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Updated 23 august 2022

Casino affiliate programs are used to advertise iGaming projects on the Web. Solutions are aimed at collaborating with the target audience, and an operator pays only for the finished result — the growth of internet traffic.

Affiliate programs for casinos: general info

At Online Casino Market, you can order affiliated services from well-known providers. You can also request a turnkey casino with built-in products from us.

Benefits of Connecting Affiliate Programs

The main advantages of the solution include the following features:

Deposits for services based on results

Both parties to the agreement, the advertiser and the partner, are interested in the effective promo of the resource.

Cooperation is built in such a way that the partner receives money only for a specific measurable result:

  • the number of new registrations;
  • the total amount of deposits;
  • entrepreneur's profit

Audience focus

Affiliates are not “dispersed” to a multi-million audience but work only with selected groups of users. These are people selected by age, gender, marital status, and interests.

This approach helps to promote the gambling business much more effectively

Transparent governance

The operator gets access to the multitasking partner module.

It includes tools for:

  • tracking the current activity of each collaborator;
  • analysis of the results for the selected period;
  • making changes to the system;
  • adding new webmasters;
  • traffic diversification

Simple scaling

The company can quickly expand its partner network by entering into profitable agreements with new affiliates. It is much more profitable compared to the self-promotion of a casino site

No advertising costs

The webmaster bears all costs associated with:

  • placement of affiliate links;
  • purchase of spaces to advertise products in specialised online publications;
  • organisation of drawings of gifts and valuable prizes;
  • cooperation with opinion leaders

Main Types of Affiliate Products

Affiliate programs: main types

Casino affiliate programs are distinguished depending on the deposit scheme used in them.

The following types of solutions are available to entrepreneurs:

  1. RevShare (Revenue sharing) models. Cooperation option, according to which the advertiser shares a part of the profit from the attracted internet traffic with the webmaster. The percentage of deductions can be different, but, as a rule, does not exceed 65–70%. The RevShare calculation formula differs across casinos and partnership products. It often contains additional expense items: deposit bonuses and one-time gifts.
  2. CPL and CPA options. A fee has to be paid for a certain action — mainly for registering on a gambling site (CPL — Cost per Lead) or making an initial deposit (CPA — Cost per Action). Variations are possible in cooperation under the CPL scheme. For example, you can add a condition that the client must not only replenish the account once but also go through a certain number of rounds or play for three months.
  3. Hybrid models. Entrepreneurs who decide to open an online casino often choose a hybrid affiliate program. Thanks to it, both the operator and the webmaster get the maximum financial return from each gambler. The product combines the terms of collaboration between the previous two schemes.

How to Choose a Reliable Affiliate Network

When opening a gambling business, a company can cooperate with webmasters directly or organise work through a specialised partner resource.

Key points to look out for when looking for an affiliate network:

  1. Different payment systems. The parties to the agreement — the advertising group and the webmaster — choose the most comfortable working conditions themselves, based on current marketing tasks, advertising budget, and time frame.
  2. Minimum commission. Professional networks charge a certain commission for their services. The figures to be guided by are 2–5% of the transaction amount. The percentage may be charged from the earnings of only one party or paid by the advertiser and partner.
  3. Flexible settings. These are full control over the budget, extensive analytics with statistical and comparative analysis, automation systems, customisation of widgets and site design, and integration of third-party products.
  4. Free demo available. Many services provide free access to the product for 15–30 days. This is enough time to appreciate the benefits of an affiliate program.
  5. High performance and security. As a rule, these are fast transfer and synchronisation of data, creation of backup copies, good speed of loading information, and uninterrupted operation under conditions of a critical load on the infrastructure of a gaming site.
  6. Good reputation. The longer the service works in the gambling market, the higher the trust in such a resource. It is worth working with new systems with caution so as not to fall for outright scammers.

The Best Affiliate Programs in the Industry

Affiliate programs in gambling: providers

At Online Casino Market, you can buy a casino with built-in promotion tools.

We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions from such providers:


The company has developed a universal marketing platform Performance Marketing Intelligence (PMI) with the following characteristics:

  • 360-degree overview of the target audience with a convenient gradation by age, hobbies, geography and other specified parameters;
  • multi-tasking Business Intelligence reporting system with built-in tables, templates and charts;
  • multi-channel for site promotion through social media, SEO, e-mail marketing, and mobile platforms;
  • high security of the solution due to the storage of database backups in cloud systems and on physical servers.

Post Affiliate Pro

The largest collaborative network in the world with 10 years of experience and 50+ offices in the US and Europe.

Starting an enterprise with Post Affiliate Pro is beneficial for several reasons:

  • support for various advertising formats, including text banners, static pictures, personalised website pages, slides, and animated flash banners;
  • options to run customised marketing campaigns through RTB auctions and by creating private ads for selected affiliates;
  • powerful anti-fraud protection against fraudulent traffic and the use of bots;
  • Forced Matrix system for setting up a multi-level partner network for subsidiaries.


The provider offers a universal affiliate script Digital River with the following features:

  • modern tools for tracking conversions and calculating the return on investment for advertising ROI;
  • a variety of payment systems, including RevShare, CPL, split (remuneration of the webmaster for participating in the auction), Performance Rewards (additional payments for the growth of internet traffic);
  • solutions for creating selling banners and microsites;
  • tools for the simultaneous promotion of several iGaming projects.

The Main Things about Affiliate Programs for Online Casinos

Online Casino Market experts advise ordering a turnkey casino with partner services, financial aggregators, a catalogue of slot machines, and a powerful platform for managing a gambling site.

  • The advertising of an iGaming project with the help of affiliates is profitable. The operator pays only for the result, does not waste time and money on promotion, and fully controls the advertising process.
  • The main payment methods in this type of marketing are RevShare (percentage of profits), CPL and CPA (pay per action — registration and first transaction), and a hybrid scheme (RevShare + CPA).
  • A good affiliate program is distinguished by flexible settings systems, low commission, and high security.

To get a free demo version of the casino and other products, contact the Online Casino Market manager.

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