Propeller Ads Media: Online Casino Advertising

Updated 10 february 2023

If you decided to buy online casino being an experienced specialist first of all you will think how to promote your online casino. This is absolutely correct train of thought since gambling traffic is the basis of successful work of any online gambling site. High attendance of the resource will provide the top position in search services. Besides, the number of visits will help to increase sales and get more income.

Propeller Ads Media: online casino advertising

Nowadays you can get organic gambling traffic through the SEO site optimization and SMM promotion in social networks. But this traffic will be organic only indirectly. You still have to invest in page promotion and the services of specialist in site optimization. Moreover, these methods do not guarantee a pure traffic and only targeted audience.

Experts from Propeller Ads Media know what is needed to do in this situation and how to promote your online casino on the competitive market. Advertising platform offers to buy casino traffic of a high quality. There is an option to monetize gambling site for the owners of big sites with high attendance.

Connect Propeller Ads Media tools at Online Casino Market to increase the traffic of your gambling business.

Propeller Ads Media and Online Casino Advertising

Company was launched in 2011. Thanks to a hard work of the team Propeller Ads Media became one of the most popular online marketing services that provides effective online casino advertising.

Offers from Propeller Ads Media are profitable for both webmasters (platforms that place the links) and advertisers. The network uses actual channels of traffic delivery, new formats of advertising and classic banners. The price for an action on the site of webmaster depends on the targeted audience. Advertiser can define by himself whether he has to pay for displaying or changeover.

Advertising platform is productive and universal and ensures an excellent online casino advertising.

Propeller Ads Media generates gambling traffic for online casino through the following channels:

  • Web. Your advertising campaign will be streamed on various web-sites around the world. 
  • In-app mobile advertising. Your ad can be viewed by users of mobile apps. 
  • Video content. Thousands of viewers will watch promo video for targeted audience on the sites of webmasters of premium class.

For Advertisers: How to Buy Casino Traffic

Propeller Ads Media increases brand strength and lead generation. Daily 100 mln users from 195 countries can view the ads. Advertising platform cooperates with 100 thousand platforms all over the world. You get loyal clients and subscribers thanks to Propeller Ads Media.

Tools that help to promote online casino:

  1. Advertising format settings. The number of conversions depends on visual format of ad. Advertising account of Propeller Ads Media offers the following formats: Oneclick (background mode), optimized mobile formats Mobile Interstitial and Dialog Ads, classic banners of various formats, direct links and video advertising. It bears reminding that all types of advertising can be adjusted for targeted audience. If you decided to buy casino traffic there is no need to pay for changeover of bad quality.
  2. Targeting system. Propeller Ads Media uses complex process algorithms that increase conversions profitability. You can indicate all possible parameters for targeting: location, languages, devices, operating system and many other important settings. Also you can regulate the periodicity of appearance and schedule on days of the week.
  3. Pricing and lead generation. Propeller Ads Media service suggests 5 payment methods for advertisers: CPI (installation fee), CPS (purchase fee), CPA (action fee), CPL (lead fee) and CPM (for 1000 appearances). We would recommend you to try CPM first in order to see the reaction of targeted audience on ad, and after this you can set up price for a certain action.

How to Monetize a Gambling Site

How to monetise a gambling site

Advertising no the site brings good income that may become the main source of revenue. If you worry that advertising will spoil an image of the site you can choose certain formats that will not irritate the users.

There is a good chance to become a partner of Propeller Ads Media regardless statistics of site visits.

Webmaster’s account activation is free and very simple. Advertising account will be connected to your email.

Propeller Ads Media does not make any condition. In parallel you can choose other platforms and promote online casino on competitive platforms. Besides, access to ads management on the site will be provided. If you do not like the advertising you can contact account support service and it will be blocked.

You have the right to request payment for advertising on your platform every month. Payments are processed through available around the world services: WebMoney, Payoneer, MasterCard, ePayments, EPESE and wire transfers.

Propeller Ads Media is a profitable service for those who want to open casino and drive traffic to online casino. It is also a perfect advertising platform to monetize gambling traffic and monetize gambling site. If you want to increase your income and conversions you should choose Propeller Ads Media.

You can buy casino traffic produced by Propeller Ads Media from Online Casino Market company by filling an online application. Their experts will advise you for free how to promote your online casino. If you still do not have your casino site you can place an order and experienced specialists will take care of it.

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Updated 10 february 2023