EroAdvertising: How to Buy Casino Traffic?

EroAdvertising: How to Buy Casino Traffic?

Updated 10 february 2023

EroAdvertising is an advertising service that ensures permanent casino traffic for gambling business and provides innovative types of ads. The company was launched in 2006 in the industry of online advertising. Its head office is located in Netherlands. Each day the service provides about 2 bln views and multi-language support to the customers. Currently EroAdvertising counts around 15 thousand web-sites where you can buy casino traffic.

How to promote an online casino

EroAdvertising is focused only on online entertainment. Advertisers get access to targeted financially reliable audience, and the owners monetize their online business. Gambling site monetizing with EroAdvertising will enable to cooperate with reputable advertisers and get regular payments. 

Advertising platform from EroAdvertising can earn casino traffic both on global and local levels (for a certain country, region or city). Geo targeting is an irreplaceable option if you want to open casino again. 

EroAdvertising is considered one of the most fast-growing affiliate networks in Europe that provides geo targeting services. Thanks to EroAdvertising you can buy casino traffic at the entertainment resources and get a big number of leads of a good quality.

How to Promote an Online Casino With EroAdvertising

Advertising platform will help to buy casino traffic and support advertising solution for your product. From the first day experts will do everything possible to define the features of your business and production goals. This will ensure to develop successful campaign and maximize results. Casino and gambling traffic advertising will exceed your expectations. 

Main advertising features from EroAdvertising:

  • geo targeting settings. You can cover the audience from more than 200 countries; 
  • technological solutions that enable advertisers to use advanced advertising formats; 
  • team of experienced developers and account managers that analyze and support your advertising campaign;
  • transparent system that ensures to see a detailed statistics of advertising campaign and control ads. 

Online casino Advertising and its Types 

Unlike other services and advertising networks EroAdvertising offers a wide choice of ads formats: 

  • text;
  • banners;
  • Thumb (advertising via voting);
  • video advertising;
  • intratextual ads;
  • Page Peel Ads (bending corner of page);
  • Pop-Up and Pop-Under windows;
  • redirect;
  • full-page advertising;
  • mobile redirect;
  • TV redirect;
  • bumper for full screen. 

All these advertising formats can be selected according to your technical capabilities. You can use one or several formats for the same advertising campaign. Not only the number of changeovers is important in the ad statistics but also any interaction with it. These details allow to analyze advertising of online casino and define targeted audience so in future to buy more gambling traffic. 

EroAdvertising system offers 2 options of pricing for interaction with an ad:

  1. CPC – an amount paid by advertiser for a click on ad, means you pay for a new user on the site. Depending on the ad content, creative approach and platform for placement the price for a click can vary from several cents to dozens of dollars. 
  2. CPM – payment for views or for 1000 ads. This pricing method is effective if you want to know the feedback for your online casino ad. After this you can correct pricing and connect CPC. 

Mobile Online Casino Advertising

Special targeting settings can help to buy gambling traffic from portable devices. Advertising blocks will be displayed on mobile sites. Such gambling traffic will ensure cheap and targeted flow of visitors to online casino that is calculated according to CPA (cost per action). 

Online casino advertising is set on the basis of company goals and audience details. You can divide mobile gambling traffic and regular, analyse effectiveness upon special key indications.

There is an option available to define certain mobile operating systems, devices or Internet browsers: 

  • Opera Mini;
  • Palm;
  • PlayStation Portable;
  • iPhone;
  • iPod;
  • iPad;
  • Android;
  • BlackBerry;
  • SymbianOS;
  • Windows Mobile.

If your online casino is placed on mobile platform we would recommend you to buy Internet casino traffic through mobile advertising.

Online casino mobile advertising

Online Casino Site Monetizing

EroAdvertising offers profitable conditions to monetize gambling site. If you are ready to cooperate with the resources for adults you should use this advertising platform. 

Features of EroAdvertising system to monetize gambling site:

  • reliable payments monitoring; 
  • partnership with large world brands; 
  • following high ethic standards of Internet advertising; 
  • innovative tools of advertising campaign management; 
  • permanent technical support and regular communication with EroAdvertising managers. 

Cooperation with EroAdvertising will bring you an additional significant income. Company managers will be updating you about last news and will help you to manage EroAdvertising account. 

If one more editor (site owner) joins EroAdvertising per your recommendation you will earn 10% from service revenue. And you will get 1% of income if you invite an advertiser to EroAdvertising team.

Minimal payment to editors starts from EUR 10. This is a very loyal offer: you do not have to save big amounts on account to cash out. You can get weekly or monthly payments. Everything depends on how you set up your account. 

All transactions are processed via PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum or wire transfer. 

If you want to open casino and see perspectives in online casino advertising on the sites for adults you should choose gambling platform from EroAdvertising. 

Here you can buy gambling traffic for online casino from EroAdvertising. Besides, Online Casino Market offers to launch casino, drive traffic to online casino and monetize gambling site. 

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Updated 10 february 2023