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Updated 13 march 2020

If you want to start a white label online casino, you will have to find a well-known brand that provides leasing services. This means you will cooperate with this company during the entire period of renting. Since the license and software are the two key things that your “parent” will provide you with, the rest of the expenditures aren’t too high. However, it all depends on what profit you want to receive. The more you invest, the more you eventually get from your White label business.

Start a White label online casino

The experts from Online Casino Market have calculated the estimated expenses you might need for the organizational process of such online casino:

  • Brand and design development: 15–20%.
  • Website creation: 30-35%.
  • Additional software: 10–15%.
  • Promotion campaign: 30–35%.

What Exactly you Get from a White Label Online Casino?

Proper construction of links between all these elements is the key to the successful working process. It would be complicated for a beginner to start everything from scratch: create an independent company, enter into agreements with payment systems providers, game manufacturers, and so on. All this requires enormous investments, which the majority can’t afford. This problem is solved by resorting to the White Label solution. In the world of online gambling, this is a prevalent practice. It is very difficult to distinguish a high-quality White-labeled institution from an independent resource since you get a bunch of exclusive features.

Good Reputation

When an establishment roots its origins from a well-known brand, it will automatically begin to be associated with it. This means that even beginning operators who started just a few months ago will be able to gain a foothold in the eyes of not only their players but also all the other identities on the gambling market.

An Extensive List of Games

Leading online casinos offer hundreds of games. How do they do it? The providers of white label solutions have already entered into agreements with manufacturers of slot machines, card games, and live casinos to be able to supply a ready-made package to third parties. Moreover, the new owner can choose the games of which developers to add to their site.

Legal Practice in Different Countries

You can’t just start promoting your online casino anywhere you want. Your website must be licensed in a specific jurisdiction so that the players of that country could deposit and withdraw money legally. Otherwise, the punishment won’t be long in coming. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have it covered. With the White label solution and a provided sublicense, your casino will be able to operate on the permitted territory.

Payment Systems

Without the contracts with all the payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard, the process of connecting could take weeks or even months. This is extremely tedious and long. The White label solution provides not only basic options but also the majority of the ones that your parent company uses. Moreover, there is no need to wait – you get all of them immediately.

Technical Support

The responsibilities of your leaser also include ongoing technical support for all customers (online casinos). Your players will be able to contact proficient experts in case they face specific issues. Sometimes, the lack of proper assistance makes the gamblers quit. So, the availability of adequate help is a great advantage.

Where do You Find a Company that Provides White Label Functions?

Online gambling business: White label turnkey solutions

Indeed, a ready-made solution allows you to start a project quickly and with minimum resources. With this in mind, you will need a self-respected company that will be able to satisfy your desires and offer favourable conditions. Online Casino Market provides amazing white label turnkey solutions that include all the necessary features you will need to run your project smoothly. It is an excellent opportunity to develop your gambling career and get ready for the independent platform in the future.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 13 march 2020