Online casino server: the best casino web hosting choices for gambling business, August 2017

Regardless of the goals you pursue when building a house, you need to take care of the solid foundation first. By continuing the analogy with a home, but in relation to the gambling business on the Internet, everything we see is the décor like wallpaper, sofas, chairs, tables, and so on. Casino web hosting is the supporting structure. For a site to work smoothly and quickly and withstand a large traffic flow, you should take care of a good casino server. Especially when it comes to Internet gambling, which needs special treatment.

Casino web hosting

Entertainments of a gambling nature are directly linked to money turnover. If it's a popular online casino, there's going to be a flow of huge sums of money. Of course, large financial flows attract people with, let's say, bad intentions, who always try to get private gains. Another regrettable pattern is that such individuals usually endowed certain abilities and knowledge of programming, etc.

Internet casinos constantly face hacking in the form of organized DDoS attacks, break-in attempts, etc. it’s a common practice that hackers are hired by competitors to spoil your reputation. Gambling is a highly competitive environment, which is why casino owners resort to even the most sordid methods of struggle. You have to be ready for this.

Online casino hosting is what will protect you. It's a rock that won't let in a single enemy, but will gladly receive all the guests. It doesn't matter how advanced the platform you bought is because if it’s installed on a leaky server, irreparable things may happen. Remember that few hackers endure to such temptation.

Would you like to get a good online casino server and be sure that your resource won’t stop working tomorrow? Online Casino Market is at your services.

The company's specialists analyzed the providers and made a list of the best hosting suppliers offering optimal conditions for gambling business. The opinions of other operators were taken into account when drawing up the list. - casino web hosting

We’d better begin with the provider. Quality casino web hosting, extensive service package (registration of a new domain and more), IP telephony will certainly leave online operators satisfied. You can use a bank card or an e-wallet payment service to pay for the provider’s services.

Operators can choose the most agreeable (in relation to a particular case) tariff plan, which cost will depend on the processor capacity of the selected server, and the amount of data storage space. has already opened a number of data centres with duplicating independent communication channels and advanced fire protection systems. Professionals are constantly working to improve the level of security, which is essential for gambling for the reasons mentioned above.

The control panel has a simple and pleasant user interface that is easy to understand. For the time of its work, the provider was not once involved in any scandal. The support service responds quickly, so is an excellent gambling hosting, which can satisfy all the customer's wishes. - casino web hosting began to deliver its services in 2007, and managed to become one of the leading hosting providers in ten years. Today, the company has reached the international level and can boast a huge number of clients.

The customer is granted an extensive package of services, including starting a new domain, placing the site on the web, and the lease of the dedicated servers. The company has an intelligent pricing policy. Casino server offers have only one limit — the memory capacity.

Site owners can install several Web resource, domains, databases, email boxes, etc. on the servers. To make sure that is a truly reliable provider, you can use a free 30-day trial period.

Of course, security is at the highest level (how else?). The very existence of companies that have been using the services of this provider for 10 years (since its inception) and are unwilling to switch to other services is already saying a lot. Online casino hosting from will give operators the confidence, and they won't have to worry about anything.

As far as the interface is concerned, it may seem complicated first. But if to spend some time opening the sections and watching how it all works, it becomes clear: this is one of the most comfortable and balanced control panels. Useful functions, stability of work, and a crystal clean reputation make a virtual casino server from this provider a perfect choice.

Another time-tested provider that offers gambling entrepreneurs a powerful casino server. All customers can count on individual approach and the realization of each one of their desires. The speed of installation and setup is worth noting. It usually takes less than an hour for the specialists to integrate and customize everything. is a stable and strong hosting that is well suited for such a specific niche as Internet gambling. An adequate cost of services and a lot of interesting options make the provider the finest possible choice. You can use a 10-day trial period to evaluate the way it is built and how it all works.

The Russian hosting provider began its activities in 2004. Modern channels provide quality communication in all CIS countries. In order for everyone to be able to find the optimal conditions, special tariff plans have been developed, which main difference is in the amount of disk space.

You can use a test period to verify the quality of the services. The data centers are located in the Netherlands, have an advanced energy-saving system and backup supply. This way, the company maintains the stable operation of its equipment in all circumstances. is serious about ensuring maximum security. Access to the building with servers is granted only by special passes, and all worker activities are tracked through the monitoring system.

In general, the company is responsible about fulfilling its obligations and is doing everything it can to make casino web hosting meet the high safety standards.

The hosting provider offers a convenient control panel, which even a school kid can manage. - online casino hosting is a hosting provider offering quality services at affordable prices. Here you can select one of the tariffs based on your own demands. You can use a 10-day test period to make sure that the gambling hosting from is really high-quality.

A thoughtful interface makes the controlling of functions simple and straightforward. There are many well-known companies among the customers.

Entrepreneurs have the right to choose the operating system, scripts, and amount of disk space. - gambling hosting

The history of the provider started in 1997.

The company currently offers a lot of benefits for gambling business people:

  • casino web hosting is not restricted to any traffic limits;
  • unlimited memory capacity;
  • you can pay for services in any convenient way, including the PayPal system;
  • customers are provided with a five-day test period to use the full service package free of cost;
  • free domain registration and no restrictions on adding addresses.

A multi-level security system and responsible tech support are worth mentioning as well.


This is the most favorable, if not the best choice in terms of price/quality. You can place an unlimited number of databases, and there are no traffic limits (which is really important for a good online casino). Any experienced webmaster will confirm the REG.RU management interface to be designed to the last detail. So a REG.RU casino server is a worthy option that deserves attention.

Online casino hosting collects statistics on visits and provides useful services. In the event of even a minor problem, the REG.RU client can always use some help of the technical support.

A budget-oriented casino server, which provides a great level of reliability. A great choice of invaluable functionality and multi-level protection against unauthorized access makes a good hosting for gambling projects.

For a client to ascertain a good quality of services, the provider gives free 10 days of server use. - casino server allows operators to place as many sites and databases as they want by the terms of any tariff. The traffic is unlimited as well, and customers only pay for a casino server.

There’s a useful feature available, which is an opportunity to back up all the information. With this option, you can quickly and easily recover all data in case some kind of failure occurs. A 10-day free access for feature testing is included.


A renowned gambling software provider also offers a good and reliable online casino hosting. Slotegrator customers who have resorted to other services of the developer can expect additional privileges.

The Slotegrator hosting is characterized by unlimited traffic and high speed of operation. Since the company's main activities are directly related to gambling, the casino web hosting takes into account all the characteristics of the business. It has everything to provide the right level of security. To sum up, it can be concluded that Slotegrator is one of the strongest fortresses for an Internet casino.

Slotegrator is an anti abuse hosting for casinos, which is an additional security guarantee for operators.

There is actually a great many of hosting providers. Most of them offer really qualitative services at reasonable prices. But it’s important to understand the specifics of gambling, as well as the fact that it is prohibited in many countries of the world. Not every company is ready to take responsibility and to host an online casino on its servers.

The solutions listed above are the best available for hosting a gambling project. The providers do not need extra explanations and No one asked any questions and carefully fulfill the obligations they’ve undertaken. If you want to learn more about a particular provider, you can go to its official site and see the details.

Online Casino Market offers to buy casino web hosting from trusted and reputable companies. The company has many years of experience in the gambling industry and knows what online gambling sites are sure to become successful and what are most likely to fail and why.

Business owners have a chance to get exactly what their projects need. If you have any questions, call and inquire whatever you would like to know. Proficient consultants are eager to explain everything and lay down the nuances. Use the best offers to be successful in your area.