Casino Fraud Protection from 4Stop: Powerful Solutions with a Single Integration Protocol

Updated 10 february 2023

The company 4Stop has been working in the gambling market for over ten years. During this time, the manufacturer managed to create a unique technology to combat online fraud and make about 700 successful integrations.

According to the developers, their product is similar to the DNA code, and any missing element of the "chain" can be integrated into a running system.

4Stop casino security services

4Stop casino security services cover the following areas:

  • monitoring compliance with international standards;
  • the global system of ID verification for casinos from 4Stop;
  • data analysis and processing in a real-time format.

You can find out details and connect casino security software from 4Stop on favourable terms from Online Casino Market. You just need to leave a request and inform the manager about your wishes. Other tasks will be performed by our team. We take responsibility for all the technical nuances and guarantee loyal prices, good discounts, and bonuses for regular customers.

The Benefits of 4Stop Casino Security Software

The developer offers its customers a unique product with extensive individual settings.

Casino security from 4Stop has the following advantages:

  1. Increasing user value. The system is not only detecting "anomalies" in the behaviour of gamblers. It also allows you to re-process false results to improve the parameters of interaction with the audience.
  2. Business templates. The operator can create user-profiles and various gaming market layouts. Moreover, the option of combining the entered data into a complex network is available to users. Having decided to connect 4Stop software to protect the casino, the owner of the gambling website receives a convenient and powerful tool for predicting risks.
  3. Modernization. System tools can be activated in the shortest possible time without any restrictions. Besides, the company offers a data processing service from the team of independent specialists.
  4. Versatility. The product is relevant for online businesses of any format (direct sales or providing related services, such as banking systems or virtual payment methods support).
  5. Security. Casino security software from 4Stop runs in a PCI-compatible data centre. Using and storing services comply with US and EU protocols. To interact with the system, the HTTPS TLS 1.2 protocol is used.

How to Connect Verification for Casinos from 4Stop: The Assortment of Solutions

Verification for casinos from 4Stop

The developer proposes a wide range of tools and services designed to secure the game process and financial flows of the gambling website.

Having decided to connect 4Stop software to protect the casino, the operator gets access to the following services:

The system of ID verification for casinos from 4Stop with the use of KYC technologies

The features of the service:

  • biometric identification;
  • authentication;
  • checking the reputation of the email source;
  • telephony verification;
  • monitoring of geolocation compliance (IP-address location);
  • conformity assessment of the device identifier;
  • global confirmation of the user's address;
  • personalized blacklists;
  • modelling the actions of players on a behavioural level, etc.

Regulatory compliance

The system allows the operator to check customers' accounts according to sanction lists. Moreover, an expert assessment option is available for customers who connected verification for casinos from 4Stop.

Information is provided to the customer in the form of report tables

Contacts with suppliers

Casino protection software from 4Stop will allow you to cooperate directly with suppliers through a unique interface

Advanced monitoring features

The user gets the opportunity to speed up the process of viewing and exchanging messages.

The characteristics of the product:

  • ticker bar for monitoring events in a real-time format;
  • integrated analytical tools;
  • creation of reporting tables in one click;
  • multi-level individual interface settings;
  • personalized notification signals;
  • ordering information regardless of the scope of the enterprise

Fraud prevention

Software for casino fraud protection from 4Stop includes the following options:

  • automatic system routing signals;
  • machine-learning;
  • account profiling;
  • associative logic;
  • individual blacklist settings.

The maximum automation of internal processes plays the most important role in 4Stop casino fraud protection. Possibility of human error is minimized thanks to unique protocols

Independent expert services

The system of ID verification for casinos from 4Stop involves close interaction with the company staff. The developer provides comprehensive support and round-the-clock access to personal managers


Casino fraud protection from 4Stop

Casino fraud protection from 4Stop provides the security of online projectі in a real-time format. Services of this developer protect operators of gambling platforms at all stages of their work (from checking new accounts to assessing the reliability of gambling product suppliers and monitoring financial transactions of any volume).

You can connect 4Stop verification for casinos in just two clicks. Just leave a request to Online Casino Market managers. We are constantly updating our assortment of solutions and offer our customers to buy or rent the best products from leading manufacturers.

The range of software includes products for gambling projects of any format, from traditional slot machine websites to unique mobile applications and Bitcoin casinos.

Your service will reach an entirely new level and bring you a lot of money with the help of Online Casino Market! We guarantee confidentiality, high quality, free system updates, legal operation, and flexible discount systems.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023