iovation Casino Fraud Protection Software: Buy at Online Casino Market

iovation Casino Fraud Protection Software: Buy at Online Casino Market

Updated 10 february 2023

The iovation (TransUnion Company) brand was founded with a clear and understandable purpose for making the Network the most secure place for doing business. The manufacturer has been achieving this goal since 2004 and today, he has the largest and most accurate database about the reputation of various brands and cryptographically secure multi-level identification methods.

Casino fraud protection software: iovation

iovation Casino Security in Numbers:

  • 54 billion secure transactions;
  • 83 million accounts of fraud;
  • 700 thousand cases of prevention of suspicious transactions every day.

You can always connect iovation software to protect the casino by ordering it from Online Casino Market. Our team of specialists will select the best solutions for your gambling project.

iovation Casino Security: Catalogue of Offers

Let us tell you about the iovation casino security software that has already gained the confidence of thousands of customers all over the world:

Anti-Fraud Tools

They include:

  1. FraundForce. The system automatically evaluates the related accounts and the history of devices for suspicious activity.
  2. SureScore. An artificial neural network that tracks transactions and patterns of behaviour that can predict fraud.

Identity Authentication Technologies

The product consists of:

  1. ClearKey. The decision to connect iovation verification for casino makes it possible to register secure user devices and enter them into personal accounts. The tools allow operators to identify such aspects as incompliance of geolocation and personal data, anonymous proxies, and the use of other methods of evading identification.
  2. LaunchKey. The main task of the product is to ensure personalised interaction with each client and reduce the time of re-identification.

Complex protection involves the recognition of unauthorised actions before the launch of the slot machine and receiving a request for the withdrawal of funds.

The service can provide operators of gaming sites with the following information:

  • on one device, several different login accounts are used;
  • several devices are used to sign into one account;
  • history of the device contains information on suspicious actions;
  • the device is connected with other gadgets and accounts that have a bad reputation on casino websites;
  • change of geolocation;
  • abuse of the chat of a gambling platform, the established limits, and other standards of the security policy that are in force on the website.

iovation Casino Security Software: Fight Against Fraud

Casino security software from iovation

The developer has offered a unique system for detecting suspicious actions, which can find dishonest users even at the stage of connecting the device to the gaming site.

Having decided to connect iovation software to protect the casino, operators can solve the following problems:

The capture of the account

The service is responsible for authentication, authorisation in the gaming system, and control of the actions of users

Application fraud

The component helps to improve competing requirements in the matters related to the fight against fraud with the help of uninterrupted, prompt, and high-quality customer service

Overindulgence with bonuses

The aim of the iovation casino protection software is to cooperate with new accounts and the VIP segment

Operation with credit cards

Control over the increase in false rejections of transactions, reviews, and unauthorised changes in credit limits

Fraud connected with the absence of bank cards

This is one of the components of the user authentication service. The task of the program is to identify inconsistencies in the provided bank statements

An unpredictable threat

iovation casino security software allows you to predict any risks and improve the quality of services. A special feature of the product is a unique combination of human intelligence and artificial neural networks

Debts in the casino

The aim of the service is to analyse the credit history of users and create optimal loyalty systems and interaction with the platform

Interaction with mobile services

A separate block of software components for the notification of suspicious activities conducted via personal gadgets

Violations of promotional programs

A set of tools for the creation of new accounts and stimulation of users with a good reputation

“Synthetic” identification

iovation id verification for the casino is able to recognise any combination of real and fake information to form new identifiers

Connect Verification for a Casino: iovation

Connect verification for a casino: iovation

The service is a set of software components, the aim of which is to identify unscrupulous users even at the stage of their authorisation on the gambling portal.

iovation id verification for casino offers these tools:

Adaptive components

The service offers 2 formats of the iovation id verification for the casino:

  • biometrics and documentary evidence of personal data (for the points with a high level of risk);
  • one-touch log in (for access to the elements of a low-risk gambling website)

Mobile multi-level access confirmation

iovation casino security software allows you to “attach” personal gadgets to the gambling system. The advantage of such a choice is the ability to control the login parameters regardless of the current location of the client

Identity authentication on the basis of statistical risks

The service allows you to protect a “good” audience from regular verifications — customers with a positive reputation can play and withdraw money using a simplified identification system

Two-step verification

This is a set of standard parameters that guarantee the reliability of the connection and does not require significant time expenditures from customers

It is very easy to install the iovation casino fraud protection software: just contact the managers of Online Casino Market.


The iovation casino fraud protection software is a good way to protect your gambling service from any unauthorised actions. A unique feature of all solutions of the brand is the ability to minimise risks even at the stage of registration of users and each new login.

Online Casino Market can help you with the connection of verification for a casino from iovation and purchase of other products of this company. To place an order, you will need no more than a couple of minutes: just leave an application to our employees and describe your wishes.

Advantages of working with Online Casino Market:

  • prompt technical and legal support;
  • ability to buy or rent gambling products and other software on beneficial terms;
  • guarantee of confidentiality;
  • free updates of the gaming system and access to the latest releases on the gambling market.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023