Effective Online Casino Marketing in Messengers: Things to Know

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07 december 2021

Representatives of the gambling industry actively use message systems to promote iGaming projects. The solution attracts solvent traffic, improves communication with regular customers, and expands the geography of users.

Online casino marketing: things to know

The Online Casino Market company offers to study the specifics of marketing in messengers. You can order a modern Telegram bot and other products from us to increase the conversion of online casinos.

The Most Popular Messaging Systems in the World

Messengers are browser programs (for PCs) and applications (for mobile devices) that allow users to instantly exchange digital content. These are text messages, audio and video recordings, phone calls, graphic elements (gifs, animations) and much more.

The most popular information exchange systems include:

Popular information exchange systems
WhatsApp (2+ billion active users according to Mediascope)
Facebook Messenger (1.3+ billion software installations via GooglePlay and AppStore online stores)
WeChat (1.2+ billion customers and absolute leadership in China and other Asian countries)
QQ (648 million users in Southeast Asia)
Telegram (500 million registered accounts and leadership in the CIS market)
Viber (260 million customers from Europe and the post-Soviet space)

Messengers provide a wide audience coverage from different parts of the world, which is very much appreciated in the field of marketing. Clothing, shoes, accessories, interior items, various services and, of course, gambling are advertised on social platforms.

Benefits of Casino Promotion in Messengers

Casinos in messengers: advertising

The undeniable advantages of using message chats include:

  1. Interaction with the target audience. Social networks host the main category of online casino players. These are gamers aged 18–34 who make good money and treat gambling as a leisure activity. Among the users of social platforms, generation Z dominates, as this is the most attractive group of gamblers in terms of conversion.
  2. Improving communication. Gamers are less likely to notice advertising posts and banners and are reluctant to respond to mailings via email. Therefore, direct interaction through instant messengers is becoming the fastest way to reach the audience. Clients like face-to-face communication in the form of correspondence, and direct calls from advertisers, on the contrary, cause irritation.
  3. Compliance with the global trend. In the world, 4.6+ billion people go online at least once a day. Users spend 2.5+ hours daily on instant messengers and social chats. Communication in message systems is becoming a global trend that should be used to promote online casinos.
  4. Legal advertising. It is much easier to promote gambling through social platforms than through popular search engines. Legitimate advertising is available on Telegram and Viber, and written permission from the administration is required to launch a marketing campaign on Facebook Messenger. The use of messaging systems expands the geography of gamblers, including clients from countries with an ambiguous attitude of the authorities toward the iGaming industry.
  5. Real-time communication. Artificial intelligence and Big Data algorithms used in message chats guarantee instant information exchange 24/7. The system processes terabytes of information without involving manual labour, which guarantees instant responses to millions of personal requests.
  6. Outpacing competitors. According to a Gartner Report study, 67% of gambling companies compete in the customer experience sector, and only 33% in terms of introducing innovative technologies. At the same time, by 2025, the cost of communication with the audience will increase by 80%. It is most reasonable to attract gamers today with the help of progressive marketing tools, which are message systems.

Features of Interaction with the Audience in Messengers

Social platforms provide good communication with customers at each of the four stages of the marketing funnel:

Attracting internet traffic

The struggle for new gamblers, as a rule, begins with the creation of virtual assistants based on instant messengers. Chatbots are designed to automate many routine processes, from publishing advertising messages to direct interaction with customers.

To attract the target audience, the following promotional tools are used:

  • direct mail to potential gamers;
  • placement of posts in the information feed;
  • publication of brief newsbreaks with direct links to go to the gambling site;
  • branded stickers and masks with augmented reality

Involvement and information

Operators offer a free game for virtual money (coins, tokens, chips) as a way to attract the target audience. This feature is implemented through built-in chatbots that support anonymous slot spins and card bets.

The client can also create thematic communities, conduct surveys, collect feedback and much more

Purchase conversion

To register, verify and make an initial deposit, gamblers do not need to go to third-party resources, for example, to the payment system page. All the functionality is collected in one place, which ensures a high conversion of online casinos

Retention and maintenance

Virtual assistants help in organising and conducting promotional campaigns.

The system performs the following actions automatically:

  • accrual of bonuses to new customers;
  • return of cashback for regular gamblers;
  • launch of multiplayer tournaments;
  • organisation of mini-quests and much more

Metrics for Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Chatbot Launch

The basic parameters that should be focused on when creating a virtual assistant for an online casino:

  • the number of new gamers (anonymous and verified) in numerical and percentage terms, their growth dynamics;
  • the proportion of active players (betting every day, every three days/week);
  • contacts with a virtual assistant without involving a call centre (relevant for multifunctional chatbots that work like playgrounds and simultaneously advise clients);
  • decrease in call centre load in terms of available communication methods — via email, direct calls, web chat on a gambling site;
  • an increase in the duration of a session with a chatbot (from short 2-minute pranks to full-fledged gaming sessions lasting 2–3 hours);
  • the number of delivered messages, their growth in absolute and relative terms;
  • conversion cost (the ratio between the number of attracted gamers and those clients who completed the target actions — made an initial deposit, re-registered, etc.).

Marketing through Messaging Systems: The Best Offers

Marketing through messaging systems

Now, we will consider which messengers are more appropriate to use to promote online casinos:


The social platform is suitable for attracting an audience from the CIS, moreover, it is the best basis for launching multifunctional chatbots. Virtual assistants interact with the target audience, advise clients, and serve as a full-fledged playground with support for bonus and payment programs.

In the fall of 2021, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, announced the creation of a special advertising environment based on the platform. Its main task is to launch full-scale marketing campaigns in the messenger


The messenger can boast the presence of a special WhatsApp Business API application.

The solution is implemented as a full-fledged software interface with a wide range of tools. The client can set up automatic mailing, connect financial aggregators, and integrate the product with the proprietary CRM system of the online casino


Business account holders can create gambling communities, set up quick automatic replies, download promotional stickers, and more.

The reporting system is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. In addition, on the basis of Viber, a personal chatbot can be created. A virtual assistant will increase casino internet traffic and business profitability

The Main Things about the Promotion of Online Casinos through Instant Messengers

The use of message systems is a modern method of promoting a gambling company without involving third-party resources — SEO tools, affiliated services, etc.

  • The advantages of promotion include better coverage of the target audience, high-quality communication with existing customers, legal advertising, real-time communication, staying ahead of competitors and compliance with global trends.
  • Message systems provide effective interaction with gamblers at each of the four stages of the marketing funnel. These are online traffic arbitrage, engagement, conversion to purchase and retention of valuable customers.
  • Messengers popular with the Russian-speaking audience include Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber. It is advisable to set up advertising campaigns through WeChat and QQ for operators targeting Asian countries. Facebook Messenger is suitable for communication with gamers in North American and European markets.

At Online Casino Market, you can order the creation of a fully functional Telegram bot. We also organise effective marketing campaigns involving audiences from WhatsApp, Viber and other popular messengers.

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