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Updated 01 august 2022

Blockchain technology is used in the financial sector, telecommunications, retail and wholesale supplies, insurance, and the wagering industry.

According to the predictions of analysts from, by 2023 the dividends of Blockchain-based online gaming projects will reach $500 million. Operators who invest in this niche will significantly increase their profits.

Bitcoin casino: peculiarities

At the Online Casino Market, you can purchase a turnkey Bitcoin platform. The solution contains a full range of settings and components for a quick start and effective business development in the wagering market.

Blockchain Technology: Basic Features

This is simply a chain of cells that stores data about completed and planned web transfers. Each element (hash) is encrypted using SHA256 cryptography. The information inside the block cannot be edited or deleted. Nobody can change the order of the hashes either.

The main elements of Blockchain technology include:

  • distributed registries (public lists of operations with 100% safety of internal data from hacking, forgery, and deletion);
  • smart contracts (sets of rules that are applied automatically when certain conditions are met).

Blockchain was presented in 2013 as an important component of the first electronic token — Bitcoin (BTC). Over time, distributed ledger technology began to be used to create other crypto units: Altcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. In total, 40+ types of electronic currencies work on the Blockchain scheme.

Popular BTC Solutions in the iGaming Industry

The Blockchain technology is used in the wagering sphere for:

  • fast and secure transfers in cryptocurrency;
  • control of the honesty of the game results;
  • creating entertainment (slot machines, roulette, sweepstakes).

The opening of a crypto casino is a vivid example of the successful use of Blockchain in the wagering area. A ready-made site can only work with virtual money or simultaneously support payments in Bitcoins and fiat currencies.

Creating a Modern and Profitable Crypto Casino

To launch a BTC gambling platform, an entrepreneur needs to:

  1. Connect financial aggregator. Good multi-currency solutions include ADVCash, Ripple, NIXMoney and other payment systems. Programs provide fast and anonymous transfers and additional options. An operator can draw up reports, manage exchange transactions at a loyal rate, and issue loans at a minimum percentage.
  2. Install the catalogue of video games. As a rule, an entertainment library consists of classic RNG slots and Blockchain entertainment. Such content can be found in the catalogues of Microgaming, NetEnt, Habanero and other popular software manufacturers.
  3. Install the wagering platform. It is a powerful back office with a variety of features and settings. The system allows to manage gamblers' accounts, connect external services, and compile financial and operational analytical reports.

At our studio, entrepreneurs can buy a ready-made BTC casino. We will develop an individual website design and take care of reliable functionality, integrating proven financial aggregators and exciting slots.

Advantages of Settlement Operations in Digital Money

The key feature of a Bitcoin casino is the service of transfers in cryptocurrency. There are projects on the gambling market that support one digital unit (most often BTC) or several Blockchain tokens.

The main benefits of trading in electronic money:

Quick deposit and withdrawal of funds

Bitcoin casino software provides instant transfers without being tied to the issuing bank, government services and other regulatory authorities.

Users will need only a few minutes to deposit to game accounts and withdraw the cash earned

No payment processing costs

Blockchain is a decentralised network, so there is no third party (interbank organisations) involved in trading operations. Thanks to this, the cost of transfers is reduced: there are no fees for intermediary services, commission deductions

Cross-border transactions

Each region and country has its payment requirements. As a rule, these are limits and nuances with the exchange rate, filling in additional requisites.

There are no such requirements in the Blockchain system. To conduct transactions, it is enough to open two BTC wallets — for a gambler and an operator

No limits on the amount

Users can withdraw $100,000 or more in a single session without any government or bank limitations. This aspect is extremely important when making large transfers, for example, when paying a jackpot


When making transactions, gamers do not need to provide personal data, document details, or geolocation records. All the user needs is a BTC wallet number

Reliability of a Blockchain Gaming Site

Blockchain gaming site: reliability

The top reason for purchasing a Bitcoin casino is the high safety of the finished project. An entrepreneur does not need to install additional protection software since all the components of the gambling resource are greatly secured.

The Blockchain method provides:

  • the safety of transactions carried out on the casino site;
  • iGaming project protection from hacker attacks, system errors and data theft;
  • a simplified procedure of user identification as holders of unique BTC wallets;
  • monitoring the honesty of the results and combating the incorrect use of bonuses.

Cryptographic encryption technology plays a primary role in the security of a Blockchain casino. All BTC projects are based on the function of hashing information according to the SHA256 mathematical algorithm. The system converts open transaction data (rounds played, prizes received) into a unique 256-bit hash that cannot be decrypted.

Hashing is also used to create paired public and private keys. With their help, users generate electronic digital signatures (EDS), which confirm the sending of Bitcoins when replenishing a game account and withdrawing funds.

The use of a virtual signature simplifies the verification of gamblers. Clients do not need to enter personal information. It is enough to approve the transfer using EDS.

Production of Unique BTC Games: Features

To run a Bitcoin casino, it is important to install exclusive Blockchain entertainment.

The core benefits of the solution:

  1. Lack of certification and licensing procedures. These processes require financial and time costs. It is necessary to take into account the features of RNG, bonuses, special functions, etc. With Blockchain content, everything is much simpler: an operator creates a new game (or orders it from a developer) and immediately installs the finished product on the wagering site.
  2. The use of non-standard mechanics. In traditional slots, as a rule, the Play-Play-Play concept is utilised: punters spin the reels and win money. Blockchain allows the release of more complex entertainment, such as multiuser and collectable solutions or action games.
  3. Limit policy variability. The minimum bet in classic slots is 0.5–1$, while there are no such restrictions in BTC games. Portal visitors can replenish their accounts with a few Bitcoins and spin the reels all day long.

Provably Fair in Modern Crypto Gambling

One of the strongest points of Blockchain-based gaming projects is compliance with the principles of checked honesty. Provably Fair algorithms are based on smart contract technology. The results of the draws cannot be changed, manipulated or eliminated, which increases the confidence of players in the BTC casino.

The following services are available for gamers:

  • verification of the operator's solvency (due to fixing of deposit/withdrawal actions in distributed registries and open access to the casino balance);
  • analysis of variance and the level of funds return (these indicators are published on the site as the arithmetic average of the total number of rounds played);
  • control of results (if a gambler is unlucky 25 times in roulette, then this is a coincidence and not a juggling of results).

Promotion of Blockchain Wagering Sites

Bitcoin casino promotion: affiliate services

The technology is used in affiliate services. These are special partner programs for promoting casino sites and attracting a solvent audience.

Blockchain is used in wagering affiliate programs for:

  • fast and safe trading operations between an entrepreneur and a hired webmaster;
  • checking the quality of online traffic (user interest, lack of artificial cheating and attracting bots).

Popular affiliated services that advertise BTC casinos:

  1. Gambling Craft. The module supports various types of collaboration, including CPA (fee for the number of registrations and replenishment of deposits), RevShare (percentage of the operator's total income), and a mixed scheme. Entrepreneurs can form a sub-partnership to promote the iGaming resources of subsidiaries. All trading operations under the program are made in digital currency.
  2. TruePlay. The affiliate network works on the RevShare model, while the total payout percentage for webmasters reaches 60%. This partner program has a wide range of settings for traffic control. The administrator can configure the target audience configurations, select the type of device for generating online traffic, and set additional limitations by region or initial deposit.

The Main Things about Blockchain Technology in Gambling

At the Online Casino Market studio, you can buy a profitable turnkey BTC website. The product contains a reliable financial aggregator for hassle-free receiving and sending of Bitcoin payments.

The BTC casino comes with a catalogue of video games. We have included dynamic entertainment from Novomatic, NetEnt, Endorphina and other top software providers.

Entrepreneurs can order marketing promotion of a finished iGaming project. Online Casino Market specialists offer direct advertising in social networks, e-mail newsletters, and promotion through affiliated services.

  • In the wagering sphere, Blockchain is used to make fast and anonymous payments, administrate the honesty of the results, and create interesting multiplayer games.
  • Crypto casino is a successful application of Blockchain technology. The solution is distinguished by a high level of protection, a diverse portfolio of video games, and support for instant transfers without commission from anywhere in the world.
  • Blockchain entertainment does not require certification or licensing. Users choose such games due to their unique mechanics and control over the fairness of the draws.

To connect a free demo version of a BTC project, contact Online Casino Market representatives.


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