics Tools

AdFox analytics tools

Set of tools for effective advertising analytics. This service is necessary if you want to know how relevant the gambling traffic is for online casino.

Features of analytics service:

  1. Post-view analysis. Tool for analysis of advertising effect for brand and image. This is a very useful function if advertising of online casino is displayed on PR platforms.
  2. Post-click analysis. Thanks to this tool you can view each ad separately both for general statistics and for a certain platform.
  3. Independent audit IAB. Independent statistics calculation from bureau of interactive advertising. If you want to buy additional casino traffic from AdFox you have to analyze previous campaign using CTR standards from the giants of global media advertising.
  4. Interaction analysis. Statistics considers not only clicks and changeovers but also rollover, video views, etc. Thus, you get a full information about user’s involvement.
  5. Platforms statistics. This rate will enable to know how the audiences of advertising space cross with each other.
  6. Customer Service. You can delegate a part of monotonous work with ads to AdFox employees.

Advertising Space for Mobile Devices

AdFox Mobile is a separately developed technology for ads convenient management in apps on Android and iOs, and also advertising on adaptive resources and mobile versions of the sites.

AdFox Mobile functions:

  • Possibility to scale advertising. Ad is scaled in accordance with screen resolution of each device and there is no need to create adaptive design of a banner.
  • Additional actions. You can set up calls or SMS, alternative changeovers to App Store.
  • Mobile targeting. Advertising platform AdFox Mobile ensures to receive casino traffic only from mobile devices. This is very convenient for those who want to buy casino traffic in mobile app. Also you can set up targeting according to developers and models of mobile devices.
  • Interactions management. User can automatically navigate the advertiser's site or click the link by himself. All these actions can be set up in one account.

Beside all the above mentioned AdFox has a range of solutions for advertising agencies and commercial networks where interactive banners can be launched, brand words and set up media content.

The team of experienced developers creates new unique formats of banners. You can view AdFox technologies before you buy casino. This will provide you with all necessary information how to promote online casino, how to drive traffic to online casino, where to buy casino traffic of a good quality and how to monetize gambling site.

You can buy casino traffic after filling an online application on the site of Online Casino Market company.

Also, you can order online turnkey casino development considering all customer preferences. Ask professionals and you business will be successful!

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023