How to Open a Gaming Club in Pretoria with the Finest Amusement

Land-based solutions
16 march 2022

The goal of a businessman in a new country is to ensure his efforts are directed at assuring legality, popularity, and adequate workflow of a project. If a venturer wants to start a gaming club in Pretoria, these are the 3 pillars to look up to when preparing for the operational background.

Considering that the Republic of South Africa is a progressive country with a clear governmental vision of the future, there will be no problems founding a new brand here. Adapted regulative measures, high demand, and favourable working conditions make up a perfect environment for foreign investors.

Gaming club in Pretoria with the finest amusement

Online Casino Market has been keeping an eye on the locality with the emergence of the brand. Since then, our clients have successfully penetrated the sphere and created their ground gaming venues with proficient assistance.

Open a land-based casino in Pretoria by resorting to our team of experts and becoming a manager of a recognised facility.

Legislative Milestones of the Land-Based Casino Sphere in the African Destination

Unlike in many other states, it is possible to obtain an official working permit from the local commission. All pleas and disputes are resolved by the special board that operates through provincial boards. So, if an investor wants to set up a land-based casino business in Pretoria, he needs to contact Gauteng authorities.

Documents that shape up the gaming segment:

  • The National Act (1996) provisioned the key norms and standards throughout the state. It defined distinct notions and established the availability of 40 permits spread among the capes according to the liability.
  • The subsequent act repealed the bill of 1996 in 2004. It was aimed at providing additional uniform norms and standards for the land-based casino sector in Africa, improving the national board, and establishing the policy council.
  • Finally, the amendment act of 2008 was necessary to ensure the compliance of the sphere’s representatives with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, install strict preventative measures against crime, money laundering, terroristic, or related manifestations.

The lawful aspect of how to open a casino in Pretoria is well-elaborated by the governmental bodies. The executive capital of the RSA is prepared for housing foreign investors if they are ready to agree on the established prerequisites.

Online Casino Market has a dedicated juridical department that monitors all changes to the legislation. Even though the key norms remain stable, minor additions to the standards are made regularly. Order our professional assistance on how to open a gaming club in Pretoria and receive a wholesome theoretical and practical aid for assembling your venue.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Land-Based Casino in a Multimillion Destination?

Land-based casino in the African market: overall cost

The high demand for gaming amusement is traced throughout the RSA people. Being one of the most populous localities in the state, Pretoria requires quite a few clubs to quench the interest. Since there are only 2 major playing halls in the area, the competition is considered healthy from the perspective of the audience. The building cost is expected to reflect such a scarcity of facilities and will pleasantly surprise the investor.

The price list of opening a land-based casino in Pretoria:

  1. Registration of the company. Up to $100,000. The application fee in capes is different. On average, it is around $50,000. In Gauteng, the price varies at $30,000. Apart from that, the contributor will have to pay annual fees and taxes.
  2. The plot of land. Up to a million dollars if purchased; renting is possible. Time Square Casino is the most recognised venue in the neighbourhood. It is situated in the heart of the capital. The Carousel establishment is second by popularity but can be found outside the city. The price of land depends on the location, but it is not the key measurement of success.
  3. Building process. Up to half a million dollars. Casino land-based solutions typically require support by additional amenities. These are eating places and residential areas. Depending on the selected location, the investor might need to add these services to the construction process. Alternatively, it is possible to find a place with existing amenities and build nearby.
  4. Entertainment and administrative assets. Up to a million dollars. In order to start a land-based casino business, it is necessary to buy allocated equipment. The best modern analogues of fruit machines (cabinets) are elaborated by prestigious manufacturers alongside electronic tabletop pieces. Conventional furniture for card games and convenience can also be obtained from local market representatives.
  5. Staff, security, advertising, and other supportive elements. Around half a million dollars. For the smooth functioning of a land-based casino in the African neighbourhood, an operator has to recruit adequate employees, integrate a safety system, and grant brand recognition for a venue. The more resources are spent, the higher visitors’ satisfaction levels will be.

Overall, the cost of a fully functional establishment will be around $3 million. Order professional setup assistance at the aggregator Online Casino Market, cut expenses and reduce the preparation time.

Top Gaming Providers Offering to Buy Slot Machines in Pretoria

Slot machines in Pretoria: worthy providers

Big suppliers of recreational components, as well as programming assets for them, monitor the RSA sector persistently. Considering the increased popularity of the amusement, several corporations have been adjusting their content for the residents.

Suppliers to buy slot machines in Pretoria that are worth particular attention:


Proven recreation is a key to success in the gaming segment. Popular titles are quickly recognised by experienced and even novice punters.

Amatic adheres to this strategy and can boast of 100,000 African customers on average annually


The brand develops, manufactures, distributes, and maintains gaming machines and management systems for venues around the world.

Venturers who work on opening a gaming club in Africa expand awareness of responsible participation through quality content by the Konami


The content of the organisation is present in more than 70 countries globally. All equipment supplied to the RSA matches the global standards and local preferences.

The assortment of entertainment exceeds 200 distinct titles that include traditional tabletops as well as electronic variants for modern cabinets


Since the most efficient way to open a venue with slot machines in Pretoria is to collaborate with top brands, resorting to Greentube seems like a logical step.

The company has its components integrated into dozens of lounges in the area, so obtaining a recognised partner is extremely beneficial

The Main Things about Entering Pretorian Gaming Sector

With enough budget and a structured setup plan, an entrepreneur can elaborate a profound venue with a quick pay-off period. However, in order to ensure the reliability of the preparation, it is necessary to understand not only the background of the sphere but also keep in mind the latest nuances.

Essential aspects about opening a gaming club in the African executive metropolis:

  • Unlike in many other states, it is possible to obtain an official working permit from the local commission.
  • The 3 documents that have shaped up the gaming segment of the state are the National Acts of 1996, 2004, as well as the subsequent amendment of 2008.
  • The executive capital of the RSA is prepared for housing foreign investors if they are ready to agree on the established prerequisites.
  • How much does it cost to start a land-based casino in the area? Around 3 million dollars with thorough preparation.
  • The budget is mainly spent on the registration of the operation, obtaining the land, building facilities, getting the entertainment and administrative assets, as well as staff, security, advertising, and supportive elements.
  • Considering the increased popularity of the amusement, several brands have been adjusting their content for the residents, including Amatic, Konami, EGT, Greentube.

While the theoretical rundown is useful for a potential market entrant, experience in the build-up process is suggested. How to buy a venue with slot machines in Pretoria and ensure its smooth working process?

Contact Online Casino Market and ask for turnkey services to shape up the new brand on the highest level possible. Reach out to the managers for further inquiries.


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Karen Fill

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16 march 2022