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Updated 18 august 2022

The iGaming market is constantly growing and changing. The record leap in its development took place in the spring of 2020. While other industries faced a massive economic crisis, the gambling business increased its revenue by 3%.

The growth trend will continue for the next 3–5 years and by 2025, the turnover of the sector will reach $117 billion (according to H2 Gambling Capital and Gambling Craft).

Online casino: the latest trends

Our studio offers its clients a turnkey casino of the next generation. We are aware of the latest innovations and will be glad to tell you which trends deserve special attention.

The most promising areas of development in the industry:

  • tightening the rules for controlling foreign markets;
  • full mobilisation of the gambling industry;
  • active scaling of VR technologies;
  • the growing popularity of cryptocurrency projects;
  • the transition to the sphere of social and instant games.

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New Rules for Working in Foreign Countries

The increase in the volume of the global industry has prompted most jurisdictions to revise the rules for regulating the iGaming niche and introduce several legislative changes.

The innovations are aimed at performing the following tasks:

  • strengthen control over the compliance of operators with the provisions of licences;
  • raise the level of quality of services;
  • make the market as safe for investment as possible;
  • optimise tools to combat gambling addiction;
  • reduce the shadow segment.

The most significant changes were implemented in the European market and the .com domain zone:

  1. Prohibition of advertising campaigns. During the pandemic, Great Britain refused to promote casino entertainment on television and radio. In Spain, there is a ban on the advertising of iGaming services on media networks and the Internet.
  2. Deposition limits. Belgium and Finland have reduced the size of a maximum daily bet to 500 euros. The UK regulator has introduced a daily limit of 50 euros.
  3. Short playtime. Sweden has not only reduced daily betting limits but also introduced restrictions on the total time spent on gaming sites. This innovation will be valid for the entire quarantine period.
  4. New control bodies. Supervisory companies have begun to work in Georgia, evaluating the legality of the actions of operators and issuing certificates of conformity. From September 2021, the new legal authority will also work in Curacao.
  5. Casinos in-play markets. Google has authorised the sale of games for money via Google Play Stores in 19 regions.

How Entrepreneurs Can Adjust to the New Reality

The task of legal innovations is to improve the quality of gambling services and make this kind of business as stable and safe as possible.

A few tips on how to launch an online casino and succeed in the new market conditions:

  • organise a discreet advertising campaign;
  • maintain constant quality control of services;
  • provide additional software testing;
  • work in compliance with the principles of social responsibility;
  • control the players' spending following the new restrictions.

Gambling Market and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin casino: cryptocurrency features

At the beginning of 2021, Bitcoin broke another historical record: the price of the token increased by 61% and exceeded $55,000.

According to the experts, the positive dynamics will continue for the next couple of years. By 2025, every second online casino in the world will accept cryptocurrency payments, and the value of a coin will reach $10,000.

Reasons for the popularity of bets placed in alternative currencies


The personal data of participants in the transaction are not requested. To make a transfer, it is enough to provide the e-wallet number

International traffic

Cryptocurrency software for casinos allows operators to work without reference to geolocation and sanctions lists. It is impossible to trace a cryptocurrency transfer

Security of transactions

The user's wallet cannot be blocked, and Bitcoin transactions cannot be interrupted or cancelled

Speed of operation

All payments are made instantly. The speed of their processing does not depend on the time, frequency of requests, and the amount of transferred money

Ability to play with mínimum bets

The decision to launch a casino with support for cryptocurrency payments is the most convenient way to work with “cautious” players. Operators can accept bets from $0.001

The popularity of Bitcoin payments is based on the convenience and security of the system. In 2022, the largest representatives of the economic sector became interested in the capabilities of the service: the PayPal platform and the Visa banking system.

Development of the Mobile Games Segment

According to H2 Gambling Capital, by the end of 2022, 50.8% of the entire industry revenue will be accounted for by the mobile niche. And by 2025, the figure will reach 58.2%.

The massive improvement of mobile technology has led to the Mobile First phenomenon. Primarily, developers create gambling software for tablets and smartphones, and only then adapt it for the desktop audience.

The following factors became an impetus for the growth of the market:

  • mass introduction of 4G and 5G networks;
  • complete rejection of Flash browser plugins and transition to casino software in the HTML5 format;
  • growth of mobile advertising engagement (according to MobileFuse, over the past year alone, the level of interaction with this type of content increased by 15%).

Online Casino in VR Format and the Ability to Play with Artificial Intelligence

VR casino and AI technologies

Another stage of development of the gambling market has been the introduction of AI and VR technologies.

Casinos Are Getting Smarter

The most interesting trend of 2022 is the optimisation of cash games using 2 advanced elements at once:

  1. Artificial intelligence. This is an adaptive digital code that can learn and analyse external requests at the level of the human brain.
  2. Machine learning. This is an additional software component for AI programs. The system provides automatic correction of processing loads, looks for optimal ways to solve the problem, and remembers algorithms for further execution of typical queries.

The introduction of next-generation technologies opens up the following prospects and benefits for casino owners:

  • creation of chatbots to perform any typical task without manual intervention;
  • carrying out a deep analysis of behavioural reactions of users;
  • optimisation of game mechanics;
  • increasing the level of security of gambling platforms;
  • automatic adaptation of the gaming site to the requirements of each user.

Unique Virtual Reality Environment

According to eMarketer research, the largest investors in the VR sector are China and the US. In 2020, more than 52.1 million people used VR technologies in the United States alone. Moreover, more than 43% of the industry's power falls on the gambling market.

One of the reasons for the large-scale development of the industry was the reduction in the cost of equipment. In 2017, the average price for a headset was $600. Today, it is possible to buy a VR application for smartphones for just $50.

The growth of the VR segment is also based on the entry of well-known representatives of the IT niche into the market. Thus, projects of this type can be found in the portfolios of such corporations as Google, Microsoft, and Samsung.

iGaming Projects in the Format of Social Entertainment

Social casino games are shareware content with non-monetary prizes.

As a reward, gamblers receive game coins, crystals, access to new levels, and other benefits. Moreover, all prizes are aimed at developing progress and increasing the time of the session.

The betting program in social products is fundamentally different from traditional casino bids.

There are several ways to monetise content:

In-App Purchases

Deposits made in real money can be used to purchase:

  • limited resources (time per round, coins to continue playing, etc.);
  • access to closed levels and side quests;
  • locked images with additional features.

Development of Characters and the Plot

The paid version of the game allows users to:

  • level up the skills of the selected character;
  • spend less time completing difficult quests;
  • win extra lives;
  • equip their hero with new game items.

In-App Advertising

Ways to monetise content via interstitials:

  • video broadcasts between the levels;
  • pop-up windows and video inserts when players start and exit the game;
  • the release of a paid version without ads.

If the solution has already gathered a sufficient number of active audience and loyal fans, casino operators can offer their clients the following thematic merch:

  • ringtones;
  • background images;
  • visual elements of characters, etc.

The Main Things about the iGaming Market Trends and Prospects in 2022

The industry has demonstrated the ability to instantly adapt to any changes. The casino sector not only kept the turnover during the global economic crisis but also set new directions of development for the global IT market.

The most interesting and promising trends of this year:

  • Updated rules for controlling the industry. During the pandemic, many European regulators have introduced bans on the advertising of gambling products and reduced daily betting limits.
  • Mobilisation of the casino niche. It is worth mentioning that 50.8% of the industry's revenue is accounted for by the sector. The positive dynamics will continue in the coming years, and by 2025, the turnover of games launched on tablets and smartphones will reach 58.2% of the total casino market.
  • Popularisation of cryptocurrency payments. According to H2 Gambling Capital, in 3–5 years, almost every casino in the world will accept bets in Bitcoins. Already today, digital assets can be used in PayPal, and by the end of 2022, the global banking aggregator, Visa, will introduce a similar program.
  • Casino games with artificial intelligence. The combination of AI and machine learning technologies opens up a lot of opportunities for operators: from the automation of typical management processes to the adjustment of projects to the needs of players.
  • Transformation of iGambling into the social gaming format. This is shareware content with no cash prizes. Users can pay for levelling up the character, buying additional bonuses, getting access to closed levels, etc.

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