Navigating the High Stakes: A Comprehensive Guide to Top Gambling Conferences and Conventions

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Updated 26 september 2023

One way niche professionals can gain an edge in their operations is through prominent events. Top gambling conferences and conventions introduce a unique opportunity for networking, learning about the latest sphere trends, and discovering cutting-edge technological achievements.

Online Casino Market introduces a comprehensive guide with the most popular events globally and sheds light on their significance. We indicate how operators can reap the benefits of participation. Contact our proficient experts for even more gambling guidance on any related issue.


The convention has become a central event for many gambling professionals as it attracts thousands of attendees each year. It focuses on the iGaming sector and serves as a platform for communication where stakeholders can discuss niche challenges and explore emerging trends.

The event focuses on the following aspects:

  1. Networking. SiGMA offers extensive possibilities for managers and professionals in the form of valuable connections. Attendees can interact with sector peers, potential partners, and experts in various domains of iGaming.
  2. Exhibition. The conference features an expansive floor where companies showcase their latest products, techs, and services. This is an opportunity for gambling managers to explore the newest achievements.
  3. Seminars. SiGMA hosts a series of conferences that cover a wide spectrum of topics, which are relevant to the iGaming sector. These sessions feature industry experts who share insights, discuss trends, and provide actionable strategies.
  4. Start-up pitch. New companies present their ideas and solutions to potential investors and partners here. This segment is particularly relevant for gambling managers who look for extra business possibilities.
  5. Legislating insights. The evolving nature of iGaming regulations worldwide is substantially quick. So, SiGMA includes sessions focused on legal updates and compliance. Gambling managers can ensure their operations align with all the standards.

Casino and betting operators benefit from SiGMA through valuable connections in the first place. They also can stay updated on juridical changes and innovations in the iGaming space to help them make correct business decisions in the future.

ICE London

ICE London biggest panel

ICE is one of the largest and most comprehensive gambling exhibitions globally. The convention covers land-based and online gaming in all of their directions. It showcases the latest products, analyses technologies, presents new solutions, as well as sets up a forum for niche experts to share insights.

Key directions of the exhibition where operators can work:


Discuss the combination of traditional bookmaking with technology-driven solutions, including fixed odds terminals, sports betting, and gaming machines


Focus on new product development and customer retention strategies in the sector


Explore the international land-based gaming sphere, with some exhibitors suggesting the future edge of London in comparison to Las Vegas


Highlight the increasing importance of lotteries as governments seek to boost tax revenues from gaming


Discuss the rapidly evolving gambling sector oriented on smartphones and its key developments


Keep in touch with the latest online gaming achievements and innovations


Address the adapting landscape of finances, covering mobile and web-based financial means


Examine the convergence between free-to-play interactions and gambling and its significance


Explore the growth of video gaming as a major vertical within the gambling sector

Sports betting

Covers both online and land-based sportsbook providers and serves as a comprehensive resource for wagering enthusiasts


Focus on the unique sector, characterised by low-stake, high-volume gaming, and its role as a significant component of the gambling sphere

Attending ICE London enables operators to discover new gaming solutions, establish partnerships, and gain a competitive advantage. It is a prime chance to learn about market trends and regulatory updates as well as ensure compliance and growth.

iGB Affiliate

Date: Multiple events throughout the year

Location: Various global locations

iGB Affiliate conferences are geared toward partnership marketing. They also provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing within the iGaming affiliate sector. These events are especially beneficial for managers who seek to expand their marketing strategies.

Operators can meet with affiliates and explore new ways to collaborate, ultimately driving player acquisition and revenue growth. Learning from successful affiliate marketers can help optimise promotional approaches significantly.

EGR Power Summits

EGR Power Summits: intercontinental awareness

Date: Various dates

Location: Multiple global settings

The EGR Power Summit is a series of events that bring together senior executives from the world of online gambling. These invite-only sessions focus on strategic discussions, regulatory updates, and sphere challenges.

There are four biggest summits in this series happening annually:

  1. EGR Power US Summit. It brings together senior executives and key decision-makers from the United States. The summit covers topics specific to the US market and provides a networking platform. Participants eagerly share insights and explore opportunities in the US ecosystem.
  2. EGR Power Affiliate Summit. This exclusive event gathers the most influential and innovative leaders in the gambling marketing direction. It addresses critical topics of affiliate consolidation, emerging advertising trends, and juridical challenges.
  3. EGR Power LatAm Summit. The event provides a platform for industry stakeholders to discuss market dynamics, navigate legal updates, and adjust to new opportunities in the Latin American region. The summit offers insights into the unique challenges and growth prospects in local countries.
  4. EGR Power 50 Summit. The conference is specifically focused on the European area. The event typically covers market trends and regulatory developments. Technological innovations are also often presented tightly with responsible participation practices. The convention also offers a platform for communication among European experts.

This exclusive gathering allows operators to engage in high-level discussions and communicate with key decision-makers. It is an opportunity to gain valuable data into the future direction of the sector.

LatAm Summit

Date: Typically held in the autumn

Location: Latin American region

The event is dedicated to the burgeoning of the local gambling market. It provides a platform for sphere stakeholders to explore possibilities, navigate juridical frameworks, and discuss market expansion strategies.

Managers interested in the Latin American working zone can gain critical insights, establish local partnerships, and assess the regulatory landscape. This can be instrumental in entering or expanding within this region.

Big Africa Summit

Date: Typically held in the first half of the year

Location: Various African cities

The summit is a key event for stakeholders who are interested in the local gambling zone. The convention addresses regulatory issues, introduces detailed market dynamics, and highlights new paths for growth in the region.

Managers can gain a competitive edge as they delve deep into the African area. The summit provides platforms with a connection to local stakeholders, partnerships, and a perception of unique challenges and opportunities.

Each year, the number of speakers grows, with the last quota going up to 30 related experts. Summits have been held since 2013 that mark a substantial interest of the global public in the region.

Canadian Gaming Summit

Date: Usually held in June

Location: Canada

The CGS focuses on the local gambling industry and covers both land-based and online sectors. It offers insights into juridical amendments, technological advancements, and market developments.

The key special features held during the Canadian Gaming Summit each year:

  1. Player protection symposium. A high-level gathering dedicated to gambling harm prevention. The session focuses on strategies and initiatives aimed at ensuring the well-being and protection of punters within the niche.
  2. Electronic Gaming Academy masterclass. The event offers a deep analysis of how the RTP metric impacts the user participation experience. The masterclass provides valuable insights into the optimisation of entertainment offerings.
  3. Canadian Gaming Summit first pitch. A special competition where startups in the gambling direction introduce their innovative ideas and solutions. The gathering offers a chance for new projects to win an exclusive prize package.
  4. Nations Gaming Awards. Originating in 2023, the event recognises and celebrates significant contributors to the growth and development of First Nation communities within the entertainment sector.

These special features enhance the Canadian Gaming Summit by addressing player protection, promoting innovation, and acknowledging the contributions of various stakeholders. Operators interested in this market can access invaluable knowledge about the local sphere and regulatory framework to plan efficient market entry and expansion strategies.

iGB Live!

iGB Live! iGaming support

Date: Typically held in July

Location: Various European cities

iGB Live! is one of the largest gambling exhibitions. The convention brings together stakeholders from all sectors of the sphere. iGB Live! offers a platform for showcasing innovations and close communication on market trends.

Casino and betting operators can stay at the forefront of industry innovations through the latest technologies and solutions that are discussed on panels. Networking opportunities can lead to partnerships and collaborations that drive business growth.

SBC Summit

Date: Multiple events throughout the year

Location: Various settings worldwide

The SBC Summit series covers sports betting and gaming events. These panels address key challenges and opportunities in the gambling sphere. Conferences are held throughout the world and include exhibitions and communication sessions.

The organisation comprises 20 nationalities that work tightly together throughout multiple departments. All events are committed to providing the highest quality B2B experience, curated content, and the latest headlines on all relevant changes in the sphere.

Summits offer a holistic view of the sports betting and casino entertainment landscape. Managers with a focus on bookmaking can gain deep insights into the global sector, identify potential partners, and discover emerging trends.

The Main Things about the Largest Gambling Conferences Globally

In the competitive entertainment world, staying informed and forging strategic partnerships are paramount. The gambling conferences and conventions provide a golden opportunity for casino and betting operators to achieve these goals.

Key events that are highly suggested for gambling stakeholders:

  • SiGMA;
  • ICE London;
  • iGB Affiliate;
  • EGR Power Summit;
  • LatAm Summit;
  • Big Africa Summit;
  • Canadian Gaming Summit;
  • iGB Live!;
  • SBC Summit.

Industry professionals can gain a competitive edge, keep pace with evolving trends, and navigate the intricate regulatory landscape within these environments.

Online Casino Market monitors each conference separately and informs our clients about the dynamic and ever-expanding world of gambling. Order professional support at our company, inquire about turnkey solutions, and get the latest software integrations to your platforms!

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