Why do Gambling Developer Companies Offer Bitcoin Casino for Sale?

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31 may 2017

Bitcoin became the major mainstream phenomenon that struck the market. This electronic payment system turned out to be very convenient for browser casino users and gained its popularity in the gambling sphere very quick. Currently bitcoin casino for sale is a high-demand product. Players looking for easy and comfortable game tend to use the most handy and relevant tools, while gaming business owners aim at satisfying the interests of their clients and providing the requested services.

Bitcoin casino

The Online Casino Market company is a seasoned gambling market participant. It is well aware of the impact that innovations have on business. The agency keeps a close eye on the latest changes to make sure it misses no important changes that can ultimately improve the gambling industry and become popular. For that reason Online Casino Market collaboration network involves the most advanced and quality-oriented companies to supply your club only with the topmost products.


We shall analyze the service of turnkey bitcoin casino development provided by two large vendors.

Bitcoin Casino Software for Sale: CasExe Solution

Recognizing the innovative nature and the potential of the electronic cash CasExe confidently suggests including it to every online casino.

The company developed two options of integrating bitcoin:

  1. Be specific and make the bitcoin system the one and only method of payment. In this case CasExe can offer a ready-to-function bitcoin casino for sale or create an individually ordered one.
  2. Include bitcoin to the list of payment systems provided by the website.

CasExe bitcoin payment service can be integrated on any online casino software running CasExe gaming platform. Herewith a bitcoin casino for sale will offer the same games (slot machines, blackjack, roulette, live casino, baccarat, etc.) with a great opportunity of using the payment method free from any commissions for input and withdrawal of money.

Cryptocurrency in online gambling

Here are some advantages about the CasExe bitcoin casino software to consider:

  • the best and most safe hosting with high capacity parameters;
  • smoothly functioning website with unique design to make a casino really stand out;
  • financial infrastructure with cryptocurrency;
  • selected gaming content;
  • no license is required for the payment system.

Bitcoin Casino Software From Slotegrator

The company offers to write quality bitcoin gambling script to every operator seeking modern solutions for the business.

The team with the Slotegrator agency found several compelling reasons of why traditional online resources concede to bitcoin system:

  • Decentralization is probably the most important aspect of a turnkey bitcoin casino. It means independence from any financial regulator either in governmental or banking area. Bitcoin funds cannot be blocked, tied up or devaluated. This is substantial advantage for all players and operators whether they play on legal or illegal markets.
  • Based on previous statement bitcoin casinos feature direct transfers without involving an intermediary institution.
  • Bitcoin casino software allows full control over money and gives the freedom of choice.
  • The service grants entire anonymity to users, since the registration within the resource requires minimal user data (only e-mail address).
  • Opportunity to use bitcoin in any country of the world and convert it to the necessary physical currency.
  • Charge- and tax-free nature of digital currency
  • No limits and restrictions.

The bitcoin currency is being integrated in a vast number of human activities. Its qualities and characteristics firmly fitted the digital cash within gambling. Some of the most forward-thinking companies figured its importance and provide bitcoin casino website for sale solutions to their progressive clients.

Online Casino Market has just the right partners to propose in this respect. Contact this international agency to find the provider that will supply you with the best gambling products.


Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market

31 may 2017