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Updated 01 february 2023

The gambling segment in the country has gained global popularity in recent years. It is characterised by huge economic potential and great interest in entertainment from its residents.

Gambling has been popular in the country since the 20th century, while such amusement is still prohibited in many states worldwide. The territory of Ontario is currently attracting the most interest — it has the best indicators of gaming business success.

Gambling in Canada: general info

Online Casino Market provides a detailed overview of the Canadian wagering industry and its regulations in different provinces. We can also help you launch a unique gaming project in a promising area.

Gambling in Canada: Basic Information

Six out of ten residents enjoy online casinos and betting sites. There are authorized operators in Canada. The government also participates in the industry, holding monopolies on offering gaming services.

Wagering activities have been popular in the region for centuries, so the history of legalisation goes back several decades.

There is no single gambling body — the industry is regulated at the federal level in each province. Regional authorities create their laws and unique rules, which may differ both for offline and digital wagering.

The most promising areas for opening a gaming business in the country:

  • Ontario;
  • Manitoba;
  • Quebec;
  • Prince Edward Island;
  • New Brunswick.

History and Nuances of Regulation

Due to the high profits from the entertainment sphere, throughout the years, local laws became more compliant. The country allowed many forms of gambling.

Key milestones in the history of Canadian wagering:

  • the 1970s — the state established sphere regulation by eliminating unlawful activities;
  • the 1990s — official ground casinos, horse tracks, and lottery terminals appeared;
  • 2009 — the legalisation of internet wagering in Canada started;
  • 2010 — the first legal online casino, PlayNow, appeared;
  • 2020 — many ground gaming complexes closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • 2021 — the Canadian government allowed online bids on single games;
  • 2022 — Ontario started issuing licences to iGaming entrepreneurs.

The Situation in Different Regions

Canadian gambling market: provinces

Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Each local authority creates special laws and rules for operators:


Only religious and charitable organisations are allowed to provide gambling services. PlayAlberta is the only legal platform on the territory

British Columbia

Land-based activities have been allowed in the province since 2002, but the internet sector has not yet been legalised


Terrestrial and online wagering is managed by the local Liquor and Gaming Authority

New Brunswick

According to the Gaming Control Act, gambling entrepreneurs can work in the province. However, there is only one terrestrial casino and one betting portal

Newfoundland and Labrador

No activity other than sports betting on the Pro-Line site is permitted on the territory

Nova Scotia

Here, gambling possibilities are rather limited since only 2 state casinos and the services of the Pro-Line bookmaker are allowed

Prince Edward Island

Lottery draws, horse racing and sports betting are widespread in the province


Residents of the territory can play in 9 land-based gaming halls, visit a government-owned web platform Espacejeux and the Mise-O-Jeu betting site


Although internet gambling is still prohibited, local punters can access the Sports Select betting resource

Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories

There are no online platforms or terrestrial casinos in these regions, so punters visit offshore web casinos


This is the most promising and liberal Canadian province, that has recently provided the best conditions for organising iGaming businesses

Gambling Industry in Ontario: Features and Benefits

It is the only province in Canada that has allowed foreign companies to conduct all forms of wagering. The Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has created a special system to monitor and support the industry.

Operators sign agreements with iGaming Ontario after providing certification of products by an independent laboratory, gathering a list of required documents, and paying a fee.

The main reasons for running an online casino in the province are:

  1. Legal environment. Any gaming activities are allowed on the territory, both for local and foreign operators.
  2. Low competition. There are a few casino sites in the province, so it is easy for a new entrepreneur to enter the market.
  3. Strong economy. Entrepreneurs in the territory receive high incomes due to the stable financial situation in the country.
  4. High request for gambling. A large number of Canadians play slots and place bets, especially in Ontario.
  5. Wide range of entertainment. The province allows businesses to conduct different types of gambling.
  6. Diverse payment methods. Canadians use plenty of popular financial methods, including bank cards, e-wallets and crypto tokens.

How to Start an Online Casino in Ontario

Online casino in Ontario: launch tasks

To open a gambling site in the province, it is necessary to complete the following tasks:

  1. Develop a good strategy. Determine which services to offer and calculate costs for project creation and maintenance.
  2. Obtain a licence. Apply to the AGCO to get a work permit. You can operate with both local and foreign certificates.
  3. Choose a gaming software provider. Select a company with years of experience in creating effective programs, a great reputation, and various offerings.
  4. Develop a unique site. Assemble a decent portal with easy navigation for the constant attraction of new customers. Also, you should localise the resource using 2 official languages ​​— English and French.
  5. Include popular payment methods. Players in Ontario are looking for sites with instant transactions. In Canada, such payment methods as classic credit and debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are popular.
  6. Provide 100% security. Install the latest protection systems against money laundering and information thefts. Use fraud detection tools, identity verification, behavioural analysis technologies, etc.

The Main Things about the Canadian Gambling Industry

This is a promising region for modern operators of entertainment businesses. The results of legalisation are already visible as the area brings huge profits to entrepreneurs.

  • Canada legalised gambling activity in the 1970s, allowing provinces to establish individual industry rules and standards.
  • Ontario is the most liberal territory, and local web amusement is regulated by the AGCO.
  • The main advantages of launching an iGaming business in Ontario are the legal environment, high demand for entertainment, and low competition.

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