Adwolf: Online Casino Promotion Strategies

Adwolf: Online Casino Promotion Strategies

Updated 10 february 2023

Adwolf is platform that manages online casino advertising and provides customers with information about companies and their services. Business owners drive traffic to online casino thanks to advertising that attracts new users.

Adwolf: ways to advertise online casinos

According to experts in order to promote your online casino successfully you should just buy gambling traffic on professional advertising platform. You can buy casino traffic from Online Casino Market company. They will also offer you a unique advertising platform Adwolf.

What is Gambling Traffic?

Gambling traffic is a flow of users that visit your site in order to find there some goods or services they are interested in. Therefore, casino traffic is a number of those players who are interested in online games and who want to spend time in this online casino.

New online gambling venue needs further promotion and online casino advertising is one of the most effective methods. The companies that work in the field of online promotion will help to arrange it. 

Experts assure that to open casino means to get additional source of income. However, gambling site will not bring money immediately because first you need to monetize gambling site. 

That is why gambling business owner will think about how and where he can buy online casino traffic and comes to conclusion that online casino advertising is needed.

What is gambling traffic

How to Monetize Gambling Site?

Those who dealt with business know that to buy casino is only the first step to success. It is very important to understand how to promote online casino in order to drive gambling traffic to online casino and get good income. This is called online casino site monetizing. 

An important rate is traffic arbitration on gambling – an income received after gambling traffic purchase. You should choose advertising platform for your gambling venue to get this income. 

Types of gambling traffic

  1. You can buy gambling traffic with the help of teaser networks that work in entertainment sector. For example, cinema sites or resources that contain horoscopes, diets, recipes, fortunetelling, etc. Such content will be interesting for those who have free time they can spend in gambling venue, so online casino advertising will be very useful. 
  2. You need to use resources as an advertising platform visited by financially reliable users: for example, the sites about real estate sale or rent. You can try to promote online casino on such platforms. Gambling traffic here will cost more but in case of success you will get a significant income. 
  3. You can launch online casino advertising in social networks creating your groups and joining others. You will not see the results immediately but such advertising is reliable and almost free. 
  4. There is an option to buy casino traffic on advertising platform that suggests banners placing them on popular platforms. This method of online casino advertising is very efficient and according to specialists shows great results. In this case you should remember that the more banners you buy, the more gambling traffic you get. 

As for the banners, you need to pay more attention on this. Banner should reflect the essence of an offer, be bright, but not garish, be substantial but not overfilled with information. It is better to order design of flash banner design from professional that will do everything on the top level. 

It is important to note that before monetize online casino site you should analyze in details gambling market and define an advertising platform that will provide you with casino traffic. 

You can buy online casino traffic via various stock exchanges that offer content for site webmasters ordered from optimizers. Advertiser orders an article with the link for casino from stock exchange that gives it to copywriter and then sends to webmaster. He places content on his site receiving some fees for this. 

Dealing with online casino advertising you should remember that not all the sites are appropriate for this, and some of them are even harmful. Resources of bad quality can spoil your reputation for a long time that is why it is better to remove them immediately from your list. 

Responding the question about hot to promote online casino experts recommend to refer to affiliate programs that will help to choose advertising platform and buy casino traffic. 

Advertising Platform From Adwolf

Adwolf platform will help to promote online casino by placing media advertising on the sites of Russian platforms such as famous radio stations «Retro FM» and «Europa Plus», «Dorozhnoe FM» and «Radio 7 on seven hills», Chameleon and «Sport FM».

Only professionals deal with Adwolf tasks who are capable to promote online casino and arrange online casino site monetizing because only thanks to a high quality of their work company became an owner of exclusive rights for online advertising.

Adwolf started to deal with media advertising 7 years ago and achieved great results by increasing their audience up to 25 mln customers. 2012 was an example of advertising platform effectiveness when company employees produced about 2 thousand various projects. 

Advertising network «InFocus» created by Adwolf united platforms that accept advertising banners of certain dimensions. 

Targeting advertising became an important component of Adwolf activity. Only actual for user information is shown on the sites. The appearances can be distributed by following categories: resource location, age of users, sex, time of day.

So, if you are interested in gambling and you Google your request banners and articles themed on gambling will be shown on your screen. And if you search information in the evening you will see gambling venues advertising at this time. Therefore you can promote your online casino the same way with the help of Adwolf platform targeting.

Company is ready to place advertising in a full-screen format on the partners’ platforms or via mobile versions of radio stations sites – gambling traffic will be very effective. 

Today Russian radio portals such as tourist, automobile, sports, medical, etc. are used extensively. Besides, platform makes advertising projects to order considering customers’ preferences.

Main ways of media advertising presentation from Adwolf

These are banners in HTML5, images and video of size 240×400 pixels and more. Advertisers provide original materials in the format required by Adwolf. Specialists create advertising products on this basis that is placed later on the platforms shown to thousands of users. 

Advertising in the form of articles written to order and arranged according to client’s needs is very desirable. 

You can buy advertising platform developed by Adwolf from Online Casino Market. Their experts will explain you in details how to buy gambling traffic and will help to monetize gambling site.


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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023