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Updated 18 december 2019

It is also worth noting that the owner of such a casino does not need to pay taxes and reckon with the legislation, which also means that there is no need for a license.

Bitcoin casino solution

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are virtual codes that occur and are kept on the Internet. You can buy them on various websites. In order to distribute bitcoins you need to have a bitcoin-wallet, which is quite easy to get. If you want to buy bitcoins, you need to register on a specialized website, receive a unique code and then create your own account.

Digital money does not go outside the framework of the Internet. For the completion of transactions you do not need any payment services, the whole network is peer-to-peer. Bitcoins can be located on a PC or on a server.

The process of bitcoin exchange is more than simple. The owner of the cryptocurrency sends it to another user in accordance with the principle of a torrent service. However, instead of files, movies or programs, he transfers virtual money.

All data related to bitcoin transactions is located on the server in the blockchain (which, by the way, today also starts to be used for other purposes). For the creation of a new wallet you will need only to indicate your name and e-mail. User remain anonymous, because nothing more is required for the registration.

Anonymous user

More About Bitcoin

Anyone can buy bitcoins on the global network, where there is a constant exchange of cryptocurrency. All users have their own code.

What are the advantages of bitcoins:

  • privacy of monetary transactions;
  • decentralization — the absence of dependence on the financial system;
  • bitcoin is not afraid of any crises, since it does not have an emission outside the network;
  • owners of a bitcoin-wallet remain anonymous.

All this appeals to the gambling business, as players have an opportunity to anonymously operate funds. You have no need to worry about the fact that your money can be stolen.

Many online casinos have turned to bitcoins, thus providing themselves with good traffic and constant profit. Beginning operators are more and more often interested in how to open bitcoin casino.

The income level and the consistency of operation determine the bitcoin casino software. The whole business directly depends on this component.

Advanced and modern bitcoin casino script serves as an insurance of the demand for the gambling establishment and its profitability. Although many players still do not trust the cryptocurrency, it has already managed to demonstrate what the future looks like. Therefore, anyone who decides to open bitcoin casino will definitely not regret it.

Bitcoin Casinos: Special Aspects

Bitcoin casino software provides the integration of unique functionality. Yes, players will certainly have doubts, but let's remember the history. People took with a pinch of salt any innovation that has appeared. However, in the end, innovations have proved their advantages and were put in place.

All modern casinos with cryptocurrency can be divided into two categories:

  • those, who have added an option to settle accounts with the usage of cryptocurrencies;
  • those, who use only cryptocurrency.

Casinos that have experienced all the advantages of bitcoins are not going to refuse them.

The Advantages of a Bitcoin Casino

  • Everything is absolutely confidential and anonymous.

Players are very pleased with the absence of the necessity to indicate their passport data. Although it is critical to provide this information in a traditional gambling establishment. Therefore, users can be sure of confidentiality.

  • Money will not disappear anywhere from the account.

The gambling has the right to block the account if some moments strike it as suspicious. In this case, all money will remain in the casino. What is special about the bitcoin casino software is the fact that all funds on the account are available only to its owner, and also it is known that it is impossible to hack an e-wallet. Therefore, players may not worry about the safety of their finances.

  • You can fix any size of bets.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, so it is can’t be limited to certain amounts of money, and also it can be divided into parts. Users can place bets, the size of which is comparable to the ten thousandth part of the dollar. But since the amount of bets is not limited, the online casino is completely satisfied with this scenario.

  • The absence of fees.

Any gambling establishment provides the payment of commission fees. The bitcoin casino script is developed in such a way that no intermediaries are needed for the completion of transactions.

  • Complete independence.

Gambling is prohibited in most countries. Hosting owners are forced to delete online casino websites. However, it does not threaten gambling establishments that use only bitcoins: they paddle their own canoe, and money is kept on the devices of players.\

  • Extensive prospects.

To open bitcoin casino means to keep up with the times. The growing number of online casinos steps up competition activates the creation of marketing associations, promotes the development of new ways to attract players. The increasing competition is the best driver for the improvement of the quality of services and the introduction of additional intuitive functions.

Subtleties of the Creation of a Bitcoin Casino

The bitcoin casino script is the basis of the gambling business. The bitcoin casino software should be chose carefully, since its quality should be on the highest level.

Bitcoin casino script

Some operators order the script and integrate it into the existing software, and others use the "turnkey casino" service when everything is delivered in one package.

Where it is possible to order bitcoin casino software? What you need to remember is that you should never contact an unknown manufacturer. Today it is not so difficult to choose a suitable specialist, who will take up the implementation of the project of any complexity.

What you should turn attention to when choosing a developer:

  • how many years does the company offer its services;
  • the number of implemented projects (look through the portfolio);
  • what do partners and players say about the company;
  • the product suite of the company.

Reliable Firms

Relying on the reviews and opinions of experts, Russian entrepreneurs are recommended to give preference to the company Slotegrator. Its product suite includes software from leading providers. Moreover, in addition to the development of the bitcoin casino script and the bitcoin casino software, Slotegrator’s customers receive useful information for business operations.

The developer provides high-quality software and the integration of bitcoin casino script, helps casino operators to choose games and install programs. In the first instance, experts control the software behavior.

The company is interested in the partners’ safety and protects its interests.

Bitcoin casino software from Slotegrator can be characterized with:

  • rapid effecting of payments;
  • reliable and secure transactions;
  • ability to convert currency;
  • personal settings of payment accounts;
  • handy bitcoin-wallet.

No less worthy solutions are offered by CASEXE. The company introduces bitcoin-services into casinos, which were developed on the basis of its platform. Moreover, developers can easily create a project from scratch or implement cryptocurrency as an additional method of payment.

CASEXE’s customers receive a high-quality and modern bitcoin-casino with all its advantages.


All gambling establishments were not immune to arrears in payment, failures in the security system, etc. Bitcoin casinos do not have these disadvantages and provide ideal conditions for both gamblers and operators.

Online Casino Market offers you to buy a turnkey bitcoin casino, to develop a unique project or to temporarily rent a business in order to test the service and make money from this.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 18 december 2019