Alpha Casino Fraud Protection: Solutions for iGaming Projects

Alpha Casino Fraud Protection: Solutions for iGaming Projects

Updated 10 february 2023

The problem of ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation of gambling resources is extremely relevant today. General computerization of the gambling industry and an increase in profits of business owners led to this situation. The turnover growth caused the emergence of lots of scammers who want to make money, conducting illegal operations.

Given the above facts, it becomes obvious that the integration of security software is an excellent solution for operators.

Alpha casino protection software

Online Casino Market recommends entrepreneurs to connect Alpha software to protect their casinos. This universal product with advanced functionality can be ordered from our company.

Сharacteristics of Alpha Casino Protection Software

Alpha casino security software is a key product of the developer's assortment.

Security and Fraud products are reliable and cost-effective. They can help the operator concentrate on long-term prospects (business expansion, entering international markets). Casino fraud protection from Alpha allows operators to achieve these goals because all the basic processes are well thought out by the manufacturer.

To improve casino fraud protection, Alpha is constantly looking for new technologies and methods. The brand is using innovative tools and protocols to provide convenient, rational, and effective protection of gambling projects.

Security and Fraud

Alpha casino security software is based on a multi-tasking business process. Thanks to this, several functional centres are applied for Alpha ID verification for casinos at the same time. Let us consider them in more detail.



Security Assessment

To ensure casino security, software from Alpha Protection applies a consistent risk assessment system.

Specialized tools monitor safety indicators, comparing them with strict performance standards. Any problems identified during this process are fixed immediately

Integrated Security System

It is characterised by the use of the latest intercom solutions and access control systems, as well as backup programs, secure web gateways, API integration, and other IT products

Payments Risk Management

The task of this multidisciplinary unit is to control external and internal transactions within the framework of the gaming platform. Payments are checked for legality, risk, fraud or money laundering

User Verification

Convenient Alpha ID verification for casinos protects the personal data of users and makes unauthorized third-party access impossible

Global Support

Technical support service provides high-quality round-the-clock counselling

Thus, Alpha casino security software is the most well-through-out and efficient product. A complex approach is applied to the problem of gambling website reliability. Emerging issues are considered in relation to the general structure of the gaming platform. Therefore, illegal interference is impossible.

Payments Risk Management

Security and fraud: payments risk management

To guarantee casino fraud protection, Alpha developers created a separate Payments Risk Management block. It is included in the Security and Fraud package. This tool performs the following tasks:

  • Analysis of each transaction. It allows operators to predict the percentage of danger or safety of payments (from 0.1 to 100%).
  • Automation of money transfer verification. The administrator has the right to choose manual verification of payments or use automatic scanning. As a rule, businessmen focus on the sum. Each financial operation exceeding $100 should be checked in manual mode.
  • Security level adjustment. It is based on modelling well-known and common patterns of fraud and behaviour of attackers.
  • Tracking a fair distribution of rewards. Many loyalty programs imply good welcome bonuses to all users. That is why some fraudsters organize mass registration on the website to launder money. Risk Management instruments detect suspicious activity and block it instantly.
  • Combating multi-accounting. One user can create several accounts to gain an advantage during a game or tournament. This scheme can be detected using Alpha casino protection software.

How to Connect Casino Verification from Alpha Protection

Casino verification from Alpha Protection

The full-fledged operation of a gambling resource is impossible without a detailed check of its users. ID verification for casinos from Alpha can cope with these tasks perfectly. It is part of the Security and Fraud package. The tool is aimed at improving the protection of the service.

You can connect verification for casinos from Alpha in two ways:

  1. The system carries out verification during the initial registration of the gamer.
  2. The user's activity is monitored when making the first payment on the slot machine website (depositing, withdrawals, transferring money to another account).

As for the verification methods, the operator has the right to use different techniques and instruments. Identification using documents with photos, the use of SMS or voice notifications, and authentication based on the user's personal data are the most popular options.

It is also worth buying and connecting verification for casinos from Alpha because it controls the access of minors to the gaming site. A violation of this rule threatens with loss of license for operators in many jurisdictions. Security and Fraud can help businessmen work within the framework of the law.


Alpha Protection is a manufacturer of high-tech software for the iGaming industry. Customers can play their favourite slots without worrying about the confidentiality of their personal data. This peculiarity can increase the user traffic of the online casino and bring decent profits for the operator.

Security and Fraud tools will allow you to:

  • conduct a comprehensive risk information security assessment of your gambling resource;
  • analyse the safety of transactions;
  • set up multi-level identification of all gamers;
  • get professional support on all issues related to technical maintenance of the system.

You can connect Alpha software to protect the casino by contacting Online Casino Market. The integration of the product will take just a few minutes, thanks to the progressive API technology.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023