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Updated 10 february 2023

The Featurespace brand is a project of a professor of the Cambridge University and his graduate assistant. Researchers from various spheres (such as data and computer science) have established a goal to teach machines to perform actions and form logic chains like a person.

Featurespace casino security

As a result, adaptive behaviour analytics technology appeared. On its basis, one of the first systems capable of “getting around” fraudulent attacks was created in 2008.

Featurespace Casino Security in Numbers:

  • 500 million consumers were protected from financial risks;
  • 75% of fraudulent attacks are blocked at the first stages of interaction with the Network;
  • 50.4 billion processed events annually;
  • 75% of cases of the reduction of false blockings.

The Featurespace casino security software is a unique set of 7 computer-aided learning solutions. Analytical services are tooled for identifying suspicious actions and recognising the loyalty of the audience.

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Featurespace Adaptive Behavioural Analytics System

The Featurespace id verification for a casino is a unique product that can provide operators with the protection at the first stages of interaction with new users. Moreover, the service is constantly being modernised and improved, and the process of self-training takes place in real-time.

Another feature is that you can connect Featurespace software to protect the casino not only for the purpose of controlling the actions of gamblers. The product does an excellent job of assessing and monitoring the reputation of potential partners and service providers (software vendors, designers, and the hired staff).

Featurespace casino fraud protection software has the following advantages:

  • process continuity and the operation of the service in real-time;
  • constant training of the system;
  • ability to launch without a test database (tools can be used on current accounts and affiliate networks because the analytical database builds an algorithm of actions automatically);
  • versatility (the software solution is adapted to monitoring of any financial interactions on the Internet).

Having decided to connect Featurespace verification for a casino, the owner of a gaming site receives a unique product that requires only primary setting up. The work of the system is designed in such a way as to minimize the interference — operators will only need to view the information provided by the program and make final decisions that are related to the identified “anomalies”.

Featurespace Casino Security Software: Tools of the System

Featurespace casino security software

The manufacturer is constantly improving his development — training of the machine network shows incredible results. Today, Featurespace casino security software is represented by the following solutions:

Analytics and Accounting

The toolbox includes a standard user interface, as well as dashboards for risks, productivity, and analytics of the business performance. The advantage of the solution is a convenient interface with the option of visualising tables.

Investigation and Alert Tools

The Featurespace casino fraud protection software offers operators the following opportunities:

  1. Multilanguage. The interface of the system can be translated into any language.
  2. The flow of documents. User services provide the easiest and fastest access to the internal documentation of the platform.
  3. Network intelligence. The aim of the tool is to study the related accounts and identify potential unfavourable customers.
  4. Adaptive behavioural biometry. Featurespace id verification for casino allows you to analyse the reaction of the audience and detect abnormal activity, including phishing attacks, the capture of the existing accounts, and the use of malicious software.
  5. Management of customer groups. This tool allows you to create unique groups and build your own hierarchy of users. Features of the Featurespace casino security system: database for 100 thousand customers and the ability to process up to 10 thousand events per second.

Connect Featurespace Verification for a Casino: Products

Featurespace verification for a casino

The developer offers casino owners to indemnify the online business from unauthorised actions with the help of the following solutions:

Fight against fraud with bank cards

Features of the tool:

  • identification of new methods of fraud in real-time;
  • quantity reduction of false alerts and blocking of transactions;
  • automatic adaptation of the system in order to minimise manual control;
  • study of the behaviour of special clients (for the VIP segment)

Interaction with applications

Featurespace casino protection software allows you to track the activity and behaviour of customers from the beginning of filing an application for the registration.

The risk evaluation of a new player takes place individually.

The main task of the project is to work with an audience that chooses to use mobile platforms to play their favourite slot machine

Prevention of fraud with payments

The Featurespace id verification for a casino is adapted to work with the largest financial services (SWIFT payments, ACH, API, Faster Payments, Zelle, and others)

This development automatically detects the following types of unauthorised actions:

  • the capture of an account;
  • provision of the information during the application filing for the registration of an account;
  • use of malicious software;
  • other types of fraud

Interaction with the seller (affiliate network management)

The aim of the product is to prevent unauthorised actions of service providers. The tasks of the system are the identification of new accounts, monitoring of the reserves, creation of a single database of current payment events

Anti-money laundering

This is a new product of the brand, the main task of which is to monitor the behaviour of those customers who prefer to place high-stakes bets.

Features of the tool:

  • monitoring of the player’s actions on the basis of the information from his profile;
  • the priority of notifications (processing of actions with large amounts is in the first place);
  • prediction of future threats (prediction of the behaviour of customers based on their current activity and test information)


The decision to connect Featurespace verification for the casino is a good way to indemnify the project and identify possible unauthorised actions even at the stage of registration of new users.

From Online Casino Market, you can buy or rent the gambling software or order the development of exclusive gambling solutions. Our team of specialists is ready to join the work at any stage of project implementation — from the development of step-by-step instructions for beginning investors to the promotion of already existing websites in the international arena.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023