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Updated 10 february 2023

Today we are going to talk about a well-known brand, which is a part of the holding involved in the development of live casino software. This brand first appeared in 2002 in Italy. Its current expansion became the reason why the firm, among the main department in Lecce, has opened its office in Lamezia Terme, and its corporate governance is performed from Malta.

Development of live casino software by Wirex

All tasks of Wirex are clearly defined among departments. Employees who works in Lecce are involved in administrative issues, software development and the provision of technical support.

The subdivision in Lamezia Terme is connected with more creative aspect of the brand’s activity. Here clients can meet the Development Director to resolve issues of partnership and promotion.

The Maltese office is a strategically important location of the company, because it represents the whole world gambling and casino market.

Currently, Wirex is forging relationships with customers in Spain and Greece. One of its aims is to supply live casino software to the Asian market, especially Indian. 

Live Casino Platform From Wirex

Online casino system from Wirex is quite new. The main sector of the company is live casino software. But according to its style and philosophy Wirex also creates classic gaming software. This module was integrated into the gaming system as a third-party product for other Wirex platforms.


This live casino platform fully supports the format HTML5. All rates are displayed for a casino operator in real time, and also it is possible to see detailed players’ statistics. Using the Wirex system, clients of the company can add slot machines, RNG games and betting services in their casinos.

Wirex continues to work on its collection of slot machines. The online casino software provider has already created about 50 games. Among the advantages of these slots we can name custom settings. For example, in these games players are able to choose the color of the table or to add some visual elements.

Operators can integrate all Wirex slots in one lobby, where users will be able to see 12 games simultaneously. For convenience, links of each slot are showed in the browser’s window. Thus, players can quickly switch from one slot machine to another.

After a while the company will have a colorful and diversified portfolio of slot machines. But it strongest point was always the creation of live dealer casino software.

Live Dealer Casino Games From Wirex

Casino platform with live dealer by Wirex

The company offers its clients an exclusive product. Its live casino platform includes 3 main games: roulette, baccarat (Punto Banco) and blackjack. An atmosphere of a real gambling club is created with the help of sophisticated computer graphics, camera systems and the best equipment. But that is not all.

The main feature of Wirex studios is the presence of real players. Wirex is not a sterile studio with a beautiful picture: this is a full-fledged casino with a real passion!

Games are broadcasted in online mode, and special optical sensors collect information and display it to the user’s screen. 

The roulette interface was developed by the best manufacturers in the field of gambling – Cammegh Ltd (UK) and Abbiati (Italy).

All this technological variety puts player into realistic gaming environment. This experience is much more interesting than just playing in usual online casinos.

According to projections of the company’s Development Director online casinos with live dealers will become popular very soon. The brand’s representative said that its live casino platform amazes even those who are skeptical about the honesty of such form of gambling on the Internet.

Today the described live casino platform is installed in 3 largest casinos of the world in Venice, Portomaso and Malta.

This platform can be fully adapted to the requirements of online casino operators. Each company can determine and set the table, the amount of rates and other parameters of the game.

The characterized gaming solution will help not only major casinos, but also new projects, which appear in the market. Besides, the system will provide land-based casinos with an opportunity to expand their audience and invite players from all over the world. This technological step will allow all casinos to keep up with the progress.

It is very important for online casinos to maintain the gaming content and to enhance gaming experience of their loyal customers. Live casino with professional dealers is a ticket to the success.

Wirex Live Dealer Casino Games

  • Roulette

This gambling product is broadcasted from the casino Portomaso & Oracle. Players can also visit the roulette studio in Portomaso or play autoroulette through a slot machine.

  • Blackjack

It is broadcasted both from a real casino and from the studio in Portomaso. There are seven seats in front of the table. The game is played according to the rules of classic blackjack.

  • Baccarat

It is broadcasted from a real casino, and it is played in accordance with classical rules of baccarat.

Wirex has recently launched interesting entertaining live casino software Nudgets. This service can choose for players a lucky day, table, game, dealer and even numbers on the roulette wheel. It is a bit similar to the sphere with predictions, but all prognoses are based on users’ data and on the theory of probability. Perhaps Wednesday is the best day for number 12 on the roulette wheel? Some believe and some do not, but this service really attracts customers to play in the gambling establishment.


Betting Platform

Software which was created to enable people to place bets is also presented in the Wirex system. Operators can customize all necessary components, to add any kind of sports and tournaments. With the help of betting online casino software it is possible to accept bets not only before the game, but also during the tournament.

The central module of the Wirex system is a Players Platform. This module gives operators full control over the gaming process. The cabinet administrator can monitor the actions of each player. Users’ data, financial transactions, chats between operators and customers – all this is integrated into the platform. The control cabinet is very user-friendly and is available in several languages.

For those clients who have an Italian license the systems member account is certified in accordance with the PGAD protocol. Furthermore, the system is under the control of competent authorities of Malta, Greece and the UK.

In February 2017 Wirex has launched a cloud service Gaming Platform Cloud (GPC), which provides flexibility, simplicity and efficiency of the components of online casinos.

GPC was created in accordance with the latest achievements of cloud computing, which greatly reduces expenses for the information technology infrastructure. All this helps to hold and process data in a short period of time.

Wirex works with the best companies that specialize in data processing: Oracle, VMWare and Nutanix. These technologies are certified and meet the requirements of most countries. Therefore, working with Wirex, you remove from yourself the burden of technical and bureaucratic problems.

Despite the fact that Wirex is associated only with high-quality live casino software, the variety of software and services is growing every day. Now you know where to look for an ideal supplier, who will deliver first-class online casino software and will always generate exclusive solutions for your business.

If you want to buy live dealer casino software from Wirex, we suggest you to contact Online Casino Market. Also if you have any questions in the matter of a creation of online gambling establishments, specialists of this company will be glad to help you.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023