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Updated 01 september 2023

The world of online amusement in the region is rich, offering big bets that lead to large payoffs. Despite strict rules, Western Europe has become a magnet for web gambling entrepreneurs, capturing a huge part of the global wagering environment.

Gambling regulations in Western Europe

Online Casino Market specialists will explain the legal aspects of diverse countries. You can start a web business easily with our software and professional licensing assistance.

Basic Information about Western European Gambling

The region has become a centre of iGaming worldwide, with high business profits and the implementation of tech innovations. Most states have allowed web gambling by establishing local licensing systems.

Check out the list of well-known wagering areas:

United Kingdom

The UK boasts an enormous entertainment niche, employing almost 100,000 specialists and generating over £14 bln in GGY annually.

  1. iGaming portrays approximately 40% of this market.
  2. Sportsbooks and horse racing are especially popular.
  3. The 2005 Gambling Act regulates the British entertainment sphere, allowing wagering companies under the proper certification of the Gambling Commission.

The UK government is now reviewing rules to enhance player security and accountability for businessmen.


Gambling is a favoured form of entertainment among locals, with a well-coordinated segment. Belgium has a comprehensive legal framework that governs wagering activities:

  1. The casino sphere is based on the 1999 Gaming Act, revised in 2011 to facilitate iGaming.
  2. Digital and stationery amusements are legal, proposing sports betting, poker rooms, and lottery entertainment.
  3. To play in casinos, individuals must be at least 21 years old.
  4. The authorities impose strict measures to fight ludomania, such as self-exclusion programs and mandatory reasonable gambling initiatives for businesses.
  5. The profit generated from the wagering sector contributes to the national economy and various social programs.

The state operates a closed certification system, making it challenging for new entrepreneurs to enter the market. On the other hand, bookmaker offices have interesting tax rates to consider.


This is a renowned wagering jurisdiction and a popular choice for both stationary and iGaming entrepreneurs. The country's online entertainment policies are well-established and offer favourable tax rates.

  1. The Malta Gaming Authority is responsible for certification and regulating all wagering activities. The MGA ensures that distributors comply with strict guidelines to maintain a transparent and secure environment for punters.
  2. Web gambling, casino amusements, sports bidding, and poker are particularly prevalent in Malta.

Many reputable international gambling companies located their headquarters in Malta to take advantage of these benefits.

The wagering sector greatly contributes to Malta's economy and job market, making it a key player in the international gambling arena.


Much like its neighbour, the UK, sports wagering and horse races are long-standing favourites. Gambling is a popular form of entertainment and has a well-grounded presence both online and offline.

The authority responsible for overseeing wagering activities in the country is the "Gambler's Control Bill," which aims to address issues related to problem gambling and player protection.

The Irish executives allow various forms of entertainment, including:

  • casinos;
  • sports bidding;
  • lotteries;
  • internet gaming platforms.

The Irish wagering niche contributes significantly to the country's economy and generates revenue for various social programs.

The government is committed to promoting conscientious gambling practices and offers support to individuals struggling with ludomania through various resources and helplines.


The state has one of Europe's most systematic wagering directives. The local market is fragmented, with each regional government having its own supervisory and certification policy.

Sports betting, poker, and board amusements have become increasingly popular lately. Land-based gambling is also prevalent, with numerous casinos and other gambling houses spread throughout the country.


The wagering industry is overseen by the SRIJ, which is responsible for granting permits to distributors and managing all gambling activities.

The legal gaming age in Portugal is 18 years old for most forms of wagering. Famous gambling options in Portugal include:

  • casinos;
  • sports bidding;
  • poker;
  • lottery games.

The government imposes severe directives to ensure player protection, prevent money laundering, and increase accountable gambling practices.


The local market is one of the biggest in the EU, making it appealing to operators. In Italy, gambling has a long history and is a well-regulated and popular activity.

The regulatory authority ADM oversees the wagering segment in the state, issues certificates and ensures compliance with strict provisions to maintain a fair and secure gaming environment.

Italy offers a wide range of gambling options, sports wagering, poker rooms, and lottery amusements. iGaming is also legal but strictly enforced, and operators must obtain specific licences from the ADM to propose their services to Italians.

The Main Things about Gambling in the Western European Region

Casinos in Western Europe: top countries

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Updated 01 september 2023