Arxan Casino Fraud Protection Software — the Perfect Solution for Your Business

Arxan Casino Fraud Protection Software — the Perfect Solution for Your Business

Updated 10 february 2023

Millions of gamblers all over the world prefer to play slot machines on the Internet, bringing a good income to casino owners. But the number of fraudulent schemes is also increasing significantly because the high profitability of iGaming is obvious.

Arxan casino fraud protection software

To protect your business from the hacker attacks, you can order additional software from Arxan Technologies Inc. Specialists of Online Casino Market will be glad to help you to install this software. Just leave an application on our website, and we will contact you at the earliest possible time.

Brief Overview of the Company

Arxan Technologies Inc is an international technology company that deals with the creation of innovative solutions for the provision of data safety, which are widely used for the protection of confidentiality and integrity of applications from exposure of a dangerous code (replacement, modification), reverse engineering, and other types of hacker attacks.

This brand was established in 2001, and it has immediately set its sights on the creation of Arxan casino security software that protects websites against unauthorised interference. All developments have received a license from the prestigious Purdue University.

The manufacturer has over 500 thousand employees. Headquarters of the firm is located in the city of San Francisco (California, USA), and its branches are situated in the UK, France, Sweden, Japan, and South Korea.

A Great Choice of Innovative Products

These solutions are actively used in such industries as mobile application development, banking, medicine, IT, e-commerce, automotive, and gambling.

All products can be divided into 2 types:

  • Arxan Code Protection — special software for the protection of mobile, desktop, and server platforms. The patented technology consists of a multi-level network of software elements. Each of them performs a specific security task and is embedded in binary system files.
  • Arxan Cryptographic Key & Data Protection — innovative Arxan casino protection software that guarantees the safety of private keys and data that uses cryptography features. Special algorithms and functions are the “engine” of the software, and their aim is to protect confidential keys and information in operating niches.

Features of the Arxan Casino Security Software

Arxan casino security software

Arxan casino fraud protection can be named among the main products in the brand’s arsenal. The firm closely monitors all changes in the iGaming field and, on the basis of the received data, creates and modifies high-quality software with advanced functionality.

To ensure maximum security, Arxan uses complex multi-level processes. They are based on 3 main options: protect, detect, and respond.

Arxan casino fraud protection software prevents fraudsters from doing the following things:

  1. Illegal installation of malware into the application.
  2. Intervention in order to deactivate defence mechanisms and structures (verification, encryption, antivirus, privacy policy, etc.).
  3. Theft of cryptographic keys.
  4. Piracy or illegal use of the intellectual property.
  5. Illegal reverse engineering based on the experience of the application owner.
  6. The capture of other people's accounts in order to steal personal data and money of users.

At the same time, the aim of the Arxan casino security software is to ensure the reliability of mostly mobile gambling. This approach is not surprising. As you know, mobile gambling brings the lion's share of revenues of the industry, and, according to specialists, the profit from mobile online casinos will continue increasing.

Arxan Code Protection: Responsibility Centres

It is a multi-tasking product that consists of many effective components. Let us consider them in more detail:



Arxan Enterprise Solution

Adaptive protection of apps and data that prevents unauthorised access, theft of IP addresses, and reverse engineering

Threat Analytics

To guarantee casino security, Arxan uses detailed real-time analytics and analysis of potential threats

User Authentication

The system for Arxan id verification for a casino allows operators to identify each gambler and block access to the gambling establishment for cybercriminals

Enterprise Customer Success

A set of additional services that were developed taking into account the individual needs of each enterprise. It includes round-the-clock support, legal and financial consulting, and marketing support

Different responsibility centres perform different tasks but all of them are aimed at ensuring the reliability and security of online casinos. Operators can concentrate on strategic issues (business scaling, international expansion), and Arxan Technologies Inc will deal with all the basic processes.

Arxan Enterprise Solution

The brand’s product range offers comprehensive protection against any threats to online casinos. To guarantee the security of the gambling club, Arxan uses an innovative approach and modern technologies in the field of IT developments. Here are some of them:

  • Data Protection — adaptive data protection (application binary code, JavaScript, and cryptographic keys).
  • IP Security — the creation of a secure communication channel between the server equipment that keeps the online casino hosting and local devices (gadgets, desktop computers).
  • API integration. To connect Arxan software to protect the casino, you do not need to change the source code and break the software development life cycle (SDLC). The integration takes place in just a few minutes, which is extremely convenient for operators.

Threat Analytics

This is an integrated monitoring service that is responsible for the timely review of the status of protected applications.

Analytics of potential threats seamlessly is consistent with all Arxan solutions. It provides relevant information from the moment of downloading the online casino application and throughout its activity.

In Threat Analytics, you can create various analytical tables and summaries, as well as financial, operational, and statistical reports. The information on current Internet traffic is also presented in a convenient format.

How to Connect Arxan Id Verification for a Casino

Arxan id verification for a casino

User Authentication is a universal verification system, which helps casino owners to identify users of the platform and protect it from fraudsters.

There are 2 ways to connect Arxan verification for the casino:

  1. During the registration or login of users to their account on a gambling resource.
  2. During the first and subsequent transactions (deposit or withdrawal of the earned funds and transfer of money to another account).

The Arxan verification system checks the passport data of gamblers, as well as their ID cards, bank statements, rent bills, and utilities.

Operators can request SMS or voice verification of players. All these parameters can be easily configured, and it is also possible to connect Arxan verification for the casino.

Enterprise Customer Success

We recommend operators to buy the Arxan casino security software also because the brand offers a good package of additional services:

  • Apperian App Management — a special platform through which companies develop their mobile applications and manage the secure distribution for primary testing carried out by users.
  • Technical Support — round-the-clock technical support at all stages of interaction with customers that is available at the stages of testing, debugging, and implementation of the software.
  • Consulting — financial, legal, and marketing consulting the aim of which is to optimise business processes in online casinos.


Arxan Technologies Inc is a successful brand that presents complex solutions for the security of gambling resources.

Among the offers of the developer, we can name the following:

  1. A well-thought-out system to protect the casino from unauthorised access, piracy, hacking, the installation of malicious code, and theft of intellectual property (IP).
  2. A flexible analytical module, thanks to which you can quickly generate the requested reports, summaries, and tables.
  3. The identification system for gamblers at all stages of interaction with a resource.
  4. Many additional services, such as technical support, and an adapted platform for the initial testing of any slot machine for security.

You can easily connect Arxan software to protect the casino with the help of Online Casino Market.

Managers of the company will be glad to tell you more about the best iGaming solutions. Contact details:

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Updated 10 february 2023