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Updated 18 december 2019

The concept itself has been used in the economy for many years. It can be referred to products or services produced by one manufacturer, but which are sold by a completely different company under its own brand. It is called "white label", because it means that you can be used under any name. The main thing is to enter into a contract with the manufacturer.

What is White Label?

White label casino software solutions

It is generally accepted that the term was invented by DJs who striped labels from rare vinyl discs, thus preventing competitors from recognizing a singer. Electronic goods are very often distributed in accordance with the White Label principle. Today, a lot of equipment is produced at one factory, but at the same time they are sold under absolutely different brands. The same practice is applied to the financial sphere.

But in recent years the online casino development on a turn-key basis in accordance with the "white label" principle has become especially relevant. Of course it is so, because it takes only a few weeks to create an online turnkey casino! By deciding to buy White label casino you get advanced casino software and all the tools you need to set up a business.

Casino White label can be ordered for a relatively small amount of money. As a part of the transaction clients receive a ready-made website, which they can change later according to their preferences. It is possible to optimize almost everything: design, navigation bar and structure. You can also add your own bonus systems, organize tournaments, etc. All the necessary features that the online casino development provides will be integrated.

After the launch of a White label casino you will need to share a certain part of the profit with the owner of the casino software. But this can be called a small payment in comparison with the price of an independent creation of a gambling establishment.

To create an online turnkey casino means to use a great opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur and to sweep the gambling market.

Why Many People Prefer to Order White Label Casino Today?

It should be immediately clarified that in this context it is said about the popularity of this method among the participants of the gambling business. White label casinos appear on the Internet almost every day. Why so? For just a few thousand dollars operators are provided with a high-quality casino platform, cool casino software, software for the administration and the business management, and other useful options.

If you decide to buy White label casino, it will be a practical solution not only because of its cheapness. The fact is that within the framework of such a transaction, operators get rid of the need to obtain a license, to perform recruitment, and also they secure assistance, which is necessary to configure the software properly, etc.

It is profitable to order a White label casino software solution both to beginning businessmen and to experienced participants of the market as at minimum cost it is possible to quickly realize a clear profit.

And now let's consider the most relevant and optimal offers.

Casino platform from Slotegrator

To create an online turnkey casino with Slotegrator means that customers get a fully customized and ready-to-use product, which gives them the right to conduct a gambling business. Clients receive a CMS system, through which they can control all processes. Specialists of the company are ready to create an individual design for your project.

Slotegrator provides high-quality hosting, which guarantees absolute security and stable operation. Operators also receive a complete financial infrastructure with the ability to monitor and control all cash transactions.

Those operators who have decided to buy White label casino from Slotegrator receive the following advantages:

  • an ability to quickly launch their own business (operators are provided with a casino platform, casino software, games and everything that is necessary to set up a successful gambling business);
  • a ready-made license (the gambling activity will be legal, and you will be able to avoid troubles with a complicated process of obtaining an official gambling license);
  • there is no need to sign contracts directly with providers;
  • its own unique design;
  • minimum costs;
  • a right to choose payment systems;
  • an ability to select a collection of games;
  • a suite of development tools for the organization of a marketing campaign.

White label casino from Casexe

White Label casino from Casexe

Casino White label is also offered be the Casexe company. Within the framework of the transaction operators receive a formed infrastructure, which is ready to work. In fact, this is the online casino development on a turn-key basis. It includes the participation of a customer only at the stage of work on graphic design and during software customization.

Why it is profitable to create casino with Casexe:

  • operators receive a ready-made gambling license;
  • the casino software is already selected and configured (the collection of video slots includes the best games from the world known providers), so you do not have to search and connect it by yourself;
  • all the required payment systems are already installed;
  • convenient marketing tools, which allow you to quickly attract the target audience to the gaming site;
  • ability to privatize the business (if operators develop their casinos, sooner or later they will obtain their own licenses and become independent);
  • quick start (customers do not lose their precious time, but get an opportunity to quickly launch a ready for operation casino.

You do not Know What to do? Contact Online Casino Market

As you may have guessed, to create an online turnkey casino using the White Label system is an excellent solution for those, who want to save time and money, and at the same time — to start earning money within a short time. Operators will focus on the promotion of their business and the organization of the marketing activity.

The online casino development from scratch is a costly affair on which you will need to spend a lot of energy. If you have recourse to Online Casino Market, you will be able to set up your own company according to the White Label principle and be prosperous.

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