Turnkey Online Casino: How to Achieve High Traffic in 2022

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01 july 2022

The creation of a modern online casino is half the battle. To receive a consistently high income, an operator needs to actively interact with users. He or she should conduct effective arbitrage and monetise the received online traffic.

The Online Casino Market team has prepared an overview of the casino options that will allow you to attract and retain a promising audience in 2022.

Turnkey online casino business

We will tell you about a successful marketing strategy, the right loyalty program, and other things that affect website traffic.

You can buy an online casino at a favourable price from Online Casino Market. We supply complex products with such important elements as a video games catalogue, a payment module, and security software.

The Features of Solvent Traffic Arbitrage

The essence of a good marketing strategy lies in the use of several content distribution methods at once (from cooperation with affiliates to direct advertising).

A balanced approach will help you create a pool of loyal customers in the short term.

Consider several popular ways to promote turnkey online casinos:

SEO optimisation

This step implies work on bringing a site to the top of search queries in Google, Yandex, and other popular systems.

To achieve the desired result, an SEO specialist:

  • optimises the structure of a casino site;
  • performs relinking of key queries;
  • fills a resource with useful reference material

SMM marketing

This is the promotion of a turnkey casino on social networks and the attraction of the most valuable traffic for an operator.

As a rule, an SMM advertiser:

  • interacts with opinion leaders (bloggers, former athletes);
  • creates public and interest groups;
  • distributes content in specialised communities


This method is based on sending targeted messages to users if they agreed to process their data during registration.

E-mail notifications can:

  • inform users about current promotions and new slots;
  • provide a promo code to access VIP solutions;
  • remind a gamer about available casino bonuses

Cooperation with affiliates

These are specialised companies or individuals who conduct traffic arbitration for a fee.

Consider the benefits of affiliate marketing:

  • work only with the target audience with careful selection by age, gender, hobbies, and other parameters;
  • different ways of remuneration (most often the CPA method and the RevShare scheme are used);
  • simple and convenient control over results

The First Impression of a Casino: Things Users Pay Attention to

Internet casino: key characteristics

Thanks to a good marketing strategy, gamblers visit online casino sites by clicking on:

  • posts on social networks;
  • referral links;
  • direct requests from Google or Yandex.

Then the acquaintance with the iGaming project occurs. It directly affects the conversion. This is the ratio between site visitors and users who have completed the desired action — registration and account replenishment.

The task of an operator is to achieve 100% conversion. This is possible only due to the high quality (well-thought-out structure, security, availability) of an iGaming project.

Let us consider the key characteristics of casinos that customers pay attention to:

High Response Speed

It is hard to imagine the creation of an online casino in 2022 without a built-in chatbot.

This smart assistant performs the initial consultation with clients:

  • it instantly provides the requested information about a casino, a licence, limits, etc.;
  • helps users with registration and replenishment of accounts;
  • organises free games with substantial bonuses.

The chatbot is integrated into a system as a pop-up dialogue box. Be creative, add voice prompts to the program or provide ready-made answers to frequently asked questions.

Stylish and Vivid Design

Almost 90% of information is perceived by the organs of vision. The iGaming sphere is no exception. Gamers prefer to play at colourful casinos, while low-quality projects quickly become uninteresting to users.

Here are the criteria for choosing a gambling resource:

  • good visualisation (corporate style, pleasant colours, appropriate 3D transitions);
  • easy website navigation (clear menu with key information placed on the main page);
  • the presence of a detailed information section (you can create a FAQ page);
  • the connection of widgets (for example, icons for a quick transition to the page of an iGaming project in social networks).

Catalogue of Modern Games

Before opening an online casino, a businessman needs to take care of filling the resource with entertainment content.

Here are the characteristics of a good casino games catalogue:

  • the support for various types of entertainment options — slot machines, poker, bingo, lottery draws, live, and table games;
  • the availability of solutions from leading manufacturersNetEnt, Microgaming, Amatic, Novomatic, Pragmatic Play, and others;
  • constant replenishment of the catalogue with stylish novelties;
  • the diversity plots, non-standard approaches to the gameplay mathematics and bonus strategy;
  • the availability of a demo version for all titles in the portfolio.

The Financial Policy of a Casino

As a rule, users pay attention to:

  • max- and min-limits for depositing/withdrawing;
  • available payment methods (bank card processing, mobile and electronic transfers);
  • the speed of money transfers;
  • the percentage of commission fees;
  • the specifics of verification on a gambling site.

The Retention of Promising Players as the Key to an iGaming Business’ Success

It is hard to imagine the creation of a turnkey casino solution without an advanced loyalty system.

Consider the main elements that get a great response from the audience:

  1. Start bonuses. An operator gives money to new gamblers who have just registered at a casino and made their first deposit. The sums of rewards can be different, from a symbolic 20% of a replenishment amount to a 2-fold increase of a deposit. The only condition — the received bonus must be wagered. The optimal range of wagers used on websites is from x5 to x40.
  2. Cashback. An online casino returns a part of the funds they lost to gamblers. Even a small percentage of cashback (10–15%) will increase customer loyalty to a gambling site. Gamers feel appreciated and cared for their well-being. The refund amount can be paid to users' cards or transferred to in-game bonuses.
  3. Promo codes. The opportunity to start a game for free (with a certain account balance) always attracts gamers. When the taste of victory is close, clients start real money sessions. Information about promotional codes is a great way to increase website conversion and improve the position of an iGaming resource in search engines.
  4. Seasonal campaigns. The owner of a turnkey casino business can combine several games with similar plots or mechanics into an exciting mission with a good prize pool. It is possible to organise a multiplayer tournament, create a rating of participants, and post reviews and expert assessments within a campaign.
  5. In-game bonuses. These are non-monetary gifts. An online casino can increase the limits for depositing and withdrawing funds, extend the playing time, give free spins and good multipliers, and open access to premium products. In-game bonuses allow an operator to keep customers on a site for as long as possible, offering them new solutions each time.

As in the case of marketing promotion, the loyalty system must be used comprehensively. This diversifies the gaming experience of customers and retains the most valuable customers.

New Trends that Can Increase Online Traffic

VR content for casinos

The gambling market forges ahead. New trends and relevant online casino software solutions for a confident start and rapid development in the industry appear.

The following products will help you improve the traffic of an iGaming project in 2022:

  1. Telegram casinos. This is a robotic assistant built into the Telegram social network. The program serves as a link between gamers and a casino. The chatbot attracts customers to a site by offering a free game with generous bonuses. In addition, the web chat advises gamblers on various issues — from the registration process to withdrawing methods.
  2. VR games. The presence of such content will significantly increase the traffic to a gambling site. The development of VR turnkey casino software is based on virtual reality technology. This is a multi-level program simulation that provides 4-dimensional gameplay. The image is very realistic.
  3. Social games. This is shareware content that can be played directly on social platforms, for example, Facebook, Google, etc. Traffic is monetised through the sale of in-game tools: additional difficulty levels, extended limits, and colourful special effects. A gambler can always continue playing at a casino by spinning the reels for real money.

The Main Things about the Effective Attraction and Retention of Casino Customers

High online traffic of an iGaming project is the key to its prosperity. Its quality and volume directly affect the profitability of a gambling business, its scaling, and the smooth entry into new markets.

  • To attract the target audience, operators use SEO optimisation, SMM marketing, mailing, and affiliate marketing. It is better to use all methods as a complex to achieve the best result.
  • When visiting a gambling site, users pay attention to the response speed, modern design, and video game catalogue. During registration and depositing, players are faced with a payment policy and a verification system. All processes should be simple and streamlined as much as possible.
  • To keep valuable gamblers, you can use bonuses, cashback, promotional codes, seasonal campaigns, and in-game tools.
  • Operators can improve their entertainment catalogues by integrating VR content and social games. An excellent choice is to connect a Telegram casino to arbitrage targeted traffic from a popular social network.

Online Casino Market offers you turnkey casino websites for sale under the most favourable conditions.

We supply a wide range of products. In addition to setting up a technical platform, we will implement your boldest design ideas, help with marketing promotion, and create an original bonus campaign.

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