How to Open a Gaming Club in Cape Town and Make it Recognised

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Updated 11 march 2022

Foreign investments are flowing to Africa from all parts of the world. One of the most enriching spheres here is gaming. Playing facilities appear in advanced countries that are not afraid to introduce innovations to their inhabitants.

Land-based casinos in Africa, particularly the RSA, can be easily compared to the finest Las Vegas clubs. This is because the government creates favourable opportunities for contractors and registers market members on a legal basis.

Gaming clubs in Cape Town, Soweto, Johannesburg, etc.

Appealing conditions in the segment have been on the global radar for quite a while. Online Casino Market noticed an uprising of the sphere years ago. Since then, our team has been helping entrepreneurs. We explain how to open a gaming club in Cape Town, Soweto, Johannesburg, etc.

Order our assistance and receive quality technical and juridical aid to bring your brand to the top of the local amusement.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Land-Based Casino?

The first concern of a foreign investor when he enters the zone is how expensive the project will cost. Assuming that the build-up process is similar to what is usually applied in Europe or America, the average overall capital varies around $3–5 million.

Of course, the bigger the budget, the more possibilities, so let us see where the main expenditures go:

  1. Filing for the working permit. If a venturer wants to start a gaming club in Cape Town, he should legalise the activity primarily. It eradicates any issues from the government and opens a clear path to building a recognised brand. The commission of the Western Cape gladly reviews all applications and issues licences once all prerequisites are met.
  2. Claiming the building space. The majority of playing lounges in the capital are located inside its borders. The land there is expensive, so a manager should be ready to invest a considerable amount. At the same time, the infrastructure is favourable for retaining visitors. Suburbs are also viable for a land-based casino in Cape Town due to lower prices, but the amenities should be added as well.
  3. Constructing the playing hall. Once the territory is obtained and all legal aspects are covered, a businessman can begin building. The price of the process directly depends on how spacious the owner wants it to be. There are currently 5 clubs in the capital, with total coverage of more than 11,000 square meters. A venturer should keep this number in mind.
  4. Adding the enhancement facilities. Hardly any land-based casino business in Cape Town functions independently. It means that there is at least a hotel for visitors adjacent to the club. In addition, taking care of the eating necessities is integral. So, a restaurant and a few bars can be incredibly beneficial.
  5. Purchasing equipment. Modern fruit machines are no longer huge boxes with a single game inside. Similar entertainment today is built around electronic cabinets with dozens of titles for punters’ variety. Even some tabletops (i.e. roulette) can be fully automated thanks to contemporary software.

What Reliable Providers are There to Buy Slot Machines in Cape Town?

Slot machines in Cape Town: reliable providers

While companies that offer building services are plentiful and usually have the same functionality, the creators of gaming products are quite peculiar. It is essential not only to get decent hardware but find partners whose software support would match the demands of the target region.

How to buy slot machines in Cape Town and what supplier to resort to:


The company of about 700 employees has its headquarters located in Stockholm. The brand’s portfolio includes about 200 distinct pieces, comprising administrative and gaming components for web and ground clubs


From the very beginning, the supplier was focused on casino land-based solutions in the United States, and later, was scaled all over the world. Its slots and lottery terminals are well-recognised and appreciated in the hall


The brand proposes the creation of exclusive content and effective management tools. Yggdrasil develops all its products on proprietary technologies, distinguished by wonderful graphics and interesting plots


Today, the famous Japanese corporation is included in the list of the top 20 largest holdings and taxpayers worldwide. Its slots and administrative pieces will help open a land-based casino in Cape Town and keep its popularity high


The provider proposes offline services for ground establishments with the most popular positions being lottery terminals, slots, and electronic roulettes. It is an honour for every administrator to have at least a few Amatic machines

These established designers of content have proven their efficiency among the targeted audience. At the same time, an administrator should not limit himself to only one partner. Buy slot machines in Cape Town and order more entertainment at an aggregator Online Casino Market.

What Recreational Activities are Common at Land-Based Casinos in Africa?

Land-based casinos in Africa: popular games

The popularity of certain gaming types around the world is reflected here as well. While the local alternatives exist in separate playing lounges, visitors are more used to traditional manifestations and gladly participate in the life of a facility.

Games, which managers include when they start a gaming club in Cape Town:

  • Slots. Depending on the area of the playing lounge, the number of fruit machines can exceed 500. Considering modern terminals comprise plentiful activities at a time, the number of separate titles can reach a few thousand.
  • Poker. There are dozens of possibilities to organise this activity in a hall. Electronic terminals with poker are something new in the sphere, so punters mainly prefer real-life tables and tournaments in Texas, Omaha, Stud.
  • Blackjack. Another top activity that venturers should think of adding when they open a gaming club in Africa is also card-based. Blackjack is quick-paced and easily comprehended. Adding a few tables in a hall is a must.
  • Baccarat. It is common to see 3 different alternatives in the RSA clubs: Traditional, Crown, and 2 to 1. The choice should be made in favour of what is closer to the public. If resources allow, multiple variations can be added at the same time.
  • Roulette. An iconic activity is often one of the most played in the local halls. Barely any administrator has started a land-based casino business without adding a few tables of roulette on the premises of the lounge.

The Main Things about Building an Auspicious Facility

After an investor makes the first steps towards the configuration of a favourable environment (learning theoretical aspect), he can look for a reliable partner to simplify the elaboration process. How to open a casino in Cape Town without mistakes and ensure maximum profitability? Find an experienced aggregator company to transfer all major responsibilities to its experts.

Here is what such an organisation will take care of:

  • Calculate and show an explicit estimate of the necessary budget. While an average price for the RSA-based club is $5 million, there are often positive changes if partnering with an expert firm.
  • Set up a smooth process that comprises filing for the working permit, claiming the building space, constructing the playing hall, adding the enhancement facilities, purchasing equipment, and other aspects.
  • Open a lounge with slot machines in Cape Town in collaboration with top-rated suppliers of software, terminals, tables, and furniture, namely NetEnt, IGT, Yggdrasil, Konami, and Amatic.
  • Pick and install the most popular amusement in the region (cabinets, poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, etc.) as well as adjust it according to the cultural peculiarities.

If you still wonder how much does it cost to start a land-based casino, Online Casino Market will ensure the best deals for you.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 11 march 2022