How to Organise the Opening of a Gaming Club in Johannesburg

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Updated 23 february 2022

Before an entrepreneur starts working on a venture, he usually asks himself how profitable it will be. With an amusement sphere being in high demand in the global arena, and the African population trying to match the standards of Europe, America, a land-based casino in Johannesburg seems like quite a lucrative idea.

The financial aspect of such a project is a substantial thing to acknowledge. A venturer will need good initial capital as well as an emergency budget to guarantee the success of the idea. But with the professional assistance of an aggregator Online Casino Market, these costs can be reduced while preserving the same performance levels of the new playing hall.

Gaming club in Johannesburg: turnkey solution

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State of Land-Based Casinos in Africa

Few think about this part of the world when they hear about the global centres of gambling. Over the past decade, this amusement has been gaining much popularity on the continent. The sector has been developing at a rapid pace.

The recent years have shown how easily countries like RSA, Nigeria, Egypt destroy common stereotypes about scarce resources behind the technological advancement of the rest of the planet.

As of the beginning of 2022, 75% of the continent’s citizens can connect to the World Wide Web. As a result, the population is aware of the latest trends and appreciates the appearance of new casino land-based solutions on their premises.

Upon entering the African market, an entrepreneur should keep in mind the following notions:

  • The gambling industry is much younger here than in Europe or the North American continent. So, the regulative measures may not be elaborated to perfection.
  • In the majority of local territories, gambling in almost all of its manifestations is permitted, and strict forbidding policies exist just in certain states.
  • The hugest gambling destination is the RSA, with the majority of land-based casino businesses in Johannesburg.
  • The entertainment in the state evolved into legal relatively recently, in 1994, after the progressive government became in charge.
  • Today, all 9 regions of the RSA have their respective commissions that install appropriate regulatory measures on the territories.
  • The range of the ground entertainment comprises all activities that are available in land-based casinos in Africa, the national sweepstakes, as well as betting on sporting events.
  • While the lottery is one of the most appraised types of gambling pastimes in the state, gaming houses are also ranked high in terms of visitors.

To open a land-based casino in Johannesburg, Soweto, Cape Town, or other destinations, a venturer needs to resort to the commission of the corresponding province. A package of documents must be presented to the authorities to receive approval.

For covering all legal aspects, order the assistance of a proficient guide company Online Casino Market and have no concerns with the setup process.

Start a Land-Based Casino Venue: How Much Does It Cost to Open a Project

Land-based casino in Africa: cost of the launch

The financial aspect has become a huge matter in the sphere. An entrepreneur has to be ready to spend several million dollars to open a gaming club in Africa. A lot of these costs will go to the assembly of the hall. So, a precise plan is required for a fruitful fulfilment of the assignment.

What aspects a venturer needs to pay for during the build-up:

  1. Location. The task to open slot machines venue in Johannesburg starts with the search for an appealing place. It is usually a suburban area with easy commuting and a bunch of facilities around. The price for renting or purchasing the land varies on the owner and the scale of your future facility.
  2. Complex. Besides the gambling house itself, an entrepreneur should also think about additional services. Adjacent housing is obligatory. It is possible to conclude the agreement with an existing luxurious hotel or build a new one. Restaurants and bars are also essential for covering people’s demand for food and beverages. Large parking should be able to fit up to a thousand vehicles.
  3. Playing equipment. Another integral aspect of how to open a gaming club in Johannesburg implies purchasing dedicated tables, cabinets, terminals, etc. On top of that, all equipment has to be complemented with top-quality programming assets from renowned creators. The price varies on the scale of the hall and can reach up to a million dollars.
  4. Operational permit. With the application to the local gaming commission, an entrepreneur should enclose the obligatory documents and cover the fees to obtain an official acceptance. It will be impossible to start a land-based casino business illegally. An official gaming hall attracts clients with its honesty and reliability, so obtaining a permit is a must.

Online Casino Market has been monitoring the gaming arena of the entire continent for years. The country’s development positively influenced the sphere in its ground and online manifestation. Order the hardware and programming support from our company and ensure your guests always have up-to-date entertainment at their disposal.

The Best Strategy to Buy a Slot Machines Hall in Johannesburg

Slot machines in Johannesburg: providers

The number of top-quality providers of amusement on the African territory is impressive. Different creators introduce unique ways to attract punters’ attention. Learning to choose the best among the available is a mastery that an operator has to learn.

How to buy slot machines titles in Johannesburg from reliable corporations:


Many equalise cabinets from the Austrian supplier with pure quality. The content is impressively bright and plot-twisting, and smart functionality underlines the progressive nature of the hardware


As the provider’s content proposal continues to expand, a single-point integration is what a lot of operators are looking forward to getting. All equipment from Microgaming uses the latest technological advancements of the industry


How to open an in-demand casino in Johannesburg and ensure maximum engagement from natives? Get slots from Greentube and have no worries about flawless cooperation of programming aspect with the hardware


Top-performing content from the manufacturer is the backbone of hundreds of halls all over the world. An industry-leading library became internationally popular years ago

Euro Games Technology

An array of EGT equipment is identified as slant and upright cabinets, compatible with a rich assortment of titles. Top-quality touch displays, colourful design, soothing sound, high-performing platforms complement the amusement very well

The Main Things about Assembling an Auspicious Brick-and-Mortar Venue

It is an honour for an operator to become a part of a rapidly developing gaming arena. The considerable input into the progression can be beneficially supported with the money-making activities that are offered to the public. The RSA is a state of incredible possibilities, and with the correct preparations, all of them can be used at their maximum.

What does it take to buy slot machines halls in Johannesburg and initiate a fruitful ground operation?

  • 75% of the continent’s citizens can connect to the World Wide Web, meaning the population is aware of the latest trends and appreciates the appearance of innovative amusement on their premises.
  • Gaming activities in the state evolved into legal relatively recently, in 1994, after the progressive government became in charge.
  • To begin assembling a playing hall, a venturer needs to resort to the commission of the Gauteng province.
  • How much does it cost to start a land-based casino-oriented project in the locality? To calculate this, it is obligatory to consider a place, adjacent facilities, hardware and software, a permit.
  • The most renowned suppliers of amusement for the venues of Africa are Amatic, Microgaming, Greentube, Novomatic, Euro Games Technology.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 23 february 2022