Partner Platforms: Concentrated Efforts to Start an Online Casino

Updated 17 december 2019

An affiliate platform is a sure way to provide the long-term success for an online casino in the context of a competitive gambling market.

Online Casino Market offers a group of the most reliable partner programs, which guarantee the necessary targeted gambling traffic for an internet gaming establishment.

Website vs. Affiliate Program: a Partner to Start Online Casino With

There are different home and foreign affiliate programs, so an operator can choose the one that fits a particular project depending on the area of the business interest. It stands to mention however, there is an opportunity to collaborate with a website or a number of them involved to facilitate the promotion to your online gambling club. If you choose to do so, turn to large and reputed resources, which operate in the sphere of gambling business.

Online casino promotion in social networks

A website gives a chance to place ads of your resource in one of the following ways:

  • Post a partner link in forums, blogs, newsletters, author articles, comments, etc.
  • Post ads in the systems of contextual advertising (Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords).
  • Use targeted advertising in social networks.

Still, we recommend considering acquiring a partner software, since it provides a much larger specter of opportunities to gambling club operators.

Gambling affiliate program is a form of business collaboration between a gambling business and partner company, which is paid for each client your gambling club acquires. This two-way interaction is mutually beneficial since a casino gets promoted, while your partner receives a certain money reward.

If you plan to start online casino that will be actively visited we advise to choose a specialized partner program, which is sure to bring sufficient traffic for your casino. Online Casino Market collected the most favorable propositions on its website.

What a casino partner program generally provides to casino operators:

  • ability to quickly acquire stable gambling traffic;
  • tools for working with the target audience;
  • targeting by various parameters (location, language, device);
  • relevant statistics and reporting;
  • traffic data of each individual visitor;
  • click tracking;
  • personalized marketing solutions, which greatly enhance the effectiveness of the partnership, etc.

Before you set up an online casino, you should consider choosing a casino partner that meets your goals and priorities. A good ad platform can really help configure gambling traffic.

Online Casino Market gathered a number of the most trusted affiliate software providers bringing you the professional business solutions.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 17 december 2019