CasExe: Online Casino Platform

CasExe: Online Casino Platform

Updated 10 february 2023

Gambling venues are developing very fast day by day. There are thousands of developers of Internet casino software in the industry but all of them offer the same package of services. This is a standard casino gaming platform for casino slots, online poker, probably they will also add some tools it work with database. But if you got used to be one step ahead and want not just to buy casino but offer an original content for the players then you need to refer to CasExe. 


You can open bitcoin casino or virtual reality casino with advanced technologies from CasExe. Multi functional gaming software enables to realize any idea. 

Online Casino Software From CasExe 

Online casino platform with advanced technologies from CasExe

CasExe offers to the customers a powerful gambling software for online casino. This online casino platform is for different budget that is why it is convenient for anyone who wants to buy casino. 

Advantages of online casino software from CasExe:

  • gambling software integration from various vendors; 
  • unlimited in a number of games online casino platform;
  • possibility to edit project after launching; 
  • convenient services in operator’s account; 
  • tools for game management; 
  • Flash technologies that do not require uploading; 
  • platform compatible with all browsers; 
  • multiple languages;
  • multiple currencies;
  • free system update;
  • CasExe services payment depends on casino income. 

CasExe saves your time and resources for design and business system management. Casino gambling platform contains the site drafts that may be added by elements on your choice or from the collection. If you do not find anything appropriate and you do not have your own design either, web-designers and front end developers will prepare a unique design of the site on your request.

Software for online casino is focused on players that is why online casino platform includes software for users’ communication. Also, there is an option “Connect to social networks”. 

If you want not only earn on betting but also monetize the site you need to implement several games modes: for real bets, for interest and demo game. Operator will manage these versions. There is a separate module of bonuses management in administrative area. Both extensive automotive and manual settings are available for each player. 

Responsible casino administrators can manage users’ accounts, chat with them, respond their questions and block or unblock accounts.

Your online casino will offer a plenty of payment methods but all funds are shown in a single e-wallet. It is possible to deposit or cash out money manually if needed. Operator has access all wallet settings and possibility to set up or remove limits for each user. 

Online casino software enables to manage the site and gaming content, add banners, menu, news, games from partners. 

Casino software should include reporting. CasExe provides detailed reports on casino activity: analytics of games and providers, payments, bonuses. 

It stands to mention a good job of support service. CasExe operators can help you to register domain, install the system and they are ready to answer any question at any time convenient for you.

CasExe Configurator for Turnkey Casino

CasExe configurator includes several basic samples, settings and elements to create casino. These are modern trendy solutions developed on the basis of advanced technologies in gambling industry. 

You will launch your casino very fast using the CasExe configurator. All you need is the name of future online casino, site draft, appropriate casino software, convenient payment systems, settings for bonuses and reporting filters. 

One of the big advantages is also that CasExe configurator is free. You will get ready for use casino with management system within a few hours. While CasExe is doing all hard work you are focused on digital strategy, positioning and casino promotion. 

Bitcoin Casino From CasExe

Turnkey Bitcoin casino from CasExe

Crypto-currency integration into online casino is the most disputable theme at the gambling conferences. ICE exhibition in February highlighted the key aspects of e-currency. 

CasExe broke new ground in this field and integrated block chain technologies in their system. If you want to open bitcoin casino that will operate on high quality level and accept payments without fail CasExe will help you with this. 

What you need to know about bitcoin casino:

  • crypto-currency transactions only between you and users. No banks or dealers; 
  • no fees, or minimal commission; 
  • bitcoin is not related to any country, this is a single system for entire world; 
  • crypto-currency account cannot be tied up; 
  • wallet with necessary services;
  • transactions are done within a few seconds and not in 3 days like in banks; 
  • bitcoin conversion into any national currency; 
  • anonymous payments; 
  • block chain independent system not controlled by any country; 
  • unlimited payments. 

Users choose bitcoin casino because they feel safe. There are no taxes, problems with the government, no licenses needed. CasExe can offer to buy turnkey bitcoin casino with payments in crypto-currency. 

VR Casino From CasExe 

Nowadays any shop that sells electronics can offer you various gadgets for virtual reality. Helmets, headset — all this is extremely popular, especially among the fans of computer games. 
Several realized online casino VR projects are already operating. Experienced developers can live out your dream about VR casino. CasExe created special department dealing with VR casino. Possibility to enjoy virtual reality in your casino will attract young and financially reliable audience. 

Main features of VR casino from CasExe:

  • project was developed by highly specialized experts in VR/AR; 
  • casino may use both virtual and augmented reality; 
  • synchronization with all kinds of headsets; 
  • strict deadline for project handover; 
  • client’s demands are the priority when creating VR casino. 

Virtual reality casino is a new trend picking up the speed. There are still a few experts capable to develop this software, so you can easily meet amateurs and non-professionals. CasExe hired only best of the best. Company employees have a great experience in other projects, and this is the main guarantee of quality.

White Label Casino

This option is convenient for those who want to buy turnkey online casino. White Label casino is a ready for use system under your brand. This online casino does not require special efforts of a customer. You only send the requirements list to CasExe, get ready for use casino, set up account of an operator and start working.

White Label casino operator should not worry about gambling license: CasExe provides all permits. At the beginning casino will depend on the company, but when it becomes more successful and business can get individual license CasExe will support you and assist you in any question. 

Payment system with the most popular payment methods will be installed in online casino.

But content is the most important. CasExe cooperates with many suppliers of online casino software, that is why they may provide access to the best casino slots at the gambling market. You will deal with more essential thing like promotional strategy. 

Besides, CasExe offers effective marketing solutions. Customer will be attracting core audience to his new site instead of sitting and developing casino structure.

Online gambling platform from CasExe is the key to success. Company employees work on their product every day implementing innovations in order to meet customers’ requirements. You will be developing in iGaming industry with a talented team of developers who are interested to expand your business. 

If you want to rent or buy online casino software from CasExe, you should fill an online application form on the site of Online Casino Market company. 


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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023