The Recommendations on How to Open Gaming Clubs in Dodoma

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16 march 2022

Tanzania is one of the most developed and prospective countries in East Africa. If you are looking for a beneficial target market to work in the offline field, Online Casino Market recommends you to consider starting a gaming club in Dodoma.

Launching a land-based casino in Dodoma: African business

Read this article to learn about the features of the Tanzanian entertainment business and the specifics of launching a land-based casino in Africa.

The Features of the Gaming Industry in Tanzania

In this state, almost all areas and formats of gambling have been legalised since the beginning of the 90s. Tanzania is an excellent choice for operators wishing to work in both the land-based and internet sectors.

The following activities are common here:

  • sportsbook businesses;
  • slot machine clubs;
  • casino establishments;
  • lotteries, and others.

The entertainment sector is of great importance for Tanzania at the state level. Thanks to the work of land-based casino businesses in Dodoma, thousands of people have the opportunity to realise their professional potential and earn money for a living. According to 2019 data, more than 12 thousand citizens worked in casinos, gaming clubs, and other establishments.

The entertainment segment makes a significant contribution to the state budget. The money received from the land-based casinos in Dodoma is used to finance the social sphere, education, healthcare, and other essential areas.

Responsible Attitude to Gambling

The government of the country treats the issues of combating gambling addiction very conscientiously. The popularisation of the entertainment industry is accompanied by an active information campaign about the principles of responsible gaming.

At the state level, advertising of entertainment projects on television and radio during the daytime is prohibited. It is allowed to display such promotional materials only from 9 pm to 6 am.

It should be noted that the authorities have also banned sending SMS and e-mails with ads. Any promo campaign aimed at popularising casino land-based solutions must contain information about responsible gambling.

The Benefits of Opening Land-Based Casinos in Africa

Gaming club in Africa: benefits

Analysts noticed that the African region is showing impressive growth. Tanzania is one of the continent’s leaders in terms of the entertainment sector’s development.

Here are some reasons to open slot machines venues in Dodoma:

  1. Large population. More than 2 million citizens live in the Tanzanian metropolis. Most of the population are young people working in the capital. They have good incomes. Local visitors to entertainment venues demonstrate high activity and willingness to make frequent, rather big bets.
  2. The substantial influx of tourists. The sights and nature of the city attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. They stay in hotels and spend their free time in entertainment complexes.
  3. Loyal tax conditions. The Tanzanian authorities have created optimal terms for operators. Instead of introducing strict taxation conditions, politicians have focused on promoting the rules of responsible gaming.
  4. Easy licence acquisition. Getting a permit and opening a land-based casino in Dodoma is much easier than in European countries or the American market.
  5. Business scalability. After starting a land-based casino business in the capital, you can continue to develop your project in other major cities of the country. Moreover, you will be able to easily enter other regulated markets in the African continent. This region is very loyal to the gaming industry. In addition to Tanzania, you will be able to lawfully work in South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, and other countries.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Land-Based Casino Here?

To open a gaming club in Africa and reach a stable, high income, you need to think through each stage of your project’s development and calculate the expected costs. It is difficult to determine the approximate amount of costs required to implement a business. Everything depends on the scale of an establishment.

It is essential to consider such criteria:

The cost of a permit

Prices for different types of licences can vary significantly. It is crucial to study the detailed information regarding the desired licence before applying

The price of the rental

Be prepared for the fact that the cost of renting premises located in touristy and central areas of the city is quite high

The purchase of furniture and branding of a gaming club

Creating a unique, memorable style for an entertainment venue is also quite a costly process. However, this investment will quickly bring the desired result

The acquisition of gaming cabinets and software

Good equipment costs good money. Buy slot machines in Dodoma only from reputable, reliable suppliers and manufacturers

The launch of an advertising campaign

Effective promotional techniques will allow you to achieve a large influx of customers. To attract high-income consumers, organise special tournaments, super prize draws, launch loyalty and bonus programs

Where to Buy Slot Machines in Dodoma: The Most Requested Suppliers

Slot machines in Dodoma: most requested suppliers

The search for decent equipment and program components is a key task for an operator who wants to enter the Tanzanian market. How to buy slot machines in Dodoma? You can place an order for the purchase of gaming solutions on the Online Casino Market website.

Our team recommends considering offerings from such providers:


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The Main Things about Approaching Tanzania’s Market

The African continent is an ideal choice for operators wishing to gain an advantageous position in a stable, legal market. How to open a gaming club in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania?

It is crucial to follow these steps:

To find out how much does it cost to start land-based casinos and get useful information on other issues, please contact the representatives of Online Casino Market.

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16 march 2022