AdRiver: Online Casino Advertising, or How to Promote an Online Casino

AdRiver: Online Casino Advertising, or How to Promote an Online Casino

Updated 10 february 2023

You can advertise online casino by various digital-methods but not all of them are appropriate for gambling business and ensure gambling traffic of a good quality. Huge resources are needed for CEO, SMM and PPC but this does not guarantee focusing on targeted audience and successful lead generation.

AdRiver advertising platform

If you want to open casino and launch a new site you should facilitate PR strategy and first of all buy casino traffic. High casino traffic after opening will provide you with the top positions in search services within a short time. It will be possible to monetize gambling site in the future. 

In order to buy casino traffic for Internet-casino you need a program of a good quality with big number of sites. AdRiver is this kind of service.

AdRiver Review

Advertising platform started to work in Internet advertising in 2001. Today AdRiver is a leader in digital technologies management and creates unique analytics tools. 

AdRiver is a member of International advertising bureau and makes its contribution to promote your online casino. Every day company employees receive about 40 thousand requests for online casino advertising. This is the biggest rate at Russian digital market. 

Head offices of the company are located in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Also they have representatives in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries. The service offers a wide range of tools that will improve the efficiency of your online casino advertising. In order to monetize gambling traffic and get a good income AdRiver developed special SSP platform. We recommend you this platform if you want to attract Russian speaking audience. Experts from AdRiver know how to promote your online casino.

How to Buy Casino Traffic Through AdRiver?

AdRiver is not a typical affiliate program that launches advertising to any platform they have agreement with. You choose a resource and agree conditions of partnership, and AdRiver deals with technical questions and suggests an extensive analytics. It is needed to fill an application form for account registration, and then sales manager will contact you to discuss all terms and details. The price for an access to AdRiver starts from RUB 200 thousand.

System complex includes the range of main and additional services. Let’s review some of them. 

39 formats of Internet advertising. All versions of banners are active, you can choose one or several of them at one time. The system accepts JPEG images, GIF-files, HTML-forms, flash video, XML-files, etc. This is one of the biggest databases of formats. 

Targeting and advertising management. You can define your targeted audience with the help of targeting tools, and also manage the periodicity of campaign. This will ensure to increase the liquidity of advertising and get leads of a good quality. Even after launching advertising you can edit: correct text, change image, price for an action, set up parameters of audience or buy additional casino traffic for online casino. 

Analytics. AdRiver ensures not only to buy gambling traffic for business but also analyse its key measures of effectiveness. Daily statistics is available through advertising account, and after campaign finishes you will get a full report with advertising evaluation rate. Interactive advertising will enable to evaluate an interest of your targeted audience and monitor compatibility with banner.

How to buy traffic for a casino

Online Casino Site Monetizing Through AdRiver SSP

Thanks to this option you will discover potential of your online casino site. Monetizing is a good and stable income source. Many business owners do not want to place advertising through affiliate program considering this will spoil site reputation and time will be needed to control ads. But with AdRiver SSP you can be sure: only interesting and targeted advertising of online casino will be placed on your site. 

In order to become a part of AdRiver you need to sign agreement and send its electronic version to the company employees. After this you will get an access to AdRiver account and interface of lots settings for sale at the market of media advertising. 

You can control your advertising platform and set up minimal price for ads placement for those who want to buy casino traffic. Sales process and advertising purchase on RTP-auction is instant. You will be receiving hundreds of requests a day for ads placements. 

Direct Deal function will enable to choose privileged advertisers and fix individual price for placement for them. 

You can block all undesirable advertising and remove it from the site by yourself. You do not need to contact AdRiver technical support in order to do this. 

AdRiver advertising platform is an ideal balance between automation of online advertising and individual settings. You control key processes in this service and cooperate only with those partners that bring more leads. If you want to buy casino and drive traffic to online casino you should use AdRiver service. 

Online Casino Market offers to buy casino traffic for online casino by filling online application. Besides, experienced specialists will help you to launch and monetize gambling site. Create successful online business with professionals!

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023