Online Casino Server: the Best Casino Web Hosting Choices for Gambling Business, August 2017

1. Gambling Web Hosting: Which Country to Choose

2. Gambling Web Hosting: the Best Suppliers

3. Offshore hosting in Curacao

  3.1. A Legionbox virtual server

  3.2. Inferno Solutions hosting

  3.3. SiteGround gambling web hosting

  3.4. DreamHost casino hosting

  3.5. Digital Ocean

  3.6. Slotegrator casino hosting

4. Gambling Web Hosting: a One-Click Purchase From Online Casino Market

The gambling industry a prosperous online area of activities since 90% of the total turnover of monetary transactions is accounted for by gaming sites.

Gambling web hosting software

The launch and development of an online casino are like building a house. It should be based on a solid foundation. In our case, it is gambling web hosting. The casino business has always been and will be a highly competitive environment, in which rather dirty methods are often used (hacking, DDoS attacks, and much more).

Hosting can be compared to a stronghold that protects your business.

Core aspects that need to be considered when you are searching for a good host:

  • A resource should necessarily accept niche gaming sites.
  • Provision of a fast operation speed.
  • Reliability with the minimal wait time.
  • Regular update of security functions.
  • Presence of the latest versions of PHP.
  • Simple management of WordPress platforms.
  • Clear and high-quality VPS updates and tools for scaling an Internet resource.
  • Professional technical support.

Online Casino Market can provide you with the most reliable gambling web hosting. With our team, you will feel confident about the future and make your project profitable.

Usually, hostings are selected depending on the country, in which they are located. Thus, in Russia, gambling is banned so a casino business will not be acceptable there.

Gambling Web Hosting: Which Country to Choose

A list of countries where you can easily purchase hosting:

  1. Antigua and Barbuda Islands.
  2. The Isle of Man.
  3. Costa Rica.
  4. The Netherlands.
  5. Gibraltar.
  6. Malta.
  7. Curacao.
  8. The Antilles.
  9. Panama.
  10. Mexico.

Several countries follow special control instructions and rules related to casino licensing, and some of them offer very loyal conditions for the development of the casino business.

Among popular and trustworthy offshore jurisdictions, we can name:

  • Malta. This country issues four types of licenses that are valid for five years. The registration of a gaming site costs from fifty thousand euro. The level of tax payments is 5%. An additional advantage is that this country is part of the EU, and entrepreneurs can use the service of connecting to a merchant account.
  • Gibraltar. The license will cost from thirty thousand euro. The extension of a contract costs about two thousand euro annually. Advantages of this jurisdiction: carefully thought-out and convenient conditions for cooperation with many European banking establishments and the lack of the initial payment. Among disadvantages, we can specify the necessity to pay two tax duties – a tax on income and contributions for the conduct of the casino business. Permits are issued only to companies that have passed an audit inspection and have a fair name and a stable financial condition.
  • Costa Rica. An approximate price is about fifteen thousand dollars. The contract is renewed every three months. All operations will cost one thousand five hundred dollars each. If bets are accepted from non-residents, there will be no tax levy. However, the registration procedure requires hiring a local representative, it is mandatory to find an office space, hire staff, and receive a permit in the municipality.
  • Antigua and Barbuda. A department of the FSRC deals with casino licensing. The service costs twenty-five thousand dollars, plus an extra charge of up to seventy thousand dollars annually. The treaty extension will cost five thousand dollars. Here you can use any initial capital. Bets accepted from foreign customers are not subject to tax. The FSRC control department establishes rather strict procedures and rules for carrying on the gambling business. Thus, on each website, there should be warnings about the ban on gambling for people under the age of eighteen.
  • The Isle of Man. The price of a license will be no more than one thousand pounds sterling but its extension will cost about twenty thousand pounds sterling annually. Foreign customers are offered very loyal business arrangements. A single disadvantage is the duty to pay taxes – 1.5% of the profit.

Gambling Web Hosting: the Best Suppliers

Online Casino Market has analysed the market and made a list of the best hosting providers. We offer relevant tools for the growth of your gambling projects, as well as the creation of a turnkey casino, integration of software, technical support, promotion, and much more.

Offshore hosting in Curacao

The product is connected to South America and the USA via LEVEL b Internap networks.

The company's range of services includes:

  • dedicated servers;
  • collocation;
  • VPS products;
  • shared hosting cPanel;
  • backup solutions;
  • certificates of safety;
  • an investment program.

It also offers solutions for banking establishments and small and large business in the Caribbean, financial companies, and operators that provide casino services. An additional feature is a comprehensive set of tools for bitcoin casinos.

The company's policy includes an individual approach to each customer and provision of solutions for business with the maximal output.

A Legionbox virtual server

We offer you some standard services included in each package:

  • Instant setup (a free feature).
  • Access to one dedicated IP address.
  • Guaranteed payback (this function is available for fourteen days and forty-eight hours from the time of purchase of annual and monthly products, respectively).
  • A wide range of proven and reliable servers and routers.
  • Round-the-clock mobile communications, email, and online technical support.
  • Protection of the informational content.
  • Round-the-clock uninterrupted network monitoring.
  • Panel SolusVM (start/restart functions and the installation of a virtual server and new operating system).

Legionbox virtual server

Legionbox gambling web hosting guarantees its customers the following advantages:

  • convenient root access (an ability to launch any application);
  • simple management of one or several web resources;
  • multifunctionality (the server is available for hosting, games, etc.);
  • trouble-free operation with the maximum speed;
  • prevention of unauthorised operations (for example, blocking of spam mailing, mass advertising mailing, distribution of the malicious software, etc.).

This server supports the following operating systems – Windows, Linux, and SSD-VPS. Available geographical locations: United States, Germany, Switzerland, and Russia.

Inferno Solutions hosting

This hoster has been working with locations in the Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden, and Poland for five years.

Advantages of Inferno Solutions:

  • bulletproof hosting service (it means that you can post almost any content without the risk of receiving complaints about the quality of both the website itself and the characteristics of its content);
  • a stable operation;
  • free settings based on individual parameters of customers;
  • free assistance and technical support in the porting process;
  • qualified assistance with binding to the domain and all questions about the server that may arise (for free);
  • loyal price policy (the first platform can be placed for a minimal monthly fee of ten dollars, and the website is automatically placed on the server with the DDoS protection system);
  • guaranteed anonymity. The hoster is obliged to observe secrecy and not to disclose information to third parties (including the PKN).

Inferno Solutions successfully cooperates with more than one thousand customers, regularly expands its base, and improves technical capabilities. Its assortment consists of dedicated, virtual, and new ultra-fast servers. The backup storage is also provided.

SiteGround gambling web hosting

It is an independent and rapidly-growing company, which was founded in 2004. The website with multilingual teams has five information processing centres worldwide.

Offers of SiteGroup:

  • continuous operation with WordPress;
  • automatic update feature;
  • presence of the latest versions of PHP and CURL & MySQL;
  • carefully elaborated content delivery network with a free activation of the account;
  • advanced SuperCacher functionality with support for the SG Optimizer plug-in.

DreamHost casino hosting

It is officially recommended by It attracts with a simple interface and a user-friendly control panel. An interesting feature is that the company accepts not only gaming sites but also resources with the adult content. It is part of the company’s policy, which "demonstrates a nuanced approach to the provision of users with the complete freedom to host content with many themes".

Digital Ocean

Among its main advantages, we can name:

  • a total freedom with VPS tools;
  • ability to select the required amount of space for data storage;
  • the function of selecting the required number of processor cores;
  • loyal pricing – even the cheapest package guarantees an almost unlimited speed.

An interesting feature of Digital Ocean is the absence of cPanel and similar tools for setting up a convenient tool palette. The product is popular among advanced users who prefer functional content rather than simplicity and convenience of management tools.

Slotegrator casino hosting

Slotegrator offers its customers a full set of technical equipment for gambling websites.

This company provides:

  • Round-the-clock service. Any technical failures are fixed within the shortest possible time. All technical support and maintenance tools are available immediately after you pay for the hosting package.
  • A high speed of the operation. This system responds to all external requests instantly.
  • Stable work. Online casinos demonstrate uninterrupted operation even with critical loads on the resource (for example, the high traffic).
  • A high volume of traffic. The Slotegrator server is an excellent bandwidth performance and ability to process huge amounts of information within the shortest possible time.
  • Legality of work. The operation of the server of gambling sites occurs on is totally legal and is subject to mandatory licensing.
  • Integrated protection system. Unauthorised access to websites is instantly blocked by taking special measures (for example, Firewall tools).

Slotegrator casino web hosting

Gambling Web Hosting: a One-Click Purchase From Online Casino Market

This company offers to buy hosting for casinos from reputable suppliers. We have not only great ways to launch and develop the gambling business but also we can give you an opportunity to always stay tuned for more news.

Our offer includes:

Professional technical support, qualitative software, effective marketing and advertising campaigns – we can provide you with all tools that will make your casino prosperous.

For all questions, please contact us:

  • E-mail:
  • Telegram: @spinwin.
  • Skype: slotsmarket.
  • Via the feedback form.