Global Gaming Labs: Live Dealer Casino Software

Global Gaming Labs: Live Dealer Casino Software

Updated 10 february 2023

Nowadays online casino is extremely popular everywhere. Now users from any access point can fly in the atmosphere of a real gaming venue, have fun chatting with live dealers and play some card game. 

The game process is streamed on PC or phone through several cameras. The game play is attractive: there is no random numbers source working on mathematically based algorithm. Dealer throws the ball or chooses a card so there is no place for a fraud. 

Online casino users note that such format is much more interesting than online casino. Chatting with live dealers, feedback, the sense of reality invite users to spend more time playing the game.

Here is one more psychological feature: user cannot see other visitors. This ensures positive atmosphere during the game as user does not notice failures or wins of other players. User behaves in a natural manner and feels comfortable when talking to a dealer. 

About the Company

Global Gaming Labs was established in 2002 in Central America. The founders set up the goal to become the best supplier of online casino software and finally reached huge success in live casino industry. They were the first who launched Full HD Internet casino, integrated double camera in online roulette and developed technology that allowed to come back to game without data loss if disconnected. Beside, company implemented MultiGame interface that provides an opportunity to take part in three games at one time. 

Live dealer casino software of a good quality may solve any technical problem. Developers from Global Gaming Labs focus on the software for these kinds of gaming venues and can offer a range of opportunities for your business. 

However there is a reverse of a coin – technical and program software. It is not so simple to arrange live casino. It is important to know that users are authorized on various devices with absolutely different Internet speed. 


Products by Global Gaming Labs

Global Gaming Labs regularly implements advanced technologies in live casino software. Clients who purchased live casino software can brand the premises, tables and dealers’ uniform. You may choose any language if needed. 

Over hundred professional live dealers are employed in Global Gaming Labs studio today. Gorgeous girls are working all day without day off in shifts. They strictly follow dealer’s rules changing tables every half an hour for security reasons. The gameplay is quite transparent. Every session is recorded, saved and archived. Clients’ personal information is protected so users are safe. 

There are several big casinos known to each gambler that operate only on live casino software developed by Global Gaming Labs. These are 333 Palace Casino which is one of the world-known live casinos that achieved a lot for the last 4 years thanks to a good quality of live casino software from Global Gaming Labs, and Cresus Casino, the project of Colosseum Entertainment. Club portfolio includes a very successful live casino developed by Global Gaming Labs. 

In 2014 Global Gaming Labs presented their services at the exhibition ICE Totally Gaming. Visitors of this event were absolutely amazed by the products from Global Gaming Labs. Company got 3 new customers after exhibition. 

In 2015 office was decorated with unique Asian symbols and colorful elements. The company started to conquer Asian market and focus on the eastern traditions.

Live Dealer Casino Software From Global Gaming Labs

Online casino software with live dealer by Global Gaming Labs

If you want to buy casino and searching for technical platform the company is ready for cooperation. Besides, you may add Global Gaming Labs studio in the list of your casinos that attract new regular users in your gambling venue. 

Global Gaming Labs developed live dealer casino games that was successfully launched on live dealer casino platform. Company ensures casino operator with all necessary tools to attract new users, conversion rate increase and partnership promotion. The use of this program will provide partners and gamers with one more reason to choose your casino. 

Virtual Casino Software

Here you will find dozens of products for casino on any choice, for example, games with randoms numbers source. Users will highly evaluate the quality of games display. Innovative elements that add competitive advantages to casino are integrated in the live casino platform. 

GameBase Kiosk Hardware System

This is a platform for operators of land-based casinos. The system enables to set up and implement Global Gaming Labs technologies in a regular gaming venue. The set of live dealer casino games, bookmaker services and Internet casino are offered in one “station”. 

Global Gaming Labs is focused to meet clients’ demands and ready for any reasonable offer. You can contact company management any time via Skype or email. Company will try to help you in any matter regardless the level of task complexity. 

Live Dealer Casino Games Diversity

Global Gaming Labs has a wide range of live dealer casino games

Let’s review some of the live dealer casino games and their versions: 

  • American blackjack

7 users can participate. Everyone follows the rules: each user has 15 seconds for bet. After 2 cards the gamer can give up, and half of bet is returned in this case. 

  • Unlimited blackjack

The player can keep combination or divide the cards. If a gamer keeps the cards bet is returned with 20% fees to casino. 

  • European roulette

A classic multiplayer game. Users may watch the wheel spinning and the moves of a ball. He should take a decision about the bet within next 40 seconds. 

  • American roulette

There are two fields: zero and double zero, and the rest is according to general rules. 

  • Baccarat

Dealer follows the rules of a classic game where you can make additional bets for two.

  • Casino Hold’em

Several users can participate. Additional bet for bullet are made at your will. 

It is an amazing idea to buy live turnkey casino. It is needed to pay a careful attention to the system of management of such casino and live dealer casino software. Global Gaming Labs will provide you with necessary software, studio and professional live dealers. 

You should fill an online application form on Online Casino Market site if you want to buy or rent live casino software from Global Gaming Labs. Experts will advise you for free on any question. Also, you can buy live turnkey casino here. 


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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023