Online Casino License Issue: Staying Clear Before the Law

Online casino Licensing
Updated 17 december 2019

The professionals with the Online Casino Market company have been successfully dealing with this challenging task for years in a row. The agency offers package online casino license solutions, which allow opening an internet gambling club in just in a few weeks absolutely legally.

Online casino license

Presently, there is a sufficient number of jurisdictions that permit an online casino to be licensed for international activities. The choice of course depends on the preferences and targets you pursue in the gambling business.

When choosing a jurisdiction to open a gaming internet business, there are several rules to follow:

  • look for a country that can provide the maximum number of visitors;
  • estimate the tax burden you shall incur after choosing a particular jurisdiction;
  • find out which jurisdictions have the highest authority in the gambling community (users might be aware of the legalization peculiarities and may pay attention to them).

Online Casino License in Offshore Countries

The most attractive judicial fields for a casino club are clearly those completely exempting non-residents from taxes in case of conducting business outside the country. In this case, an offshore registration can significantly improve your financial outcome.

Among the most popular offshore states are:

  • United Arab Emirates freeing from the financial statements and income tax.
  • Seychelles offering an adequately simple registration procedure.
  • Belize the providing simplified registration scheme and information confidentiality for all companies.
  • Malta offering good tax privileges (though granting such only after rigorous checks for compliance with the legislation), etc.

Online Casino License in the European Countries

With the development of international global relations, an increasing number of companies have begun to aim at entering the global business arena. High-quality standards, more solvent customers, comprehensive markets, reliable partners, stable economies comprise only a part of the benefits of registering a gambling establishment in Europe.

Europe (the EU flag)

European jurisdiction (whether it is Switzerland, Denmark or England) itself adds prestige to the general image of a company.

It also gives an additional opportunity for profitable activities due to flexible tax policies and steady legislation, as well as the following conditions:

  • possibility of cooperation with world financial centers;
  • protection of assets and diversification of income sources;
  • advantageous credit terms;
  • no double taxation.

Online Casino License in the United States

The United States is the country with a wide range of business opportunities enabling a gambling company to operate in a transparent and dependable environment.

In the United States, the rules governing the creation of a casino business vary depending on the state, so it may not the easiest task to determine the appropriate jurisdiction on your own.

The establishment of a company in individual states has its own defined local legislation. However, the key stages of a company registration like the choice of organizational and legal of a company, selection of the registered agent are common regardless of the state.

How to Settle the Legalization Issues Quickly?

The gambling market conditions are constantly being uprated and tightened making the acquisition of a casino license a fairly complex process. Moreover, it is a dynamic process prone to changes: new market participants emerge, requirements change, conditions improve. In order to make the registration justified and economically feasible, it is necessary to monitor the world situation, analyze, compare, and study the legislative nuances.

It is neither easy nor financially beneficial to do this on your own because the process will take a long time, consume a lot of valuable resources and distract from the other important activities.

It is much more rational to register a company offshore with the support of Online Casino Market, which experts follow the changes in the world situation and legislation, compare the conditions and requirements of different countries to choose the jurisdiction that will work best for you.

Online Casino Market has considerable experience in creating organizations of different types. The company provides a complete set of support for creating a company in any state, accompanied by all stages of its registration in a given country:

  • preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • verification and confirmation of a company name;
  • filing the necessary applications;
  • payment of fees and duties for registration;
  • incorporation in the state registers;
  • opening of bank accounts.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 17 december 2019